Season 2 Episode 14

New Job

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Elliot and Michael are in Miles Drentell's office interviewing for jobs at DAA. While they are there Michael gets a phone call from Hope at her obstetrician's office: the doctor has done an ultrasound and it shows a case of fetal demise. Hope acts stoic about it. Later Elliot calls with good news--they got the jobs, with offices and great pay. Mike tells him about the miscarriage.

Michael is reluctant to go in to DAA for his first day but Hope insists that he does. Mike and Elliot meet a fellow creative team, Angel Wasserman and Hollis Amato, who seem to be playing with the guys' heads a bit. In fact, they been assigned to the same account as Michael and Elliot, the Spingeri automobile. Michael returns home to Hope, who is glad to see him. The phone rings, and it's Elliot with some work, which secretly disappoints Hope.

Hope talks with Val about working for Synergy. Val encourages her to take some time. Nancy, Melissa and Ellyn are all solicitous of Hope, but she's getting a little tired of all the good intentions. Ellyn remembers the support Hope gave her when she had an abortion. Hope doesn't like the comparison. At work, Michael and Elliot pitch ideas for the Spingeri account. Their old friend and employee Mark Harriton comes in with the basketball practice schedule and shoots down their campaign. Just as Michael is about to leave for a pre-school conference with Hope, Miles comes into their office in an expansive mood and ties them up for a long while. When Mike finally gets away he's late for the conference and Hope is upset with him.

Michael and Elliot's presentation is moved up to the next day, perhaps not coincidentally after Elliot told Miles about Michael and Hope's miscarriage. Michael tries to apologize to Hope for working so much, but they argue, with Hope claiming neither he nor herself really wanted the baby. In the morning things are still tense, but Michael kisses his wife and daughter goodbye. Mike arrives at DAA to find Elliot dozing; he's worked there all night. Michael comes home early. In an emotional scene, he tells Hope he just thought he was doing what was right and that he wanted the baby so much he had to push it all away. She says she felt like she failed Michael by having a miscarriage and is scared about future pregnancies