This Is America Charlie Brown

CBS (ended 1989)


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  • The Peanuts Gang Teaches About American History

    This classic mini-series featuring Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang teaches about American history in a fun way. The characters teach you about the Mayflower Voyage, how the US Constitution came to be, how the Trans-continental Railroad was built, and how the Wright Brothers made their first historic flight. The gang also takes trips on board NASA's Spacestation and through the Smithsonian Institute, and they meet famous presidents like Lincoln FDR. They also meet famous inventors like Alexander Graham Belle and Thomas Edison.

    All in all, this Peanuts mini-series is both entertaining and educational. These show should even be played in schools for History and Science classes. I myself have never seen any of them during my schooling days.

    It's a shame though that this mini-series only ran for eight episodes. But still, a great show for Peanuts fans and non-Peanuts fans everywhere.
  • Cheerful look at U.S. history through the eyes of Charlie Brown and friends.

    This brief series introduced Charlie Brown fans to a variety of vital subjects in American history: the arrival of the pilgrims, the dawn of independence, inventions, the space program, the growth of industry, scientific development and the creativity of our musical heritage. And it's too bad they only made eight parts of the series, plus a general recap, because we could use more shows like these. Charlie and company are just the perfect way to get kids of all ages interested in these topics. The rambunctious wit and charm of the Peanuts cast goes well with the educational stories.

    Wish it had been continued as a regular venture, but fine as it stands.