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Ryo and Akari

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    [1]Jun 16, 2008
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    We all know that Ryo loved Akari. One thing I was curious about was when Akari was about to leave and Ryo started to kiss her and she said "Family shouldn't do that", did she say that to please Kimi(I think that was Ryo's sister's name) or did she not feel the same as Ryo? I want to hear other people's opinions.
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    I thought that she did feel the same, but didn't want to wreck the "family" relationship they had. He referred to her as family, so that could have made a lasting affect in her mind, and instead of focusing on her romantic feelings for him, preferred to have him as a brother- maybe the age gap and the fact she was close in age to Kimmy also affected it.

    I'm probably getting it wrong, I haven't seen it for ages so I'm happy to discuss.

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