Season 2 Episode 17

Best of Enemies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 16, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Gary and Susannah are proceeding with preparations for parenthood. Melissa doesn't care for Susannah at all and thinks the relationship won't be permanent. Meanwhile, Hope gets a nibble from the Philadelphia Inquirer about doing a story on the Race St. Project. After talking to Rosie at Race St., Hope goes to City Hall to see what Ellyn, fresh from her breakup with Woodman, has to say about the organization. After a few questions about the government's relations with Race St., Ellyn gets a little circumspect, then asks Hope to turn off her tape recorder for the rest of the conversation.

Hope tells Michael about irregularities with grant money received by Race St. When Michael tells Gary about this, he's sure Hope and Ellyn must be mistaken. But when he talks to Rosie, she tells him some of the allegations are just practical things that a place like Race St. has to do to survive and solve problems. Gary tries to defend the program to Hope and warns that her article could sink the whole project. Hope says she can put things into context. Gary is sure that Hope's insistence on doing the article is tied to her (and everyone else's) dislike for Susannah.

Susannah, ill with toxemia, has found out about the article and is upset with Gary for not telling her about it, as if she needed protection. Hope wonders to Michael if they are "totally compromised sellouts." Gary, in suit and tie, goes to City Hall to see Ellyn, hoping the Race St. grants can be "expedited" before publication of the article. Ellyn tells Gary he has always held his integrity over his friends' heads, but now it's a different story when he wants something for himself. Hope goes to see Susannah and give her the story to review, saying she won't leave out any facts. Susannah is surprised Gary would ask her to do that, even to protect her. She and Hope talk about their pregnancies. Later, Gary comes by to make up with Hope. He says his life up until now has mostly been ideas and theories, but his relationship with Susannah is changing that.