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CBC (ended 2006)


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  • The best show you're probably not watching...

    'This Is Wonderland' is set in Toronto's Old City Hall and centres around the goings-on there and the many trials and nuances of the lawyers (and even some of the judges) that work there--such as upstart Alice De Raey, bumbling Eliot Sacks, stern-but-earnest Nancy Dao, unstable James Ryder, and the forever annoyed Judge Fraser. The series was inspired by what creator/head writer/executive producer George F. Walker observed at Old City Hall himself.

    This is, perhaps, the best show most people aren't watching. It has a little bit of everything--comedy, drama, suspense, name it. Unfortunately, after three seasons, CBC has decided to axe this critically-acclaimed show. It's a shame, really, as there aren't many worthwhile dramas on television anymore. This was, and is, one of them.
  • Imagine my surprise when I turned to the CBC to watch This Is Wonderland, you see there were only reruns on the major networks! I was blown away by this wonderful show. Funny, endearing, and so damn real! Just imagine what everyone is missing out on!! Br

    A wonderful, quirky show, with characters that just envelope you into their sometimes pathetic, yet self-sacrificing lives. This show will win you over, it's realistic, it's funny and all too familiar! Everyone has a boss whom they hate, and yet a woman winds up in court because she was having dreams about killing the jerk, wonderful show, if you get a chance tune in, I highly recommend this show, not sure if it is available in the USA but Canadians tune in! LOVE IT~
  • A team of Toronto lawyers work hard for their clients. A realistic but funny portayal of Canadian law.

    From the fast pacing to the often overwhelming amount of work, This Is Wonderland is a nice example of how overburdened the Canadian criminal justice system is. The characters are hilarious and the plots are realistic and often touching. For a greater understanding of what actually happens in our court systems, Canadians should turn off the Law and Order and turn on This Is Wonderland.
  • Not your typical legal drama

    For many reasons, this isn't your typical legal drama. The most obvious difference is that this is one of the few legal shows set in Canada (Toronto), so that's a plus for Canadians. More than any other show, This is Wonderland shows us what the law is really about. It doesn't glamorize the profession, or depict high-powered trial lawyers who always know what they're doing. This show is real. It's about flawed lawyers and a flawed system. The lawyers often don't have a clue what they're doing (as is often the case in real life), and sometimes the system fails the people it's trying to protect. There's no deus ex machina at the end of an episode that sets everything right. That's not how life is, and that's not how the show is.

    P.S. Cara Pifko is hot.