Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Melissa gets some camping equipment as a payoff for a photo shoot and the gang makes plans to take a camping trip to the Poconos. But Elliot gets a lead on some work, forcing Michael to have to tell Hope, who has been looking forward to the trip for months, that he can't go. Gary opts out of the trip, and Ellyn, despite her ulcer, decides to go. The four women set off in the car for the journey.

On the trail to Parker Cave, Ellyn is gung-ho and pushing the group until they get to the cave, then she's afraid to go in. Nancy and Hope remember the scary old tour guide at the cave from their youth. Ellyn says she'll hike around the mountain cave--seven miles!--rather than go through. Hope decides that she and the others shouldn't leave her. They hike until nightfall, then they make a camp. Nancy's ghost story makes Ellyn more nervous. In the tent that night, Hope inadvertently reveals to Nancy that Elliot had an affair. Meanwhile back at the Steadman house, Michael and Elliot are trying to work and babysit the kids at the same time without the aid of their broken VCR. Elliot keeps playing with the kids despite Michael's admonitions to get to work.

Back on the trail, the women are getting lost following Ellyn's directions. Nancy is a little perturbed with Hope about not revealing Elliot's affair to her before. Melissa and Ellyn argue about a shortcut and Ellyn's leadership is angrily abandoned. They finally reach the mouth of the cave once again, but it's getting dark and the car is still a couple of miles away with no phone available. They have to spend the night on the spot. Back at home, Michael is becoming more and more discouraged as he and Elliot are accomplishing nothing. The women haven't called either, and Mike and Elliot try to assure themselves that they're alright.

In the morning Ellyn wakes up first and goes into the cave, where she finds the ranger. As she takes the tour, Ellyn babbles on to her about being scared in so many life situations and needing to go forward. At the Steadman house the guys get a phone call from Hope, to their great relief. Before leaving for home, Nancy and Hope get back on good terms, as do Ellyn and Melissa. The girls return to the Steadmans' to everyone's great happiness. When Michael asks how the trip went, they keep their secrets.

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