Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

At a diner with Hope, Gary, Elliot and Melissa, Michael returns a phone call to Jerry Kravitz, an old friend of his and Gary's from their college days at Penn. He wants the Michael & Elliot company to do some media work a Senate candidate he represents, Diana McKay. Mike has the first of several flashbacks seen throughout the show of himself, Gary and Jerry involved in demonstrations and campus politics. Gary goes to the Race St. Project and offers to help Susannah write up their grant application. A little attraction seems to be developing. Gary leans in as if to kiss her, but she pulls away.

Michael & Elliot take on the McKay account, but Gary, Susannah and Hope let them know they think McKay is a terrible choice. Hope is not too impressed with Jerry either after a night of reminiscing with him and Michael. Susannah apologizes to Gary for the "weirdness" the day before and says she's not into flirtation anymore.

Gary goes with Susannah and Rosie out into the field to work. Michael asks Jerry about his candidate's position on several issues. Jerry doesn't know and doesn't care, unlike the former activist he was back in college. Michael asks Ellyn about McKay. She can't tell him anything good. Susannah comes to dinner at the Steadmans' with the usual crew in attendance. She doesn't eat meat and gets into an argument with Michael. The evening ends with Susannah and the rest not caring much for each other.

Michael is not happy about the McKay account, but he gets defensive about it to those who criticize his acceptance of it. Gary gives Susannah grief about her judgmental attitudes. After a passionate argument, Susannah suddenly kisses Gary, then leaves for home. Mike has a final flashback to his college days. He's putting up posters for a political rally while his supposedly more committed friends Gary and Jerry go to a basketball game.
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