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This Just In

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Welcome to the This Just Inguide at If its in the news, and on your minds, Its on This Just In... The world changes every day, and This Just In's resident conservative Brian Newport isn't happy about it one damn bit. The kind of guy who says what everybody's thinking, Newport has no filter. If it's in his head, it's out of his mouth and there's absolutely no stopping him -- no matter what how much his friends are going to have to duck and cover. And whether it's a visit from Ted Kennedy, losing his favorite bar to women, or throwing a "Warfare" to raise money for the military still in Iraq, one thing is for sure: If it's in the news, and on your minds, it's on "This Just In." Brian Newport- Outspoken, opinionated, unabashedly politically conservative and quick to crack an inappropriate joke, Newport is both the center of the hurricane and the cause of it. A speak first, think second kind of guy, apologize eventually kind of guy... you can always count on Newport to either say what everybody's thinking, or what everybody wishes he wouldn't say at all. Jimmy Townhouse- Newport's best friend, and the guy who constantly has to apologize for his pal's occasionally over the top opinions and actions. A teacher, a moderate democrat, but most importantly a friend -- Jimmy knows that Newport is a pretty decent guy who is usually doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Townhouse is the calm, chewy center of "This Just In." Craig Tindle- The guy who was cool, fun, and a blast to be around... until he got married and surrendered his spine and goals along with his penis A house husband who is only a few Dr. Phil episodes away from total puss-dom, Tindle went from being in customer service for a major department store, to customer service for his wife Hu. Newport and Townhouse hope to some day see the Craig they knew before marriage... but for all they know, that guy died with Kurt Kobain. Craig Tindle isn't just a married guy -- he's a cautionary tale for every man who fears the worst in marriage. Sami- A third generation Latina studying poly sci at a nearby college, Sami is smart, beautiful and ridiculously and annoyingly leftist. Sami has big ideals, big goals and some big buttons Newport loves pushing. At 23, Newport considers her the loud, naive, misguided liberal little sister he never had... that he would probably try to sleep with were it not for that icky socialist thing. Hu Tindle- Shrill, strong willed, smart and dangerous, Hu's neoconservatism makes Newport's moderate right wing politics look like a trip through what's left of Ted Kennedy's brain. But more than their occasional political differences, Newport and Hu find themselves at war over Craig -- each claiming equal rights to him (Newport through friendship, Hu through marriage) and each having no qualms about tearing what's left of his soul to shreds to make their point.moreless

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