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  • Season 1
    • The final part of the mini series starts out with Charlie Brown trying to convince Schroeder to let Snoopy in the band for the class project. Schroeder said he is in if he does not go crazy. Schroeder and his band are practicing when Lucy says that they should combine there projects. her project is on American people. He does not like the idea of combing the projects, but the teacher does. The band plays in front of there class. The first person he talks about is Steven Foster, while the band plays "Genie With the Light Brown Hair". Lucy then interrupts and talks about the women of American History, like Susan B. Anthony. Schroeder then talks about fight songs like "Yankee Doodle Dandy", and "America the Beautiful". The next composers they talk about is John Phillip Sousa, and George M Cohan. Lucy and the girls play "Yankee oodle Dandy" with them. Snoopy went crazy dancing, but the teacher liked it. Lucy then talks about immigrants and the hard time they had here in America. They take a break from there project then. The project then continues and Franklin gives his part of the report. He talks about songs called spirituals and songs like "Nobody Knows the Trouble I See" Lucy and Peppermint Patty talk briefly on Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and W.E.B. Dubious. Franklin then talks about the blues and Jazz. Lucy then talks about the 1950's and 60's like the start of the Vietnam War. We see actual news footage of Vietnam. The Project is complete, but Snoopy is upset because the did not talk about Rock N Roll and songs like "Hound Dog". While walking home Lucy asks Charlie Brown what his favorite song is. He says it is called "Linus and Lucy" by coincidence.moreless
    • The seventh part of This Is America Charlie Brown starts out with Charlie Brown, Linus, and the rest of the gang in Washington DC. They first See the Washington monument. Then thy see the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. They then arrive at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. They see the Wright brothers plane, World War II planes, and Snoopy even sees the red barons plane. They also see the Spirit of St Louis and a space capsule. They are then off to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and then the Smithsonian American History Museum. The first exhibit they see is on cartoon art and comic strips. They see a Peanuts cartoon and Charlie Brown wants to know who took his picture. They also see exhibits on George Washington, the first ladies, and Abraham Lincoln. They see the Gettysburg Address, and Linus explains it. That's when we see Lincoln in a train about to go to Gettysburg. Before the train goes Lincoln wants to read a newspaper. He calls out the window for Linus and Charlie Brown. Lincoln buys a paper from each of them. Charlie Brown and Linus talk to Lincoln about The Civil War and why he is going to Gettysburg. Charlie Brown and Linus leave and they wish him luck. The Train arrives in Gettysburg and the President reads his speech to the crowd, and to us. Back at the museum they see Theodore Roosevelt uniform. Linus talks about Roosevelt and talks about how he wanted to conserve America. Roosevelt goes to Yosemite and goes camping with John Muir. They both talk about how there should be National Parks. Charlie Brown then talks about what he did. The then see a video of Franklin Roosevelt. They also see a microphone that he used. Peppermint Patty and Franklin talk about the great depression and bread lines. They are in Washington DC the days of his inauguration and they witness it.moreless
    • 3/10/89
      In the sixth part of This Is America Charlie Brown, Sally does a school report on the famous inventors of America. She and her assistant Snoopy give examples of people and there inventions. She explains the invention while Snoopy uses it. Inventions include The paper bag, toothpick, roller skates, the first pizzeria, basketball, and sneakers. Snoopy messes up and Sally brings him to Charlie Browns classroom. While there Linus gives a report on Alexander Grahmm Bell. While Linus gives his report we see him going to Alexander Grahmm Bell's house to do a report on him. He is invited up and he and his assistant Mr Watson explain to Linus about his telephone the are about to test. Linus asks if he can watch them test it. They say its alright and he listens as Mr Bell says something over the phone. They cheer and are happy. Back in there classroom, Peppermint Patty gives her report. Her report is on Thomas Edison. She explains about the phonograph. She is now in his house. She is talking with his daughter Miranda. Shes asks Thomas Edison if he can fix her toy. He explains that thanks to the Diaphragm on the top of the toy it can saw a piece of wood when they talk into it. He is about to leave to test out his new experiment when they ask if they can come. He says yes and now they are in his laboratory. They are ready and he recites "Mary Had A Little Lamb" into the phonograph. He then plays it back and it works. Peppermint Patty then is back in the class room and is embarrassed because she is dancing and cheering. Marcie finishes Peppermint Patty's report. Now Charlie Brown gives his report on Henry Ford. He explains that on Thanksgiving day in 1896 there was the first car race. It included 2 electric cars, 3 cars by Benz, and another mans car that was lighter then theres. There is another car that historians have forgotten about, The snoopster. The race starts and the lighter car is winning until the steering wheel breaks. Later the electric cars batteries die, and two of the Benz get stuck in the snow. The lighter car is in the lead and then finishes the race. Then Henry Ford visits a meat packing factory there he realizes he could make his cars cheaper if he did it in an assembly line. The Model A is named one the greatest accomplishment in transportation.moreless
    • In the fifth part of This Is America Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown reads school report to his class about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. He talks about two railroad companies the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific. Charlie Brown says that workers were needed so youngsters were employed. The two railroad companies had to lay down 10,000 miles of track. The Central Pacific stars out slow because they have the cross the Sierra Nevada mountains. Snoopy's brother Spike appears in this episode and gets a job in one of the towns that was built around the railroad. He is a harmonica player, but he is kicked out. Finally, the two companies are getting closer to the end. The last spike has to be put in. The Governor of California misses so Snoopy drives in the last spike.moreless

    • 11/11/88
      The fourth part of This Is America, Charlie Brown starts out with Charlie Brown calling Linus about how his science fair project is doing. Linus is building a model of a spaceship for the contest. The night before the contest Linus dreams that he, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are in space. They are in a space station for 90 days. Jason Welker of the Television news network is there to talk to them on TV. Jason Welker talks to all of them and asks the jobs of everyone. The crew's jobs are Charlie Brown is the cook, Linus is the scientist, Lucy is the captain, Peppermint Patty is in charge of fitness, Snoopy has had the most experience in space, Franklin is in the social worker, Even Woodstock has a job; he shows how to fly in zero gravity. Lucy then gives a tour of the space ship. She shows the rooms and the kitchen. In the kitchen Snoopy chases his food.

      Outside the spaceship things go wrong. One of the panels are broken on the spaceship, so Snoopy and Charlie Brown are there to fix it. Snoopy tells Charlie Brown that this is one small step for dog. Charlie Brown fixes the panel and returns to the ship. It is then there last day on the space station. They look outside at earth and see how beautiful it is. Peppermint Patty says that they need to plug away. She says that Chuck does not do everything right but he keeps plugging away. Lucy tells Linus that when Charlie Brown came in from fixing the panel she threw Linus' blanket out into space.moreless

    • In the third part of This Is America, Charlie Brown, it starts out with Sally giving a report about how for hundreds of years man dreamed of flight and then gives examples. In the outskirts of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina we find Charlie Brown and Linus on a horse and buggy that is going fast. It is driven by Snoopy. They are at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903 to visit Linus's cousin Dolly for Christmas. The next morning Dolly shows Charlie Brown and Linus a small diary of what the Wright Brothers have done. Then they take their bikes to see the Wright Brothers' flight.

      On the way there, Charlie Brown runs into a rock and ruins the front tire of his bike. Dolly says that the Wright Brothers also fix bikes. When they get to their shop, Charlie Brown, Linus and Dolly meet Peppermint Patty and Marcie. They show Charlie Brown all of their planes and kites. Charlie Brown tries to fly one but it also breaks. That is when they see the Wright Brothers. The gang helps them put the track together and they witness the first flight. After the flight, they even fix Charlie Brown's bike and they give him a memento of the first flight which explains what happened that day. Charlie Brown says that somebody took pictures from that day, and as they leave Kitty Hawk we see the pictures.moreless
    • 10/28/88
      The second part of This Is America, Charlie Brown starts out with Charlie Brown feeding Snoopy, gathering water, and doing other hard work. Charlie Brown then gets Sally and Linus and tells them they have to go the hall where the delegates are coming. Snoopy goes too, but first he and Woodstock try on different wigs. They get to the hall where they see Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie. They are all assigned jobs to do. Peppermint Patty and Marcie\\\'s job is to bring water to the delegates. Charlie Brown is in charge of sweeping valet parking. Lucy is mop girl, and Sally is inkwell lady. Snoopy is a watch dog, and Linus is an usher. George Washington is the first delegate we see and Charlie Brown takes care of his horse. Inside the meeting the delegates discuss the new law of the land. They discuss how the House of Representatives will work. Linus listens in. Outside, Charlie Brown is bored so he starts hitting rocks with a stick. He says it would be a good sport. Lucy thinks it is the dumbest idea. In the hall the delegates are now discussing who would be head of the government. Benjamin Franklin comes to Charlie Brown\\\'s house to borrow a kite. Outside of Charie Brown\\\'s house there is a lighting storm. When Benjamin Franklin returns it he has been struck by lighting. Days and days go by and the delegates are still discussing. Charlie Brown invents two more sports: basketball and football. Peppermint Patty writes a letter to her grandmother telling her about what is going on there. On September 15, 1787 the constitution is born and voted on. Linus then reads to everybody the preamble.moreless
    • 10/21/88
      The first episode of This Is America, Charlie Brown starts out with Charlie Brown talking about the Pilgrims leaving England for America aboard the Mayflower. The first weeks aboard the Mayflower were all right. The trip gets rough, and they might have to return to England. Then on November 11, 1620, Snoopy and Woodstock spot land. The Mayflower Compact is then written. They find land that has been mysteriously cleared.

      A lot of the adults are sick so it is up to Charlie Brown and the gang to help. Lucy is put in charge and puts Charlie Brown and Linus in charge of getting wintergreen and checkerberries. She puts Snoopy and Woodstock in charge of getting water. The adults build a common house that is used as a hospital. The Pilgrims have one disappointment after another. That is when they see an Indian, Samoset, who introduces Squanto to them. Squanto teaches them how to fish and plant seeds. The Indians save them. The next fall they have a bountiful harvest, invite the Indians to dinner and gave their thanks.moreless
    • What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?
      What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown starts out with Charlie Brown putting pictures in his photo album. Sally wants to know what he learned on his trip to France. Charlie Brown says that that reminds him of what Linus said in France. Charlie Brown explains that after they left the chateau they stayed at there car fell apart. They trade in there car and are back on the road. Later it gets dark and they realize they made a wrong turn. They camp outside there car and Linus then realizes where he is. He figures out that he is at where the D-Day invasion happened the same beach. He spends the rest of the night thinking of what happened there. The next morning Linus tells Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie where they are. The then visit the American Cemetery. They are back on the road after that. They go back in the town a see a tank that was used in World War II. They have breakfast and Snoopy drives again. Linus tells him to pull over. They are in Flanders Fields. Linus recites the poem and asks Charlie Brown what has he learned. Charlie Brown tells Sally that and Sally realizes that Charlie Brown is pasting his pictures upside down.moreless