Third Watch

Season 6 Episode 19

Welcome Home

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on NBC
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Welcome Home
Faith investigates Bosco further, Sasha and Ty make up, Cruz goes for some spiritual healing, Carlos meets Holly's parents.

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    Coby Bell

    Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

    Molly Price

    Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Carlos Nieto

    Skipp Sudduth

    Skipp Sudduth

    John "Sully" Sullivan

    Jason Wiles

    Jason Wiles

    Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

    Tia Texada

    Tia Texada

    Maritza Cruz (Episodes 80-132 , recurring previously)

    Reg E. Cathey

    Reg E. Cathey

    Jaime Castro

    Guest Star

    Valerie Perrine

    Valerie Perrine

    Merlene Benjamin

    Guest Star

    Gerrit Graham

    Gerrit Graham

    Chuck Benjamin

    Guest Star

    Yvonne Jung

    Yvonne Jung

    Holly Levine

    Recurring Role

    Susan Kelechi Watson

    Susan Kelechi Watson

    Emma St. Claire

    Recurring Role

    Joe Lisi

    Joe Lisi

    Lt. Swersky

    Recurring Role

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      • to Santiago}
        Cruz: Ask me again, okay, I'm gonna pour this in your lap!

      • Cruz: CI said the drop was gonna happen anytime between 12 and 5.
        Santiago: Oh, man, that's like an appointment with the cable company.

      • Levine: The further from the rat race, the more relaxing the weekend will be.
        Carlos: Relaxing? My ass is already killing me from the drive.

      • {about a cow}
        Carlos: Okay, what about him?
        Levine: She's outstanding in her field.

      • {Santiago is tapping on the window}
        Levine: That noise, Manny, is so not working for me.

      • Levine: If I had said "hey, let's drive ten hours into the sticks so you can meet my parents" you would've had a complete meltdown.
        Carlos: No I wouldn't.

      • Levine: You're having one now.
        Carlos: It's because you kidnapped me.

      • Levine: You're allegedly not a kid.
        Carlos: Well, it's person-napping. I'm being taken somewhere against my will. I'm definitely being some kind of napped.

      • {to Cruz}
        Santiago: First time in a Botanica? What kind of Latina are you?

      • Santiago: There's a patron saint for everything.
        Cruz: What about, uh, Santa Claus, huh? Is he the patron saint of toys?

      • Cruz: Don't tell me you're one of those guys that has to light a candle every time something goes wrong.
        Santiago: Not every time.
        Cruz: Yeah, well that's how my sister was…look how she ended up.

      • Santiago: Santeria's an interesting religion.
        Cruz: Religion? More like hocus-pocus.

      • Cruz: I don't believe in this stuff.
        Santiago: What do you believe in?
        Cruz: Me.

      • Levine: They live in a rural area.
        Carlos: How rural?
        Levine: Very.

      • Carlos: Oh, tell me they have indoor plumbing.
        Levine: Where's your sense of adventure?
        Carlos: They don't have indoor plumbing?

      • Chuck: Charles Benjamin. Call me "Chuck."
        Carlos: Carlos Nieto…You can--- you can call me Carlos.

      • Yokas: Hey, Larry.
        Larry: Yokas. What are you, lost?
        Yokas: No, I was uh... I was in the neighborhood.
        Larry: Doin' what? You need a passport to get here from the 5-5.
        Yokas: And shots.

      • {to Yokas}
        Larry: You looking to trick-bag your ex-partner over an accidental shooting of some IAB rat bitch?

      • Larry: Bosco's right, you sure as hell aren't the same Faith Yokas you used to be.

      • Carlos: Actually, I'm--- I'm Hawaiian.
        Chuck: A Hawaiian named Carlos?

      • Marleen: I didn't say anything was wrong with looking Spanish. Holly's fist husband was a Jew.

      • Carlos: We're more like, uh, casually serious.
        Chuck: Oh, I see. You're just "casually" sleeping with my daughter.
        Carlos: Oh, no, that part's serious.

      • Carlos: You know that cows are outstanding in their fields?
        Chuck: Yeah, that's a good one.
        Marleen: Oh, was that a joke?

      • Finney: Do you need us to come with you?
        Santiago: Hey guys, uh, why don't you wipe some more of that brown stuff off your nose?

      • Cruz: Maybe Jamie Castro has the Santa Claus candle.
        Santiago: And you still got the damn jokes.

      • Davis: You know, I've been trying to catch up with you. Just, uh…
        Bosco: Listen, that woman went for her gun, all right? They struggled--- she pushed Monroe in the line of fire. That's it, all right? There's nothing I could do.
        Davis: No. I was just gonna say you don't have to avoid me. You know, I know what kind of cop you are. You say it wasn't your fault, I believe you. I trust you.

      • Chuck: Would somebody please tell me how I ended up with a daughter who was raised in Virginia, moved to New York, and became a Californian.

      • {Chuck wants to take Carlos hunting}
        Carlos: I'd love to go. It sounds like fun.
        Levine: It's not fun for the deer.

      • Chuck: We'll throw 'em a little party before we shoot 'em.
        Levine: {to Carlos} How about celibacy? Does that sound like fun?

      • {to Cruz}
        Jamie: You don't have to believe it, but at least respect it.

      • Monroe: Wish you would've brought me a Big Mac. Supersized.
        Davis: Come on now, you got your mashed potatoes. They look…edible. And you're uh, ham, or steak--- what the hell is that?
        Monroe: It's supposed to be chicken and rice.

      • Davis: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way that I treated you and, uh all the terrible things that I said to you. I just…
        Monroe: Why?
        Davis: Why what?
        Monroe: Why now?

      • Davis: I…
        Monroe: Because you come and visit me everyday and you bring me a plant? Because I'm the same person that you didn't want to have anything to do with last week. And I just want to know what the difference is. Because I was pregnant with your child and now you feel sorry for me?
        Davis: No.

      • Monroe: Why? Because I got shot?
        Davis: No.

      • Monroe: Then why, Ty? What's the difference now?
        Davis: Me. Ever since we broke up no matter how hard I tried I couldn't convince myself that I didn't care about you anymore. Couldn't do it. And I couldn't figure out why. And then I heard you got shot and uh…right at that moment, I mean, before I even heard about the baby, right at that moment, I realized that I love you. I do. I love you. And I never told you that.

      • Jamie: Sergeant, don't be afraid to ask for it.
        Cruz: Hmm?
        Jamie: Help.

      • Santiago: Look, Sarge, I don't want to front or anything but th-th-this whole setup is creeping me out.
        Cruz: Well, don't get too creeped out, because we're gonna sit here and we're gonna wait.

      • Marlene: …her husband has a great job. He works for the government.
        Levine: He's a mailman.
        Marlene: That's the government.

      • Levine: A real doctor as opposed to paramedic?
        Marlene: Holly's so sensitive about her underachieving.

      • {about Carlos being a paramedic}
        Marlene: You know, it's a noble profession.
        Levine: When I do it I'm underachieving, but when he does it it's noble?

      • Marlene: Honey, he's a minority.
        Levine: He's Hawaiian.
        Marlene: How many Hawaiians did you have in your graduating class? That's a minority.

      • Cruz: She looks so empty.
        Santiago: What?
        Cruz: Dead people. They always look like they're missing something.
        Santiago: They are. Their soul.

      • Cruz: Do you ever think of dying?
        Santiago: No.
        Cruz: Are you afraid?
        Santiago: All I know for sure is I don't want to. I'll fight to stay alive. But if I needed some kind of operation or something, I'd take the risk.

      • Cruz: Well, what if the treatment was gonna make you sicker than you already were and then even then there was no guarantee that it was gonna really work?
        Santiago: There's no guarantee you're going to live through a shift on the job. But you keep coming back.

      • Yokas: This isn't about you anymore. You either go to Swersky or I will.
        Bosco: Do what you gotta do! Now get the hell out of my way.

      • Marlene: He's just trying to get under your skin.
        Carlos: Why?
        Marlene: We live out here in the country. What else do we have to do?

      • Cruz: I went to tell you that we caught Ernesto and to see how you were feeling.
        Jamie: That's thoughtful…
        Cruz: Goodnight.
        Jamie:…but what is it that you really want?

      • Cruz: Being a cop you realize pretty early on that lighting a candle isn't gonna make a junkie not rob and kill an old man or a little girl not be raped by her father.
        Jamie: Lighting a candle is only supposed to ask the spirit for someone like you to come along and help.

      • Cruz: Spirits didn't make me become a cop. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was constantly seeing women being victims and I didn't want to be like that. I didn't want to be a victim.
        Jamie: Do you think any of these victims ever lit a candle, ever prayed for someone like you to come and save them? Everyone has to have something to believe in.

      • Cruz: I believe in me.
        Jamie: Well, you don't have to be alone, Sergeant.

      • Levine: Would you stop being nice!
        Carlos: I'm not that nice.

      • Carlos: I didn't grow up in a family. I thought it was interesting.
        Levine: Interesting?
        Carlos: I've only seen that kind of dysfunction in the movies.

      • Levine: I told them that I had this perfect life in New York. That I had a nice apartment, and a great job and an amazing boyfriend and somehow I walk away from the whole situation feeling like it's not true.
        Carlos: You said I was amazing?

      • Levine: My mother…
        Carlos: What?
        Levine: She asked me how bad the situation was in New York that I would actually consider you amazing.
        Carlos: Well, I gotta say, that's…that's a good question.

      • Levine: I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to run away from me now.
        Carlos: Are you kidding? You taught me something today that no one ever has.
        Levine: I did?
        Carlos: You made me appreciate being an orphan.

      • Jamie: Do you have family? Someone to come home to?
        Cruz: No, but that's because I work a lot.
        Jamie: No. That's why you work a lot.

      • {to Cruz}
        Jamie: I don't think you came back tonight to tell me Ernesto got arrested. I think you came back because you're afraid.

      • Jamie: Santeria can't fight Lukemia. That's going to take doctors and medicine. But for what's in here {points to heart}, well, we can help. And for what's up there {points to head}, definitely. Can't heal the body if the spirit's broken.
        Cruz: And you're gonna help me?
        Jamie: Come with me.

      • Yokas: Hey Lieu… Can I talk to you for a minute?
        Swersky: Sure, Faith. What can I do for you?
        Yokas: It's about Bosco…

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