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  • Agree with Me

    It is bad enough that other shows like this get good reviews, but asking to bring it back, smacks of desperation.

    This Just In become the most duncical short lived show ever seen on Television, even more hammerheaded than BOTH The Goode Family & Will and DeWitt combined!

    Spike Tv if you have fan writing to bring this back, please for the love of all that's viacom, steer clear of this insipid show. They're better off watching Brickleberry on Comedy Central.
  • stupidest show ever

    "This Just In" was Cannselled becuace the men in this you are Homoes (Gay Men) infact this show was so bad it made "Shorties Wating Shorties" look good this is exaclly the type of show that going Downhill fast & it even a Rip-off from good show like "Hopeless Pichtures", "Cormartie High School" & "Pink Panther".
  • Uber-Conservative blogger in uber-liberal California.

    I loved this show. I can still remember several jokes from episodes and I haven't seen it in years. It is a great show if you are somewhat political and somewhat right leaning. I'm a right wing conservative and I loved this show! Great job of even mocking our side of the political aisle. Two of the jokes still make me laugh my butt off when I think of them.

    In one episode Ted Kennedy lands in the guys bar. Newport goes and gives a speech somewhere and is driving back across the Golden Gate when Ted wakes up drunkenly in the back seat. Newport says "Ted Kennedy. Car. Bridge. Water. Oh ****.." The car then flips off the bridge and starts sinking. It lands upside down at the bottom. You hear Ted say "You were a lot prettier the last time this happened.

    The other is from the Vegas episode. Newport is driving the gang and they are listening to Sean Hannity. One of guys says "Do we have to listen to Hannity?" Newport says "Sure let's see what Rush is up to. He changes the station in mid sentence from Hannity to Rush who is completing the exact same sentence. They get a weird look on their faces and go back and forth. It is the same speech. Newport just says "Huh. You know I always suspected this."

    That is funny. I love Hannity and Rush and I laughed at this joke. That is funny.

    Overall a great show that wasn't given a real chance.
  • The good [shows] die young.

    Every good show must come to an end. Teen Titans. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Kim Possible. Danny Phantom is rumored to leave us next season. But this show didn't even last very long, and there aren't any repeats, either. This sucks! This Just In was awesome! It should at least have repeats if nothing else! I hope someday Spike TV will do that someday, and maybe, when Marmel is done with DP, he will try to bring back This Just In...but the chances of that happening are slim. Ah well. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

    R.I.P. This Just In. You have made me laugh my pants off many times.
  • This Just In, a show that was panned because of its right-wing slant to comedy

    This show was actually quite funny if you could deal with the mostly right-wing based comedy. It was relatively current and certainly funnier than many other animated shows that try to be political as well as funny. Many of the jokes were aimed at political junkies who followed current and previous political events. The show at times was side splitting funny, and would usually bring loud laughter from myself and others who were watching it for the few episodes they had.

    I miss this show as I usually watched South Park and this back to back. Oh well at least South Park is still around.