Season 2 Episode 5

No Promises

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ellyn is shocked to receive a call from her father asking her to lunch. With Hope and Nancy, she wonders why he's doing this for the first time in nineteen years. At work she has a disagreement with Woodman during a meeting. Ellyn meets her father, James. His conversation with her makes it obvious that he doesn't really pay attention to what she says. As they are leaving, he drops a bombshell: he and her mother Marjorie are getting divorced, and Ellyn should talk to her.

At home, Woodman wonders what's upsetting Ellyn. She just wants to be alone and doesn't know how to act. Later when Ellyn meets with her mother, she wanders through her old house reminiscing about her emotionally distant father. Talking with Michael, Ellyn muses that she should have fallen for a guy like him. She worries about her mother, but says her dad seems unflappable--he keeps moving like a shark, "like me." When she arrives at her apartment later she sees Woodman going in first. She doesn't enter.

Ellyn has a dinner date with her father. Woodman asks to come; she tells him not this time. When Ellyn arrives, she finds it's a business party. She gets into a fight with her father about using and deceiving her. Woodman talks about moving out. Ellyn discusses the reasons behind the divorce with both parents separately. She finds out it was her mother who asked for the divorce. Ellyn is in tears after her mother tells him that she married a good-looking guy rather than a good husband. At home she finds Woodman preparing dinner, then getting ready to leave. A kitchen fire breaks out, she squirts him with an extinguisher, they fight and she throws the extinguisher at him. Woodman tells Ellyn that she doesn't have to impress him for him to love her. They kiss.