Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Hope informs Michael they need to attend her parents' 40th wedding anniversary celebration in Arizona, but Michael says he needs to stay home for a while to attend to work. John Dunaway is in town and Hope invites him to stay at their house in her absence. Michael attends a dinner party at Melissa's where the guests joke about Hope having the hots for John. Michael returns home to find John looking very comfortable, seated in front of the fireplace with Grendel the dog at his feet. Michael immediately books the next flight to Phoenix.

When Michael arrive earlier than expected in Arizona, it doesn't take long before festering tensions between him and Hope rise to the surface. She accuses him of working too much and "checking out" on his family. She tells him he's not proud of her for the things he should be, such as her work as a mother and with the ERC. Michael sneers at John Dunaway and asks Hope if she had an affair with him. Hope describes their relationship as a "constant state of anger." They argue about her parents, too, which each if them defending the parent of the opposite sex.

Later Michael talks to Hope's father Ted on the golf course. Ted speaks of "drifting" occurring in a marriage and admits that he once had an affair. Hope talks to her mother Ruth about the early days of marriage to her father and finds out some surprising revelations of her own, including that she was once prescribed dexidrine during a troubled time. At the anniversary dinner Ted makes a beautiful toast to his wife and they both get a bit choked up. Hope tears up too and leaves the table, followed by Michael. Their confrontation is stormy, but they make each other say that they won't leave the other for John or DAA. then they vow their love.

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