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This American Life

Season 1 Episode 1

Reality Check

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Story one: An elementary school student tries to solve a common childhood problem.

Story Two: A rancher, with the help of the Science department at Texas A&M university clones a beloved pet bull. At first, it appears that everything is just as it was before the origional died until it turns and attacks him.

Story Three: A group of well intentioned people team up to give an unknown rock band the greatest night of there life. However, after the band finds out, it turns out that their stunt may have caused more harm than good.moreless
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  • Excellent

    WOW! This episode packs all the punch of the NPR radio show into the new medium perfectly... the opening story was great... humorous and kinda sad and tragic in its own way... which is followed by Ira Glass (who looks quite a bit different then I had imagined) setting the framework for the episode... in this case, each story represents how even the best laid plans have a tendency of blowing up in ones face...

    The next segment deals with a farmer who had a prize brahma bull he had raise from the age of seven... the bull wasn't just an animal or a pet to them, he was their family... then one day the bull passes away... the farmer then gets researchers to clone his bull... but is it the same animal as his first?

    the final of the three stories deals with the performance art/culture-jamming group in NYC called "Improv Everywhere"... and how one of their "missions", involving an small garage band named "Ghost of Akasha" , back-fires horribly.. and how everyone is living with the consequences.

    I remember the final story from the radio program, and it was interesting to see it on film... btw, if you are a fan of this show but haven't heard the radio show... www.thisamericanlife.com has all the episodes for streaming...moreless

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