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Sunday 9:00 AM on ABC Premiered Nov 15, 1981 In Season


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  • This Week explores the top stories of each week from the perspectives of the people who are making the news and those who are close to them. The ideas and cover what is said on the nightly newscasts in more depth and insights.

    Often the most interesting part of the show is the 10 minute segment at the end that puts on the screen a list of famous people and soldiers who have died in the last week and a review of the late night comedians funniest bits. There is also a short clip highlighting a celebrity\'s or politician\'s newest cause. This show can be strong at times, but never as strong as I would like it to be. George Stephanopoulos is often not as biting and gritty as I would like him to be and allows politicians to ramble through their already prepared talking points without question.
  • Certainly the best of the Sunday Morning news shows.

    With integrity and actual balance, this show offers great coverage of the week's events.

    Stephanopolous is as tough on Democrats as he is with Republicans and has an amazing command of the facts and history. Something that Tim Russert utterly lacks.

    The panel is always well informed and intelligent. There's very little opportunity to just let people be mouthpieces for either party.