This Old House

PBS Premiered Oct 01, 1980 In Season


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  • Hey want to watch an entertaining show?

    Here it is. Love this show and I am no a handy man. I do not know why there is a picture of Bob Villa there. That guy was a pompous jackass. But Norm, Tom, Kevin and Roger are great, love those guys.
  • This show was the founding father of DIY.

    I have watched This Old House since the first episode. Norm was young and thinner with no beard. Bob Vila was right out of the 70's with his thick black beard and bushy hair. They came into your home every week and showed you how to do those home repairs with great video close ups and explanations. Bob Vila was the front man but the heart and soul of the show was Norm Abram. This guy is a carpentry genius. I met him several times and he is down to earth just as he is on TOH. I have learned many tips and technics that I applied not only to my job but to my own home.
  • For all the episodes ever made.

    This is one of the best shows in the world. It helps me save a lot of money. Because I do not need to hire anyone. Now I can everything on my own because you teach me everything I needed to know. If this show ever goes off air I would not know what to do. Keep doing cool episodes.
  • The current trend of DIY and home improvment shows would not exist without Ask!

    My father was a carpenter so I have literally grown up with this show. It is the original and still the best. It's a no-frills look at house renovation with real carpenters--not annoying TV personalities with bull horns. It's purpose is education, not entertainment, so that means no greased up hunks or Barbie dolls who can barely lift a sledge hammer. I love Norm and the Gang and I am glad that they have made it this long. The fact that this show is still going strong after all these years with out a "hook" shows just how good it is!!
  • Classic trend setting show about how to make home improvements.

    The first hom inprovement show that I knew of. For someone to call this un-original they must be too young to realise how long this has been on the air. This is the show that built Bob Villa. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • Just like the others home improvement shows just with cooler houses.

    When I just saw this show, I thought it was like many of the home improvment shows on TV today. Yet, these houses are special. I love older houses, so it is more interesting to me. I hope that as it goes on that there many be an addition spark to set it apart!
  • My husband and I bought an old house 20 yrs ago.I have been doing all the work on it my self. My husband can't even hammer a nail in. Bob Villa's show has tought me how to do a lot of repairs over the last 15yrs.

    I love the show it has tought me a lot over the years.I wish Bob could come to Shelbina Mo.and do some shows on my old house. It still needs lots of work and I'm getting to old to do it myself. Bobs show has tought me how to drywall,putin windows and much more. Keep up the good work Bob. Great show, Very informative and people with old houses need all the help they can get.
  • I have roger cook's autograph, and I know someone that knows him.

    Even though there are many shows on at the same time as This old house, I still try hard to watch it every week. Where I live it's often reaired late friday night, or guess you could call it early saturday, so I often stay awake, just so I can watch it.

    Great advice from many different experts, and they provide it all in an easy to understand manner. Plus they show many ideas about home repairs and remodeling, so you can do it yourself.

    If PBS ever canceled this show, they'd be recieving a nasty letter from me.

    This Old House is cool!!!!!!