Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 7 Episode 3

Bill, Ben & Fergus

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 04, 2003 on ITV
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Bill, Ben & Fergus
Fergus, a blue steam traction engine, goes to work with Bill & Ben in the quarry. But when he tells the twins to do things right, they become fed up and decide to do things wrong. This however gets them into trouble...

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  • Fergus: Original and ingeneous

    Fergus is a blue traction engine who works at the cement works. One day, he sees Thomas at a station and tells him he is off to the quarry and Thomas warns him off Bill and Ben. Upon arrival, Mavis comes up to Fergus and they start work. Bill and Ben become annoyed by Fergus and his bossy saying "Do it Right." They cause trouble for him and annoy him. Later, the quarry is have blasting. Fergus continues to be bossy but Bill and Ben get to escape him and get a rock crusher, leaving Mavis and Fergus in peace. The twins decide to ignore Fergus. But when they get back to the quarry, they get caught in a rockslide! Quickly, Fergus saves the day and gets buried. Bill and Ben apologise and rescue him.

    Trevor was the first traction engine but Fergus seems to be a completley original charecter. His personality has slight similarities to other charecters but I thought that they made him unique to the others. His design was well done and nothing like I had seen before. Even his facial expressions amazed me! I think the main reason why he stands out as he is one of the few charecters with a catch phrase. I was very pleased that Bill and Ben got to have another role but their personalities in this episode were far too similar to their ones in last season's Salty's Secret and that was what prevented this episode from a higher score. Mavis didn't say much so she could have had a more active role and Thomas being in there was rather useless. But I loved the rockslide in this episode. It brings back memories of Heroes back in Season Three. It seemed really realistic as not the whole quarry collapsed and that you could still see Fergus. Overall, this episode was really good and a great start to this seasons brigade of new charecters.moreless
  • Welcome to Sodor, Fergus!

    Fergus the Traction Engine arrives on Sodor and goes to work at the Quarry, where Bill and Ben decide to have some fun by fooling and pranking him. At last, Fergus takes control and bosses the twins around. Being tired of this, Bill and Ben leave Fergus to collect a rockcrusher from the Docks. When they arrive back, the echoes of the rockcrusher's banging causes a landslide, which Fergus boldly saves Bill and Ben from. At last, the two apologize for their troubles.

    This is an excellent episode. Perfect! It is the arrival of a new engine, new set, and the appearance of two of HIT's dropped characters (for now). This episode had a great storline, as wheel with an excellent new character that is not like all the other engines. Instead of a boiler, Fergus has a flywheel. No engine on Sodor has one of those! Welcome to Sodor Fergus!moreless
  • Fergus, the railway traction engine and my favorite character.

    Fergus the railway traction engine is introduced in this episode. Fergus, a railway traction engine, is sent to the rock quarry to help Bill, Ben and Mavis with an important job. But the twins become increasingly annoyed with the newcomer’s bossy attitude (‘Do It Right from Morning till Night’). They soon lose patience and when sent to collect a rock-crusher from the dockyard, they plan to purposely ignore him from now on. When they arrive back at the quarry, Fergus warns the twins to take care with the rock crusher, but they ignore his every word. But the noise of the heavy rock crusher causes a landslide. Sensing danger, Fergus pushes the twins and the rock crusher out of harms way, moments before being buried under a pile of rock. The twins are stung by guilt and help to rescue Fergus. After, the three engines promise to ‘to it right’ together.moreless
  • Meet Fergus the Railway Traction Engine.

    Fergus is probbably the best character this season introduced us.Thumbs up for HIT entertainment.Although I noticed the fact that his catch phrase is almost the same as Duck's only a little more concise and can get written into every script.Definitely a gem in this season.Considering this season is when the show is a little more about friendships.But why would Fergus,Mavis,Bill,and Ben be working at the quarry when in "Rusty Saves The Day",the engines had to stay out of the quarry.It's amazing what the younger fans want to see. Although it stinks that Fergus only appeared in 2 more episodes after this.I probably think he was dropped to make more room for Trevor.Please bring Fergus back,PLEASE!moreless
  • Welcome to the island, Fergus.

    Fergus is a new engine on the island. For his first job, he has been sent to the quarry to work with Bill and Ben. Inevitably, they play tricks on him. Now, Fergus is an engine who always follows the rules, so of course he is angry at Bill and Ben for being naughty. He keeps telling them to "Do it Right", which makes Bill and Ben even more naughty. They push a heavy rock crusher very roughly past some unstable rock. There is an rock slide and Fergus is buried. Bill and Ben rescue him, and they are now friends.

    New additions to the railway are always something special. Fergus is the first ever railway traction engine on the show. I have always been a fan of Trevor and George, and now there's actually an engine with a flywheel! He has a unique shape, and a beautiful coat of blue paint. I liked this episode not only for the fact that a new character was introduced, but that old characters retained their original characteristics. After all these years, Bill and Ben are still the mischeivious pair that they were in their debut. Unfortunately, Fergus is only seen twice after this episode, but I am hoping that he returns later in the series.moreless
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