Season 3 Episode 23

Towers of Zenith Part 1: The Go-Between

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 15, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

Miles plans to take Michael to New York with him to meet with Bob Spano, head of Minnesota Brands, their largest client. In a meeting, Miles informs Elliot and Michael that a spokesman for another big account has been lost to another agency and he puts the blame squarely on Eliot. Later Michael ask Miles why he was so tough on Elliot. Miles picks up the phone and calls Elliot, giving him a perfunctory apology. In New York, Miles and Michael dine with Spano and Gus Hennesey from Minnesota Brands. The down-to-earth Spano finds Miles a little weird, but seems to like Michael. Later Gus calls Michael and sets up a private meeting. He tells Mike that Minnesota Brands is looking to expand into media.

Elliot tells Nancy that his job has become a burden and that he's thinking of quitting after her "second look" surgery. Miles tells Michael that he thinks Elliot is dissatisfied and that someone might use him against the company. At DAA, Michael receives a call from Gus to come to Minneapolis to discuss a campaign--without Miles. Michael is now thinking that something "so far out" may be happening that he won't even say it out loud to Hope. The next day Miles looks for Michael at work, but he's not there. He's in Minneapolis meeting with Bob Spano, who tells him what he has begun to suspect--that Minnesota Brands is looking to buy DAA. Spano wants Michael to be his conduit to Miles.

Elliot is in a meeting with Miles and Mark, where a slip of his tongue leads Miles to conclude that Michael is out of town rather than out sick. Miles tells Elliot he's thinking of breaking up some creative teams--including him and Mike. When Michael returns to DAA, he finds Elliot in a huge fight with Miles over being taken off an account. Michael tells Miles about his meeting with Spano. Miles said he suspected something, but he won't entertain the overture. Then he tels Michael to fire Elliot. Michael says he won't do it; and Miles tells him to decide whether he is an executive or a friend.

Michael calls Gus with Miles' decision. That night at home Elliot talks to Nancy about quitting the job. He wants to badly, but he feels he owes her something. Nancy says she can't tell him either way, but luckily, he has a choice. When Michael arrives at DAA the next day, there's a car waiting for him in the garage with Spano inside. In the office, Elliot calmly but emotionally tells Michael that he must quit the job. Michael tells Elliot the big secret: Minnesota Brands is planning a hostile takeover of DAA, with Mike as the inside man. Miles will be out after it's completed. How does it start, asks Elliot. Like this, Michael replies, "You're fired." In the morning Michael reports to Miles that he has fired Elliot as requested.