This Old House

PBS Premiered Oct 01, 1980 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 39
    • Charleston: Singular Single House
      The custom iron gate is installed by students from a local building arts school. Kevin and Tom tour the house with the homeowners. Richard checks out the third floor and mechanicals. Everyone meets at the piazza.
    • Charleston: Raise the Pergola
      The pergola goes up; Ross tours a smart home; and kitchen cabinets are installed at the Single House.
    • Charleston: Rainbow Row
      Judith looks at house colors starting at Rainbow Row; and Tommy inspects termite damage.
    • Charleston: Smithies
      The old piazza columns are restored offsite; some blacksmith students at a local college for the building arts fabricate the iron gate; and modern light fixtures are selected for an old house.
    • Charleston: Rough Plumbing
      The rotting porch is assessed and a new floor is made to look old at the single house.
    • Charleston: Good Wood
      Kevin meets a lumberjack on the Edisto River. In a house with no stud walls, Tommy watches how pipes are disguised and Richard seeks out places for HVAC equipment. Kevin learns about Single Houses. A crepe myrtle is pruned and Tommy talks termites.
    • Charleston: Southern Roots
      A new foundation starts out back while out front Roger determines if a crepe myrtle can be saved. Kevin visits Fort Sumter. The single house mantel and windows are restored and the old kitchen house will be connected to the main house.
    • Charleston: Brick and Mortar
      An old fireplace will house a new stove. Tommy discusses using interior casework with exposed brick. The kitchen house brick needs repointing. Roger tours hidden gardens. Across town, demo continues while Tommy and Judith look at flooring options.
    • Charleston: Demo Time
    • Charleston: Southern Charm
      A new series begins in Charleston, S.C., where Kevin and the team introduce two projects: a brick 1840s "single house"—unique to Charleston's historic downtown district—and a multi-generational 1890s home in a nearby transitioning neighborhood.
    • Move In Day
      Move In Day
      Episode 16
      Kevin tours the renovated house with the homeowners. What was once Liz' childhood home has been transformed into a house for the next generation. Their kids and Joe's parents arrive to check it out.
    • Final Touches
      Final Touches
      Episode 15
      Tommy and Charlie install a fireback on a kitchen wall. Roger returns the roses and lilacs he saved and brings in some new plants. The island countertop goes on. Kevin watches a crew install a garage door. The wood stove finally arrives.
    • Homeowner Going the Distance
      Liz helps Norm lay composite decking. Charlie makes exterior decorative brackets. Kevin watches quartz countertop installation. Roger's crew makes a new front walk. Liz puts in her stained glass window. Dry wells are needed for storm water runoff.
    • Graduation Day
      Graduation Day
      Episode 13
      Roger explains why some preventative tree work is needed. Homeowner Liz gets a lesson on tiling. The original black newel post is found to be walnut. The apprentices graduate after 10 weeks of hard work.
    • Salvage Helps the Bottom Line
      Norm installs an old door in the hallway. Roger watches a stone wall being installed in pre-made sections. Kevin visits a career day for the trades. In Rhode Island, twin built-in beds are made. Tommy re-installs a corner cabinet in the dining room.
    • Homeowners Pitch In
      Tommy trims the rough interior columns. Liz makes a stained glass window. Kevin tours a flooring factory in Pennsylvania. Richard visits a voc-tech school plumbing class. Norm shows Kevin a few new tricks he's learned for installing stair treads.
    • Time for Trim
      Time for Trim
      Episode 10
      Granite goes down for a wood stove. Nathan installs the porch ceiling. Kevin visits a home in Rhode Island where the exterior trim is pine. Richard reviews the placement of components at mechanical wall. Mauro shows how to repair holes in old plaster.
    • Tommy's Flair for Flares
      Tommy builds a shower seat made of foam. Richard connects steel piping. Tommy teaches how to install replacement windows. Tommy shows Kevin and Joe how he makes a jig for the exterior shingled flair detail.
    • Duct Dynasty
      Duct Dynasty
      Episode 8
      While the apprentices get a lesson in roofing, Kevin visits Rhode Island to watch how an elaborate Chippendale railing is put together. A new slab of concrete goes in the basement to keep the moisture out. Richard shows how ductwork is put together.
    • Approaching Half Way
      Dining room flooring is used to make a barn door; an uninsulated crawl space is found after breaking through the basement wall; the garage floor gets radiant heat; and the front porch gets new columns. Also: Roger teaches a horticulture class in the field.
    • This Old House U.
      The apprentices frame a wall in the master bedroom, build a drain stack for the master bath and lay decking on the front porch. Meanwhile, the homeowners visit their kitchen cabinet designer.
    • All Decked Out
      All Decked Out
      Episode 5
      The apprentices learn the basics of framing a deck, while around the corner the chimney is demo-ed. The homeowners work with their interior designer to create a custom pattern for the tile floor. The flue for the wood-burning stove is installed.
    • Construction Gets a Jumpstart
      A new floor is built. Also: Richard, the homeowners and the designer hunt for an old clawfoot tub; Tom shows the apprentices how to level the front porch and build a hip roof; and Kevin visits Baltimore to learn about a training program.
    • Generation Next Arrives
      The crew installs a beam to support a new opening in the kitchen. Also: the homeowners select finishes and the apprentices work on the front porch.
    • A Few Good Landscapers
      New foundation is poured as the house is readied for demolition; roses and lilacs are saved before demolition begins; and mold is found in the basement.
    • A House for the Next Generation
      In the Season 39 premiere, a woman inherits her childhood home, but with her husband makes changes to accommodate their children and in-laws. Mike Rowe visits to discuss the need for a new generation of skilled tradespeople.
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