Third Watch

Season 1 Episode 13

This Band of Brothers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Davis shows his mother, Maggie, the money that Candyman gave him and asks her if his dad was a corrupt cop. Avoiding a direct answer, she reminds her son that his father loved him. Dispatched later to back up Bosco and Yokas at a robbery in progress, Davis arrives with Sully as three heavily armed thieves flee a check-cashing business after wounding the owner. On foot patrol, Candyman runs to the scene to assist, and the robbers start shooting. When the bandits hijack a cab, Sully, Bosco and Candyman fire at the fleeing vehicle, which crashes, trapping one man, Ebben , inside while his two accomplices, Lofton and Meyers , bolt.

In the final showdown between the police and the criminals, Candyman saves Davis' life by warning Davis that Lofton is about to shoot him. Davis steps back, and Lofton's bullets hit Candyman in the leg. Bosco shoots Meyers in the back and tells Bobby that Meyers is dead, even as the wounded man pleads for help. With a look, Bosco dares Davis to contradict him. Later, Yokas is enraged that her partner allowed the man to bleed to death. In Candyman's hospital room, Davis is surprised by Candyman's wife, Denny , as he puts the payoff money in the unconscious man's hand. Davis gives Denise the cash, claiming he collected it from other officers to buy a gift for the wounded cop.

The police search for Matty in connection with the botched robbery that left two dead and his friend Mike clinging to life. Matty denies any foreknowledge of the crime, but Bobby doesn't believe him. Matty begs for money to escape. Bobby gives him $500 but tells Matty that if he flees, rather than going to the cops, Bobby will consider him dead. Emotionally overwhelmed when he learns of Matty's surrender, Bobby is comforted by Kim. Passion flares between them, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Doc has sex with Morales, and Carlos is upset about their relationship because he is attracted to her. Maggie confides her worries about her son's safety to Sully, who reassures her that Davis will be fine.