This Life - Season 1

BBC Two (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Let's Get It On
    Let's Get It On
    Episode 11
    The house throws a big party to celebrate Jerry getting a publisher for his book. Miles and Anna sleep together.
  • Father Figure
    Father Figure
    Episode 10
    Anna sleeps with Jerry. Milly and O'Donnell's relationship becomes more than professional.
  • Dark Retreat
    Dark Retreat
    Episode 9
  • Just Sex
    Just Sex
    Episode 9
    Warren meets a biker courier named Ferdy. The two have a great night but Ferdy doesn't want to know Warren the next day. Dale, Warren's brother, can't handle the fact that Warren's gay.
  • Cheap Thrills
    Cheap Thrills
    Episode 8
    Milly starts working late with O'Donnell. Egg's father Jerry arrives at the house needing a place to stay. Anna gets drunk and goes wild at the chambers party.
  • Brief Encounter
    Brief Encounter
    Episode 7
    Egg starts to write his own book. Milly is frustrated and turns to O'Donnell. Jo is hurt when Anna shrugs off a drunken one-night stand.
  • Family Outing
    Family Outing
    Episode 6
    Warren is having problems keeping his active sex life secret from his over-friendly, indiscreet cousin Kira. His housemates swear not to tell her he is gay but, when she falls out with her step-father and insists on spending more time with him, it becomes too much to bear. Milly is finding Egg's newfound leisure increasingly hard to put up with, especially as he does not seem interested in her any more. She turns to a self-help book for support, but it is Anna who engineers a special dinner to get them in the mood. Miles discovers that his father, Montgomery, knows more than he is admitting about the fraud case, but Miles is put in his place when he tries to persuade him to stand as a witness. Meanwhile, Kira has taken to following Warren on his moonlight walks in the park and when she 'saves' him,claiming he was being attacked by a man, he decides it is time to come clean. However, back at the house, Warren's soldier brother Dale arrives and Warren knows that it will be a lot more difficult gaining acceptance from Dale than it was from Kira.moreless
  • Fantasy Football
    Fantasy Football
    Episode 5
    Paranoid that he may be HIV positive, Miles is paying for his latest sexual conquest. He apologizes to everyone in the house for his behaviour over Delilah, then like a man on his way to the gallows, he goes with Warren to find Delilah and persuade her to have an AIDS test. Meanwhile, Egg has another emotional outburst at work and threatens to murder the photocopier. Boss O'Donnell suggests he should get some counseling. Initially dismissing the idea, Egg ends up going in desperation to see Warren's therapist. Anna is not getting enough work at the chambers. She goes to a party intending to seduce any solicitors who might supply her with cases, but the interest she gets is not quite what she had in mind.moreless
  • Sex, Lies and Muesli Yoghurt
    Anna resorts to devious means to get rid of Miles's liability of a girlfriend, Delilah. Warren is trying hard to be sympathetic but loses his cool when his muesli yoghurt keeps disappearing from the fridge. Egg,unable to talk about his crisis at work, feigns a groin strain to avoid having sex with an increasingly frustrated Milly. Meanwhile, at chambers, she is dealing with a burglar claiming to the innocent victim of assault. Miles begins to realize that accepting the fraud case was a big mistake. When his boss suggests he go to his father for inside information, he realizes why he got the case in the first place and feels that he has sold out on all his principles. The tide of opinion finally forces Delilah out of the house. Anna finds a needle in the bedroom. When Warren advises him to get an AIDS test, Miles loses his temper and shows homophobic tendencies..moreless
  • Living Dangerously
    Living Dangerously
    Episode 3
    Egg is invited to work on a medical negligence case. The client, McCleary, has cancer which he believes was caused by experimental drugs he was given as a child. Fascinated by the case, Egg finally begins to take an interest in his work. Milly warns him against becoming too personally involved, but when McCleary commits suicide, Egg is devastated and behaves unprofessionally in front of his boss. Suddenly his work as a lawyer seems utterly meaningless. Delilah has started to create havoc in the house, invading other people's space and ‘borrowing' their things. Warren realizes that she is bulimic and tries to help her, but Delilah takes advantage of his sympathy to rip him off. Miles begins to worry and confesses his concerns to Anna. When she tells him what she really thinks of Delilah, he accuses her of being jealous. After a night out drinking, the friends return to the house to find they have been burgled. The obvious suspect is Delilah.moreless
  • Happy Families
    Happy Families
    Episode 2
    After landing the job of his dreams, Warren needs a place to live. Anna starts ‘squatting' at chambers. Her first case is a housing benefit fraud involving an unlikely couple called Truelove and Delilah. Delilah proves to be a head case and a complete liability. Dishonest and manipulative, she flirts with Miles and ends up having sex with him in the toilet. Egg is finding his new job claustrophobic and is irritated by Warren's apparent drive and confidence. He becomes alarmed when he sees the advert for the spare room in the house, but when Warren explains just how grateful he is for his job, a guilty Egg decides he should be invited to move in. Just as Warren is beginning to relax, his brash teenage cousin, Kira, shows up hoping he will get her a job. Terrified that she will find out he is gay and tell his parents, he tries to fob her off. But Kira is made of resilient stuff and gets a job as a temp at his firm anyway. Egg shows further signs of his disillusionment when,having been sent out on an office errand, he wanders off to the park and then simply goes home. Milly is puzzled by his behaviour, but he cannot explain himself. Anna feels confident, now that she has moved into the house, that she can win Miles over. He comes home very cheerful about something and Anna is convinced that their romance is back on. But Miles has other things on his mind. He has been offered a high-profile fraud case and has a new girlfriend who has decided to move in.moreless
  • Coming Together
    Coming Together
    Episode 1
    Anna goes for a tenancy at a solicitors' office and finds her old flame, Miles, on the interview panel. She is tempted to repeat their one-night stand to improve her chances of getting the job, but Milly warns against it. Having declined his offer of sex,Anna fails to get the job and blames Miles. She decides to get her revenge by moving into the new house he is sharing with Milly and Egg. Milly gets her first outing as a qualified solicitor and finds herself humiliated by an eccentric client. While Warren achieves his life's ambitions by landing a job at the same firm, Egg is left wondering how on earth he ever got chosen.moreless