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AIRED ON 5/16/2015

Season 35 : Episode 24

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  • Season 35
    • A Home for Matt & Cat
      Work on the HFOT house wraps up; and the family moves into its new home. Also: the importance of community involvement, which in this case finds more than 150 volunteers laying down sod, mulching the beds and planting; and the designs for the master closet and dining-room table.
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      Adaptation & Accessibility
      Work on the HFOT home continues. Included: the requirements for ADA-approved and Energy Star-rated homes; the technology behind touchless faucets and toilets; and the technology behind the automatic-door opener that's being used on many of the doors. Also: using a beveled piece of marble to create an ADA-compliant threshold in the shower.moreless
    • The Veteran's Special House Project
      The team helps with a Home for Our Troops project.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Garrison No More
      The transformation of the 1966 Garrison Colonial is reviewed. Included: the technology built into the new kitchen; the customization of the spaces over the garage; and the updates made to the older parts of the house.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Down to the Wire
      Installing tall fescue, which needs less water and fertilizer than other varieties; and designing the great room's entertainment center. Also: the finished mechanical room; and the final heating and cooling decisions.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Finishing Details
      New plants are added to the landscaping plan; and a wrought-iron chandelier with 52 bulbs is installed. Also: the radiators being used in the garage and upstairs sitting room; the upstairs laundry room; and the insulated steel garage doors that should help keep the heat inside the garage.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Mudroom, Ventilation, Kids' Rooms
      A look at the LED ribbon strip lights being used under the cabinets in the kitchen and butler's pantry. Also: the mudroom storage system is built; the ventilation system is reviewed; wallpaper is applied to the ceiling in one bedroom; and decorative stripes are painted on an accent wall in another bedroom.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: New Walk, Old Stone
      The bluestone front walk is started despite significant grade challenges; porcelain tile made to look like slate is installed in the screen porch; and the vanity project is recapped. Also: selecting and fabricating antique granite for the front walk and custom house marker.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Designer Details
      With the second floor sanded, stained and sealed, the crew commences work on the first floor; the custom refrigerator panels are spotlighted; and a chest of drawers is re-purposed as the sink base in the powder room. Also: local designer Robin Gannon shows how she decorated 22 rooms of an historic inn.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: Old to New
      The progress on the mudroom and kitchen is recapped; porcelain plank floor tile, which looks like wood, is installed on treads and risers of the garage stairs; the holes for the recessed lights in the great room are patched; shutters are painted; and how the arched doorway was squared off is explained. Also: properly abandoning an old electrical box and fishing wires to a new one.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: Conservation Concerns
      A covered gutter is installed; the infiltration system to disperse water from gutters into the ground is detailed; native plants that will return part of the lawn back to nature are discussed; and how existing aluminum wiring is being worked with while updating recessed light fixtures and installing sconces over the mantel. Also: the making and testing of two types of windows for the project.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: Inspections
      Rough mechanical and rough framing inspections are discussed; reinforced fiberglass columns to support the farmer's porch are installed; how an arched doorway is being turned into one that's squared off; and the storm window system being using to enclose the screen porch is spotlighted.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Exterior Details
      A look at the mudroom door; the work required to patch in new clapboard; the back deck's hybrid railing system; and the layout and design choices for the kitchen. Also: what goes into a rough electrical inspection; and what's trending in kitchens.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Making Connections
      How a small stream in the backyard affects the entire yard. Also: trees are removed; shade plants are relocated to a new bed in the side yard; a five-foot section of wall is cut away to connect the kitchen to the great room; and the kitchen's plumbing conditions are discussed.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Smart Solutions
      How the roofers applied new architectural shingles to the house to coordinate it and the new addition; and a look at the progress on the back deck. Also: preventing the P-trap from the second-floor bathtub from interfering with the decorative ceiling of the kitchen; and finishing up the trim and decking on the corner deck stair.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: Colonial Curb Appeal
      The second floor's front gable wall is in place; the roof framing is underway; and the framing of the new farmer's porch is spotlighted. Also: a tour of Lexington's historic district with architect Frank Shirley highlights the front porches on colonial-style homes; and a look at how the homeowners are getting by without a kitchen.moreless
    • Lexington Project 2015: Footings & Framing
      How the home will be renovated in stages so that the owners won't have to move out. The work begins with the back porch. Also: the framing of the first floor platform is outlined; and the building permit process is explained.
    • Lexington Project 2015: Colonial Roots
      Work on a 1966 colonial in Lexington, Mass., commences. The project includes adding a farmer's porch; relocating the playroom; gutting and redesigning the kitchen; and adding a mudroom. Also: adding two more bedrooms, a laundry room and a sitting area to the second floor.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: A Rowhouse Reimagined
      The Charlestown project wraps up. Included: restoring the exterior with a new dormer, windows, shutters and front entry; testing the security system; visiting the mechanical room in the basement; spotlighting the completed master suite; and touring the second floor, which features a guest room, guest bath and new living room.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: A Rowhouse Reimagined
      The Charlestown project wraps up. Included: restoring the exterior with a new dormer, windows, shutters and front entry; testing the security system; visiting the mechanical room in the basement; spotlighting the completed master suite; and touring the second floor, which features a guest room, guest bath and new living room.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: Rowhouse, Lighthouse
      A basement door is concealed; the new Cararra marble island top is spotlighted; a PVC fence is installed on top of the retaining wall; the front steps are given new life with a grinder, a router, epoxy and non-slip exterior paint; and the salvaged marble mantel and surround are installed in the sitting room. Also: the transformation of a Boston lighthouses into a summer home.moreless
    • Charlestown Project 2014: Kitchens and Baths
      A major upgrade begins: adding a Greek Revival-style front door. On the second floor, new wood wainscoting is installed; a feature wall insert for the master shower is created with marble basket weave tile; and small section of copper roof is added to the roof.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: Gardens & Greek Revival Style
      The ductwork for the new direct vent gas fireplace units is worked on; subtle Greek Revival details are added to the interior window trim; and the exterior window trim is painted. Also: Sullivan Square Community Garden; and Beacon Hill's hidden gardens.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: Wood and Water
      The progress on the now-approved dormer is spotlighted. Elsewhere, Insulation and wallboard are put into place; and a reclaimed brick veneer is installed on the kitchen bump out. Also: the world's last wooden whaling ship is observed arriving at the Charlestown Navy Yard.
    • Charlestown Project 2014: A Bridge to Charlestown
      How the old chimney will be modified for gas fireplace units. The framing progress is also spotlighted, including in the breakfast area and the third-floor master suite; and rebuilding the backyard retaining walls commences. Also: a chat with a structural engineer about one of Charlestown's most iconic structures, the Zakim Bridge; and a visit to a salvage yard that has architectural elements from the Greek Revival period.moreless
    • Charlestown Project 2014: Brick Rowhouse Blues
      A fix for a major problem: exterior walls that are bowing outward. Two weeks of work in the basement, meanwhile, has lowered the floor by several inches; the radiant heat-insulation system is installed; and it's shown how the roof is under-structured. In other events, Norm revisits a Charlestown townhouse featured on the show 14 years ago.moreless
    • Charlestown Project 2014: 35 Years of This Old House
      Season 35 opens in Boston, where an 1850s-era Greek Revival house is to be upgraded. The homeowner would like to improve the kitchen and the third floor, where the master suite is located. The retaining walls also need work.
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