Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 18

Too Little, Too Late

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on NBC
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Too Little, Too Late
Monroe and Bosco deal with an angry mother on welfare who shoots up the welfare office, Davis and Finney stake out a man and take down a prostitution ring, Faith deals with Emily, Cruz and Monroe recieve bad news about their health.

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  • Great

    The Bosco and Monroe team up is something I have always love in the series. Never thought he would shoot her by accident and her loosing the baby. The welfare scene was pretty much good, shows us what some of the people goes through with it. Davis and Finney good working together in this episode as well. The most touching scene was when Ty came to the hospital to see Monroe, and finding out that she lost his child. The bosco and Ty looking at eachother was so touching. This is one of this season's best. and I'm going to give this a 10moreless
  • A great episode here, In what would be a lackluster season.

    Finally, After some cut and dry episodes, We get one with some great drama. I loved this episode. Seeing Bosco back with Monroe was a nice sight, But too bad things didn't work out. I never expected Bosco to accidentally shoot Monroe. Or her losing her baby. I hated Faith in this episode. Seriously, Who does she think she is? She's become such a jerk to Bosco. The scene where she and Bosco confront each other was awesome though. Davis and Finney were entertaining in this episode. (which is rare for Finney) Davis explaining a "know you what" to Finney was hilarious. Despite her being a complete b****, That welfare worker was funny as hell. The ending was a sad one. Especially when Davis goes to the hospital and sees Bosco there, Looking all sorry. I thought Season 6 lacked alot, But what do you know? All it takes is some good dramatic storyline like in the previous seasons, And we got ourselves one hell of a episode.moreless
Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Ty Davis Jr.

Molly Price

Molly Price

Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

Carlos Nieto

Skipp Sudduth

Skipp Sudduth

John "Sully" Sullivan

Jason Wiles

Jason Wiles

Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

Tia Texada

Tia Texada

Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

Yolanda Ross

Yolanda Ross


Guest Star

Dequina Moore

Dequina Moore

Tina Monroe

Guest Star

Merle Dandridge

Merle Dandridge


Guest Star

Susan Kelechi Watson

Susan Kelechi Watson

Emma St. Claire

Recurring Role

Joe Lisi

Joe Lisi

Lt. Swersky

Recurring Role

Joe Badalucco

Joe Badalucco

Jelly Grimaldi

Recurring Role

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    • {on the phone}
      Bosco: Look, I understand your wife's getting on your nerves, but unless she hits you I can't send anyone over…write Bloomberg! I don't care. I gotta go.

    • Bosco: I've never been good with the phones. Ask my ex-girlfriends.

    • Bosco: Why can't I ride with her?
      Swersky: No way, Bosco. I don't need that drama.
      Bosco: There's no drama. Look, whatever happened when I was away, none of my business. I'm serious. We're good. You're gonna have more problems with me answering this phone right there.
      Swersky: Okay, but if I hear one complaint from her, you're gonna be answering that phone for the rest of your career. Am I clear?
      Bosco: Crystal.

    • Cruz: Call the D.A. and--- and let's…let's get him for all five of the robberies.
      Kid: Wait wait wait. What are you doing?
      Cruz: What are you doing?
      Santiago: Real estupido.

    • Finney: At least we're out of the bag.
      Davis: Shut-up.
      Finney: No, seriously, you can mark that off your list now.
      Davis: Shut. Up.

    • Monroe: We missed you.
      Bosco: You…missed me?

    • Bosco: Don't lump me in with them, all right. You and I were friends.
      Monroe: That's not the point.
      Bosco: We rode together.
      Monroe: Nobody understands IAB, all right?
      Bosco: I don't give a damn about IAB. What I don't get is how a friend would go to that extent when I almost died that night.

    • {on the phone}
      Cruz: My gums are bleeding.
      Doctor: How much?
      Cruz: What difference does it make how much, they're bleeding.

    • Monroe: Ty will find out when the time is right.
      Tania: When you're seven months looking like a duffel bag?

    • Bosco: Let's go!
      Monroe: Oh! Okay! All right! {to Tania} Oh, God, pray it's a girl.

    • Danielle: You called the police!?
      Welfare Worker: No, I clicked my heels and they came.

    • Bosco: Let's go.
      Danielle: No, see, you need to be taking her in for impersonating a customer service representative.

    • Welfare Worker: Stupid bitch.
      Bosco: Way to defuse the situation. Fantastic.

    • Monroe: Coming down here, throwing a fit isn't gonna help the situation.
      Danielle: Well, where do I go to throw a fit, huh!? 'Cause something's gotta be done!

    • Bosco: So there's no way she can get the check?
      Welfare Worker: What part of "no" don't you understand?

    • Monroe: I don't think she's lying.
      Welfare Worker: What are you, psychic?

    • Welfare Worker: She needs to fill out a A-174 form combined with a A-297 release and downtown will work it out.
      Monroe: That could take weeks.
      Welfare Worker: Welcome to the world of welfare.

    • {to Monroe}
      Bosco: You wanna go to an ATM? Maybe sell your car? Sell some blood?

    • Monroe: Bosco. I was doing my job. It wasn't that I didn't care what happened to you. I was sent out there to find the truth.
      Bosco: "Sent"? Like from Superhero Camp or something?

    • Doctor: We need to start treatment tomorrow.
      Cruz: I have court tomorrow.
      Doctor: Well, cancel it. You're running out of time.

    • {on the stakeout}
      Davis: I never thought I'd be saying this; I would rather be writing parking tickets right now.

    • Davis: I got it.
      Finney: You sure?
      Davis: Yeah, you watch my hat.

    • Swersky: Bosco, why the hell didn't you wait for backup?
      Bosco: There wasn't time. She was going for her gun and then she pushed Monroe right into the line of fire.
      Swersky: You did this!?

    • Monroe: Carlos.
      Carlos: What?
      Monroe: I'm pregnant. He doesn't know. Don't tell him.
      Grace: We won't.

    • Davis: That was…interesting.
      Finney: Were you killing the pig?
      Davis: I went over there to get the hot dogs, right? Met Nikki…
      Finney: Who's Nikki?
      Davis: Nikki's the hotdog chick…That girl….
      Finney: What? Oh, my goodness…

    • Davis: Yeah, she's hot right?
      Finney: She's serving more than hotdogs.
      Davis: What? Oh. Oh crap…What's she doing?
      Finney: She's doing what you thing she's doing.
      Davis: She's coming over here. She's coming--- why's she coming over here?
      Finney: Maybe she wants to know why you only wanted hotdogs.

    • Finney: So you just wanna let a prostitute off?
      Davis: Hey, we don't know if she's a prostitute. Maybe she's--- maybe she's just a giving…person.

    • Bosco: She shoots up the place and my name is in the papers.

    • Swersky: We have a black, ex-IAB detective shot by a white cop. PC's gonna be all over this.
      Bosco: You think this is racial?
      Swersky: No, I don't, but the New York Times will.
      Bosco: And she's carrying a kid, too.

    • Bosco: She pushed your sister in the line of fire.
      Tania: You…shot my sister.
      Bosco: This was an accident, Tania. I swear.
      Tania: I don't believe you.

    • {about Emily}
      Jelly: She's at a party or she's got a date.
      Yokas: She's 16.
      Jelly: She's at a party or she's got a date.

    • Cruz: If this was second grade you'd get two gold stars.
      Davis: That's two felony collars in one day. We should get a commendation, right?
      Cruz: You just did. It's called a compliment.

    • Davis: I messed up.
      Finney: What are you talking about?
      Davis: The girl at the hotdog stand, she gave me a…you-know-what.
      Finney: What's a "you-know-what"?
      Davis: What? You don't know what a you-know-what is?
      Finney: Are you crazy? We're on the clock.
      Davis: I know that. Shh. It all happened so fast, I didn't know she was a prostitute, man. I thought she was like a freaky hotdog vendor.

    • Tania: First they leave you for dead in that warehouse. Now this. You need to report them. This was a setup.
      Monroe: Setups don't look like this.

    • Yokas: Could this have been avoided?
      Bosco: You're a detective, right? This is none of your business.
      Yokas: When you come to my apartment and you ask me to shoot for you you make it my business.

    • Bosco: That gold shield is really going to your head, isn't it?
      Yokas: Bosco, I am trying to help you. Downtown is gonna be here, they're gonna want answers.
      Bosco: And I'm gonna have a PBA rep. to help me answer 'em. So if you don't mind I'm gonna go check on my partner.

    • Yokas: Bosco, you need to take three-quarters.
      Bosco: You know what, get the hell away from me.
      Yokas: You are not ready to be back.

    • Bosco: Have you forgotten where you've come from? You have, haven't you?
      Yokas: You're dangerous out there, Bosco.
      Bosco: No, it was an accidental shooting.

    • Yokas: My old partner would've never missed that shot.
      Bosco: My old partner would've never questioned me.
      Yokas: Bosco…
      Bosco: No. You got anything else to say to me, talk to the union rep.

    • Nikki: Aren't there some terrorists you should be after?
      Cruz: Shut up before I give you a free collagen shot to your upper lip.

    • Swersky: Something bad happened today.
      Davis: Something bad? What? What happened?
      Swersky: Monroe was shot.
      Davis: She gonna be okay?
      Swersky: Yeah.

    • Davis: What, she's in---
      Swersky: No, but Davis…she was pregnant.
      Davis: She was…
      Swersky: She lost the baby.
      Davis: {softly} What?
      Swersky: I'm sorry.

    • {to Monroe}
      Bosco: Look, I might not like what you did, but I would never do this. You gotta know that. I'm sorry.

    • Cruz: About that, um, pamphlet…
      Santiago: You don't have to say it.
      Cruz: You don't know what I was gonna say.
      Santiago: "We're not friends, so don't bring it up" or "keep this between us" or "it's none of your business."

    • Cruz: I'm that predictable, huh?
      Santiago: You're that consistent.
      Cruz: Look, you got nothing to worry about, okay? I'm fine out there.
      Santiago: I'm not worried about me.

    • Cruz: Well, thanks, but that's---
      Santiago: Look, Sarge…I get that you're kind of a one-woman show. I get that. But don't think you're gonna face this alone out there. 'Cause you won't.
      Cruz: I don't know what I'm gonna do…But thanks.

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