Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 1990 on ABC

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  • As Hope & Michael\'s marriage seems headed for disintergration, they visit her parents in Arizona for their 40th wedding anniversary.

    I loved the thirtysomething episodes when marriage was realistically portrayed and this one is a great example of that and also of how issues and occurences from past episodes carry over and aren\'t just discarded when an episode ends. In a previous episode, Hope had gone to Washington w/ John Dunaway, and had been tempted to have an affair and although she never confessed this to Michael, the repercussions of this were felt in this episode. Hope and Michael seem to be falling apart, but it\'s in the little ways that married people do. Not explosions or huge knock down drag outs, just an ever so slight corrosion of the marriage over time. He\'s working all the time, they are on seperated in so many areas, and Hope is 8 months pregnant, successful husband, beautiful daughter and still trying to decide her place in the world and often ends up taking it out on Michael. Michael begins to suspect that maybe there is something untoward in John & Hope\'s \"friendship\" and when all their friends chime in, at a dinner part Hope\'s not at, about how smitted he was, Michael seems to finally pull his head out of the sand. But then, when he goes to Arizona to be with Hope & Janey, he\'s on the phone all the time, when he\'s off she\'s nagging him, they are to the point that neither thinks the other can do anything right. ANd they are trying to work this out under her parents roof which anyone who\'s married knows NEVER works!!!!! The big fight, when they are in their pajamas shows that both are extremely angry, both have valid complaints about the other and both are too bitter to try and come around to the other ways of thinking. At the anniversary party, when it all comes to a head, they have it out & seem to get it resolved. There are tears, there are hugs and kissed, there are words of regret and committment to their marriage and their family. But if you keep watching season 4, the repercussions of this episode are felt right up until the end of the series. There are no easy answers in life and thirtysomething acknowledges that and that was what made it such a remarkable show.