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  • The best tv drama of the 1980's! The drama is about seven friends from Philadelphia, who survives the yuppie angst in the 1980's. It involves two married couples (The Steadmans and The Westons), their friends Melissa (Michael's cousin), Gary, and Ellyn.

    I remember watching the show when I was in elementary school. I was six years old and a first grader in grade school when the drama began and became a hit. I was ten years old and a fourth grader in grade school when the show ended after four seasons. It was attacked by critics when they portrayed the yuppie life. The characters on the show are Micheal Steadman and Hope Murdoch Steadman are an interfaith couple. Michael is Jewish and Hope is Christian. Michael owns the advertising business and works for DAA. Hope is a stay-at-home mother and writer who is struggling with her desire to be at home with her daughter, Janey and later her son, Leo and her need to work. There's Melissa Steadman, Michael's cousin, who is a photographer whoose career includes an album by Carly Simon and in the magazine "Vanity Fair". Elliot Weston and Nancy Krieger Weston, good friends of the Steadmans. Elliot owns the advertising business with Michael and later worked for DAA with Michael. Nancy is an artist and a stay-at-home mother to their school-age children, Ethan and Brittany. Elliot and Nancy separated, then divorce, and then got back together again after years of reconcilliation. Nancy was suffered from ovarian cancer and survived the disease. There is Ellyn Warren, Hope's childhood friend, who works with City Hall. She became involved with Steve Woodman, who works at City Hall. Then she had an affair with a married man named Jeffrey Milgram. In the show's fourth and final season, she becomes involved with and then marries Billy Sidel, a graphic designer. There is Prof. Gary Shepherd and Susannah Hart Shepherd. Gary is Michael's college roommate and a free-spirited professor of English literature. He was denied tenure at the University of Pennsylvania, he still thinks about being a social worker. At point he meets Susannah Hart, who is a social worker. Gary marries Susannah when they have a baby girl named Emma. Gary dies in the last season in a traffic accident, as Nancy recovers from cancer. After Gary's death, Susannah moves away with Emma. Finally there's Miles Drentell, Michael and Elliot's boss at DAA. He ruins Michael's life, which caused him to go through depression. Michael was forced to fire Elliot.
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