This Life

Season 1 Episode 3

Living Dangerously

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1996 on BBC Two
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Living Dangerously
Egg is invited to work on a medical negligence case. The client, McCleary, has cancer which he believes was caused by experimental drugs he was given as a child. Fascinated by the case, Egg finally begins to take an interest in his work. Milly warns him against becoming too personally involved, but when McCleary commits suicide, Egg is devastated and behaves unprofessionally in front of his boss. Suddenly his work as a lawyer seems utterly meaningless. Delilah has started to create havoc in the house, invading other people's space and ‘borrowing' their things. Warren realizes that she is bulimic and tries to help her, but Delilah takes advantage of his sympathy to rip him off. Miles begins to worry and confesses his concerns to Anna. When she tells him what she really thinks of Delilah, he accuses her of being jealous. After a night out drinking, the friends return to the house to find they have been burgled. The obvious suspect is Delilah.moreless

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      • Warren: Delilah, you'll diet yourself out of existence. There is room on this planet for a little more Delilah, a few more pounds of Delilah. You can take up some more space, you know.

      • Anna: Perhaps you're a homosexual.
        Miles: What?
        Anna: In the closet.
        Miles: What!
        Anna: I just thought, maybe you have a problem with your sexual orientation, that's all.
        Miles: What are you talking about?
        Anna: Well, you know what they say, if you fancy extremely thin women, it's because of repressed homosexuality. What you're really hankering after is a little boy, you see. What's wrong with a few womanly curves, tell me that?

      • Miles: I'm worried about Delilah. She just sort of disappeared last night.
        Anna: Disappeared? How?
        Miles: Well, she wasn't where she'd said she'd be.
        Anna: I think the term is "stood up". You were stood up.
        Miles: She's just confused, that's all.
        Anna: She's confused, right.
        Miles: I feel...
        Anna: Like shit?
        Miles: Forget it!

      • Egg: If I get paralysed, do you promise to finish me off?
        Milly: Absolutely definitely.

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