Third Watch

Season 4 Episode 22

The Price of Nobility

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2003 on NBC
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The Price of Nobility
Maritza's reckless pursuit of Buford triggers a horrific car accident that leads to multiple injuries to motorists, and triggers an explosion that severely injures Lt. Johnson and kills Alex Taylor; Doc and Kim get to the top of the promotion list; Maritza hangs Bosco and Nunez out to dry over the murder Noble committed; Doc's overwhelming guilt and grief over Alex's death leads him to a career decision; Maritza discovers that Faith has agreed to help Bosco clear Nunez by getting Noble's gun, and goes to Noble's place to intercept her, followed by Bosco and Noble; when Bosco insists on arresting Noble and Faith refuses to turn over the gun, Maritza draws on Faith, Bosco and Faith draw on Maritza, and three shots ring out.moreless

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  • The writers made the show alot better after writting this episode. With the death of Alex Taylor (Amy Carlson) and the 3 shots being fired at the very end was great. The only bad thing about this episode was the beginning of Doc going crazy, which was bmoreless

    This episode of Third Watch was one of the greatest episodes I have ever seen. With the death of Amy Carlson\'s character and the 3 shots being fired at the very end of the episode was great. The episode was filled with energy. The only thing that this episode makes bad is how Doc blames the death of Alex Taylor (Amy Carlson) on himself and then they kind of make him begin to go crazy.

    the writers did try to make Doc going crazy exciting, but it wasn\'t. It is boring. Anyway, I think that this episode was great and very well done.moreless
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Michael Beach

Michael Beach

Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian

Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Adrian Davila

Adrian Davila

Soccer Boy

Guest Star

C.J. Wilson

C.J. Wilson

Jack Ramsey

Guest Star

Justin Scot

Justin Scot


Guest Star

Derek Kelly

Derek Kelly


Recurring Role

Bill Walsh (III)

Bill Walsh (III)

Billy Walsh

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Faith needed a key to get into Noble's suite, so how did Cruz and Boscoe get in?

    • When Bosco slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the boy in the street, we hear the tires screeching. However, when we see the outside of the car, the tires are still spinning.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Cruz: Don't tell me that was him.
      Bosco: I think it was him.
      Cruz: I said not to tell me that.

    • {Cruz calls Noble on the phone}
      Cruz: Hey Noble, guess what I'm doing?
      Noble: I'm really not in the mood for this now.
      Cruz: I'm in a car chase. And you know what? I hate chases Noble!

    • {when he sees that no one is driving the car}
      Bosco: What should I do?
      Cruz: I sure as hell don't know!

    • Lt. Johnson: Attention ladies!
      Taylor: Easy boss, these are no ladies.
      Lt. Johnson: My apologies to you actual ladies.

    • {to Kim}
      Taylor: And just like that, you'll be number 12 and 5K richer a year.

    • Doc: So you had to announce it in front of the whole squad?
      Lt. Johnson: If you refuse to accept your destiny I thought I'd embarrass you into it. Look, we need good people in the street, but we need better people downtown.
      Doc: I hate phones, and I hate desks, and I hate paperwork. And I really hate those little carpeted cubicles. And my trainee is late!

    • Taylor: Why is it always me?
      Walsh: 'Cause you're the one with the delicate touch little lady.

    • Kim: I never really thought about it. Lieutenant Zambrano, Lieutenant. Lieu.
      Carlos: Ooh, I just got chicken skin.

    • Kim: Hey Lieu, got a minute?
      Carlos: It's a strange coincidence, don't you think? The two of you get on the promotion list at the same time.
      Kim: It's a test, Carlos. A civil service exam.

    • Carlos: Yeah, but I mean, you know, what were you doing, having secret study groups or something? You could have at least told me about it.
      Kim: You're certifiable, you know that?

    • Carlos: Oh, that means a lot coming from you, Lieu.
      Kim: Oh shut-up.
      Carlos: Yes sir.
      Kim: What the hell is chicken skin?

    • {to Taylor}
      Doc: I'm not putting up with an attitude all day. When we get to the scene, you do your job, period. So you got about two blocks to get it out of your system.

    • Taylor: It comes down to: I have more skill and less choices. Womanhood in the land of the free.

    • Doc: She doesn't want to be on the bus.
      Sully: Yeah, well I don't want to write up a six-car accident, but we all have our crosses, right?

    • Taylor: I don't really like riding on the ambulance anymore.
      Old Man: If you don't mind, we're glad you are.
      Taylor: Don't tell anyone, but right now I am too.

    • Cruz: Where the hell did your partner go?
      Yokas: Oh, I'm working the desk here. You see a partner?
      Cruz: Did Boscorelli go out the door?
      Yokas: Nope.
      {Cruz walks away}
      Yokas: You having a bad day Sarge?

    • Yokas: Why me, Bosco? Why is it always me?
      Bosco: Because you're the only one…Faith, I don't have anyone else.

    • Doc: Is Taylor working with you?
      Carlos: What?
      Doc: Taylor. I don't know where she is.

    • Carlos: Doc, you don't…
      Doc: What?
      Carlos: Doc, she's uh…
      Doc: Did you give her CPR?
      Carlos: Doc, she…
      Doc: Did you clear her airway?

    • Carlos: She's gone.
      Doc: What are her vitals?
      Carlos: She's gone.
      Doc: What are her vitals?!
      Carlos: I'm sorry.
      Doc: Breathing, bleeding, airway?
      Carlos: There was nothing to be done.

    • Bosco: You don't look so good, writer boy.
      Noble: I learned something about being an informant.
      Bosco: Yeah?
      Noble: It's probably not a good idea for one to give up all their own personal connections.

    • Bosco: Even if I was inclined to supply a crackhead with a little blast, which I'm not, you'd be the last junkie to get a taste. I'm not gonna star in your next best seller, Mr. Noble.

    • Taylor's Mom: Officer, could you turn off the lights and siren? I don't care if it takes a little bit longer to get there.
      Davis: Yes ma'am.

    • Noble: You know what Injera is?
      Bosco: No.
      Noble: It's Ethiopian bread. Kind of like a pancake, but sour.
      Bosco: You think that's what's wrong with this cheeseburger?

    • {to Noble, about Bosco}
      Cruz: Go sit at the bar. I want to have a little moment with my young star here.

    • {to Cruz about Noble}
      Bosco: Let this jagoff take the fall he earned!

    • {to Kim}
      Taylor's Mom: {crying} Is there someplace…quiet? I can't bear to be the object of their pity right now.

    • Bosco: Faith!?
      Cruz: Mommy?
      Yokas: Bosco, I'm back here!

    • Doc: You know this day is going to be remembered? Alex died….and I got a promotion.

    • {to Cruz}
      Bosco: I don't want to put you in front of anything. I just want to do the right thing.

    • Taylor: How am I doing?
      Carlos: Alex, it's…it's all right, Alex. Everything's gonna be all right.

    • Taylor: {crying} My mother…
      Carlos: It's gonna be okay.
      Taylor: …tell her it didn't hurt.
      Carlos: {softly} Okay.

    • Taylor's Mom: From the time she could talk, she wanted to do whatever her father did. He fished, she fished. He loved football, she loved football. When he fixed something around the house, she would just stare at him. Whatever he did. He got himself killed.

    • {trying to put out a car fire}
      Walsh: Can't open the hood?
      D.K: Can't get a hold of the damn latch.
      Walsh: And you're supposed to help me change my oil this weekend?

    • Bosco: I need your help.
      Yokas: All right, pay attention. This is me, saying no again.
      Bosco: If you won't help me, maybe you can help the guy I'm framing for murder.

    • Taylor: It's always the same. Guys don't like having women in the department, so they find excuses to put us in these girlie-ass jobs.
      Doc: Girlie? Do I look girlie to you?

    • Doc: You know how this day's going to be remembered? Alex died, and I got a promotion.

  • NOTES (3)