Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 13

The Other L Word

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2005 on NBC



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    • {While outside the firehouse, during the hazmat inspection of the 55th precinct}
      Sully: Any news?
      Swersky: Did ya get into another fight?
      Sully: Between FDNY bitching about their coffee cake and Jelly tryin' to talk them into givin' up their chips, I'd rather be out here.
      Swersky: It should be over soon.

    • Carlos: How the hell could you not tell us this guy was contaminated?!
      Rice: Well, we didn't know for sure.
      Carlos: His teeth were falling out onto the table. You thought it was a cold?
      Rice: You know, this is a delicate situation here.
      Carlos: So are my testicles! I might wanna have a family one day.
      Rice: Yeah, well if we don't stop guys like this you may never see a "some day."

    • Grace: We were all exposed.
      Carlos: Gee, you think that's why they don't want us to cross the street with them?
      Grace: Believe me, we're better off.

    • DK: What fat-ass cop ate the last of the coffee cake?

    • {about DK}
      Walsh: He's got a thing for his coffee cake.

    • Sully: "Fat-ass"?
      Walsh: He didn't mean it. Did you, DK?
      DK: No, he's skinny. He's a…practically a skeleton.
      Sully: Why don't we talk about your stupid coffee cake outside, bucket-head?!

    • DK: Call me bucket-head one more time!
      Sully: How 'bout bucket-boy?!

    • {listening to Maroon 5}
      Yokas: It's catchy…What?
      Emily: Nobody every says "catchy."
      Yokas: What do they say?
      Emily: Uh, tight, hot. A hundred other things, but never "catchy."
      Yokas: Okay…It's tight.
      Emily: You should probably go with "catchy."

    • Newscaster: In other police news, we're getting reports that the 55th precinct has been evacuated at this hour. We have no details yet as to why…
      Emily: What does that mean?
      Yokas: It means I'm glad I'm not working tonight.

    • {to the exposed prisoner}
      Cruz: You're dying. And as much as you're suffering, don't you want someone to know why? Don't you want your voice to be heard?

    • {about how long they were exposed – the prisoner has just died}
      Carlos: So, long enough to be fatal.
      Rice: Apparently.

    • Dr. Lane: How are you feeling tonight?
      Bosco: Well, that depends on what you're about to tell me.

    • {going over all the tests Bosco had done at the hospital}
      Bosco: I had all that done?
      Dr. Lane: Oh, yeah. And then some.
      Bosco: I was worried about that last test…I didn't study for it or anything.

    • Dr. Lane: Just going home is a major victory.

    • {over the phone – after finding out he will be released the next day}
      Bosco: Faith? What are you doing tomorrow?

    • Sully: Between FDNY bitching about their coffee cake and Jelly trying to talk them into giving up their chips, I'd rather be out here.

    • Sully: Never thought I'd wanna get back into that crappy old building so bad.

    • Davis: You guys had to evacuate?
      Sully: Cruz and a detective from the JTTF brought in a contaminated prisoner.
      Davis: Thought I was having a weird day.
      Sully: Yeah?
      Davis: Yeah. CT Finney's dead.
      Sully: What?!
      Davis: Died in his garage. He was working on his car.
      Sully: Working on his car?

    • {to Sully after the police station is cleared}
      Swersky: Let everybody know we're going home.

    • {getting blood tests}
      Rice: Whoo. You're a looker. There's two types of people. Some people watch the needle, some look away.
      Cruz: I've never been much for looking away.

    • Rice: There's a thousand terrorists working real hard in this country everyday, trying to find ways to kill us. I woke up on 9/11 and I knew that for me, fighting them was the only thing worthwhile in law enforcement anymore.

    • Cruz: Let's go. Let's go check. Maybe we…maybe we get lucky.
      Rice: What about waiting?
      Cruz: I've uh, never been much for sitting tight, either.

    • Emma: No cell phones, Nieto. That's staff only. You can use the phone in the medic lounge.
      Carlos: It's an important call.
      Emma: As soon as I take your blood you can go to the lounge.
      Carlos: How would you like it if your boyfriend was trying to call to explain some misunderstanding, but some heartless nurse wouldn't let him use the phone?
      Emma: Don't have boyfriend.
      Carlos: Well, maybe it's your attitude.
      Grace: Emma! He is not gonna shut-up.
      Emma: Use the cell phone, Nieto. Make it fast.

    • {about Levine}
      Grace: She'll understand.
      Carlos: It just came at a bad time.
      Grace: Misunderstandings always do.

    • Rice's Boss: We had a chance to stop a major threat here Rice, and now we're back at square one. If an attack occurs, it's at your door.

    • Rice: A thousand terrorists and it's at my door. How's that for luck?

    • Finney: I keep getting this feeling that everybody knows.
      Davis: Of course they know, Brendan. The man was "working on his car" in a suit. They're professional police officers. It doesn't matter that they know. This is…this is what they do. They all showed up at my house, too. I was seven years old, but I can still see 'em. Whispering to each other, looking at us. They all knew my dad had another family. They knew he was taking money. Sure some of 'em knew the guys that killed him were right there in the room. Nobody says anything. If the story's at all plausible and makes 'em look good, they go with it. It's what they do.

    • {about Dr. Lane}
      Rose: She's so pretty.
      Bosco: Mm-hmm.
      Rose: I noticed she didn't have a ring on her finger.
      Bosco: No kidding.

    • Sully: Imagine accidentally dying right before you're supposed to turn yourself in for a murder.
      Davis: Don't. Don't do this, Sul.
      Sully: I'm just saying…
      Davis: Don't.
      Sully: You must see the irony---
      Davis: Stop!

    • {after trashing the locker room}
      Davis: You tell the boss I'm gonna be a few minutes late?

    • Grace: Your mother's sweet.
      Finney: She liked you.
      Grace: Well, I have that effect on mothers.

    • Finney: I bet my father would've liked you.
      Grace: Brendan…
      Finney: You know, the truth is, I don't know if he would've liked you or not. 'Cause I didn't really know him. We talked all the time, had a thousand meals together, family vacations…We spent hours together and I had no idea who he really was, you know?
      Grace: It'll come to you.
      Finney: What?

    • Grace: I haven't seen my mother in years. When I first moved out I couldn't think of one single thing I knew about her. Didn't have one happy memory. But after a while I--- I got far enough away from the pain to see the good things, you know? Give it time, Brendan. It'll come to you. I'm sure you knew him better than you think you do right now.
      Finney: You're a lot smarter than me, Grace.
      Grace: Don't forget it.

    • {about using a wheelchair to leave the hospital}
      Bosco: I don't need that thing.
      Dr. Lane: Ah, hospital procedure.
      Bosco: Well, it's not happening. I'm not getting in that thing.
      Dr. Lane: Well, we're uh, we're having chicken fingers for lunch. If you're staying I can order you a plate.

    • Bosco: Home. Take me home.

    • Bosco: I'm walking out of here, Faith.
      Yokas: I know you are.
      Bosco: Without any help.

    • Bosco: Where'd you park?
      Yokas: Right out front…That's 5-5 David.
      Bosco: How'd you do that?
      Yokas: What do you think, I'm not gonna go all out for my partner?
      Bosco: Thank you. Thank you, Faith.

    • {to Bosco}
      Yokas: Come on, we've gotta hurry up before Swersky finds out. How 'bout I let you play with the lights and sirens? How's that sound?

    • {finding Guay's car}
      Cruz: Find me Rice. Tell him we just got lucky.

    • {to Rice - about the address find in Guay's car}
      Cruz: I bet if you run that through those fancy computers of yours, you're gonna find some crazy stuff about who lives there.

    • {about Levine}
      Carlos: She left me a note on the door.
      Grace: What does it say?
      Carlos: That I was right and that she's going home.
      Grace: "Home"? Where's home?
      Carlos: I don't know, Grace. I don't know.

    • {to Santiago about Rice}
      Cruz: You know, he woke up after 9/11 and--- and wanted to make sure it never happened again. All I ever thought about was "why is everyone so surprised? Of course bad things happen. I deal with it every single day. I wasn't surprised that those guys could kill thousands of people…That's what we do to each other.

    • Cruz: Do you know that I didn't…receive a single message that day? I didn't call anyone, either.
      Santiago: Well, you gotta change that. You are a beautiful lady. And I'm pretty sure there's plenty of padrones out there---
      Cruz: Don't forget I'm your sergeant.

    • {about Rice}
      Santiago: You guys make a good couple.
      Cruz: You are a lousy matchmaker.

    • Santiago: Remember, there ain't nothing wrong with a woman making the first move.
      Cruz: Leave.

    • Mrs. Rice: We got a four-year-old at home. I don't know what I'm gonna tell him.
      Cruz: Tell him…his father is a hero. And that he's…definitely a lucky man. He's gonna pull through.

    • Dr. Fields: Sergeant Cruz. Something came up on you blood test last night.
      Cruz: I know.
      Dr. Fields: Yeah, but this is…
      Cruz: I know what the test showed.
      Dr. Fields: This is advanced.
      Cruz: Very.
      Dr. Fields: Are you receiving any treatment?
      Cruz: No.
      Dr. Fields: Okay, look, some forms of---
      Cruz: No, no, not this one, okay? Do I have any sort of privacy rights here?
      Dr. Fields: Privacy?
      Cruz: Yeah, you can't tell anybody what's on here, right?
      Dr. Fields: Well, it's confidential, but…
      Cruz: Thanks.

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