Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 7 Episode 19

Bulgy Rides Again

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 27, 2003 on ITV
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Bulgy Rides Again
Summertime has arrived on Sodor. There are more passengers arriving but less engines to do the work. Thomas calls this a "double decker" problem, which gives the Fat Controller an idea. He goes to see Bulgy (who has been a henhouse for several years) in his field to tell him that he'll be back on the road, helping to deliver passengers. Bulgy is delighted, but when he is cleaned and mended, the hens miss their old home and they creep aboard him one night, where they cause confusion and delay the next morning...moreless

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  • Bulgy returns to the road with the promise to be good, but some stray hens interfere with his plan.

    "Silly hens, silly passengers! You can have them both!" Unlike the original Bulgy episode from Season Three, this one is a lighthearted comedy designed to help an old friend return to the screen. This one pales a bit in comparison with its predaccessor because of its stark differences. Bulgy is friendly and helpful here, as opposed to the rude villian he previously was. This brings my overall grade down a bit. But still, the scenes with the hens were silly and fun, and the ending was pleasant. Overall, I'd say that this episode is quite an interesting curio from the seventh season.moreless
  • Bulgy back? That is shocking!

    in "Bulgy" a certain red bus was causing mayhem and upsetting all the engines (Bertie's evil twin?). Then he had an accident and became a henhouse as punishment. Now Bulgy is back and better than ever. He is kinder and less mean now then he was in the above mentioned episode. Emily and Thomas seem to want to help this bus and soon he becomes a vegetable bus because the passengers weren't good for him (an incident with chickens didn't help!). Good for Bulgy - its nice to see him again. But why can't Bulstrode be resurrected in a convincing story?moreless
  • An old villian and great humour

    It is summer on Sodor but the Fat Controller is having trouble: both Thomas and Emily are at the works. But Thomas comments on it being a "double decker problem" and the controller goes to a field and finds Bulgy! The bus agrees to return to service and goes to the works. He ignores Emily's talks of vegetable buses and is restored by the end of the day. Bugly goes back to the field where the sad hens hop onboard! The next day, the bus is taking some people when he goes on a sharp bend and the hens wake up and cause mayhem and Bulgy is taken out of service. However, he decides to take up the idea of being a vegetable bus.

    Of course, the best thing about episode will be that Bulgy is back! It has been quite a few years since we saw him battling against Duck and so I was very happy to see him return. Though it seems that his personality has changed as he didn't show much hatred towards the railway and wasn't very grumpy, but then, all the time being a hen house must have shown him something. Another good thing about this episode was that it had lots of humour. An episode that can have you rolling around your seat laughing your head off is great, so this episode was fantastic. Seeing the hens flapping about and causing everyone to wail and scream was a crack up! And James' small role brought a smile. And this episode had quite a bit to do with railways! For once The Fat Controller decides that he needs some assistance running his magical line and that he decided to chooe a roadway vehicle. Personally, Thomas and Emily's roles were important but I think another charecter that doesn't have much screen time should have had their role. Like Duck, so that he and Bulgy could send sparks flying. Overall, a pretty good episode that everyone will enjoymoreless
  • Bulgy's back!!

    Yea, for some reason, I like to see things, and places/towns, countries, etc. grow. In this case, the island grows by getting another vehicle to help out. Stupid hens. Bulgy was finally looking great when those hens ruined his return debew. It showed a flashback of Bulgy's previous accident, and I must admit: it was pretty cool! But still, I don't see why Sir Topham Hatt would take him out just for that, even if he did do it on purpose. I'd be on the floor busting my guts out if he actually ran into a shorter bridge again. Too bad he didn't do anything really bad before. It would of been cool to tear some of the bridge down, at least in my opinion! *sticks tongue out*moreless
  • Bulgy is back, and he`s green!

    I liked the action of this episode. Bulgy returns from season 3. He was changed into a vegitable bus. Sir Toppham Hatt needs Bulgy for other means of transport to carry the passengers for Thomas and Emily while they are at the works being repaired. Bulgy is soon mended and taken back to the field where he used to live as a hen house , but soon his hens stow away on him while he is asleep later that night, the next day he travels along picking up passengers and suddenly turns a corner getting stuck behind a slow moving Trevor who is pulling a hay cart, he overtakes him and almost crashes into a van, swerving out of control he wakes up the hens who flap and squark loudly making the passengers unhappy, later he goes to get clean and refuses to take any more passengers, Emily suggests helping the new farmer with his vegetable and is soon turned into a vegetable stand on wheels, and loves his new job more than ever!moreless
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