Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 3 Episode 17

Buzz, Buzz

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 02, 1992 on ITV
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Buzz, Buzz
James is chatting to Trevor about some bees who Trevor is looking after. Boco warns them to not to annoy the bees, which annoys James. The next day, some bees escape from the station and cling onto James' warm boiler... and refuse to let go!

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  • James mocks the dangers of bees, but soon finds out just how dangerous they can be...

    A comedy classic! This episode is easily both a fan favorite and a series classic because of its memorable situations and funny ending. This epsisode also is a keystone to any collection because it includes interaction among a great deal of characters; James, Boco, and Duck especially. Nothing like a nice, big cast! It also has a rare glimpse into some other animation mediums, including an excellent stopmotion sequence and even a silly looking animated bee. They must have spent a bit extra to make such variety possible. Of course, the ending is a bit silly, where the bees cling to James through a variety of torments. One of the funniest there is.moreless
  • "Buzz Buzz" - Duck, in retaliation to James' nastiness

    What a fun-filled episode! first of all we have the return of Boco, Trevor, Bill, Ben and Duck and second of all we have a 'different James' in the form of James The Red Nose Engine. this episode was very funny. from James' nasty comment to Boco (not that Boco cared) to James being stun on the nose by the cartoon bee (nice moment by the way) to the bit where the station cleared like magic. very funny and very well written. i liked this episode - not many characters but enough to drive the plot forwards. and who here likes Boco? Me!!!moreless
  • I hate bees!

    It's a sunny day and James is passing Trevor's field. A strange buzzing is heard and Trevor explains about the beehives the vicar has. Just then, BoCo arrives and James becomes angry and leaves after one comment from the diesel, who leaves as well. At the yard, he is talking to Duck when James arrives and gives Duck a warning about BoCo and his bees. He then goes to the station. A porter is moving a trolley with a beehive on it when it falls off! The passengers scatter and the bees buzz round James' crew before landing on his boiler. James becomes angry and makes one bee cross and it stings him! James tries lots of ways to get the bees away but they won't budge and he goes to the orchard were the bees fly into a new home. That night, the vicar comes to see James and is very pleased he got back his bees. James feels a bit proud and soon he loses the swelling but everyone calls him the Bees Knees.

    Buzz Buzz is a reasonably good episode in my opinion. Personally, I hate bees so I have someting in common with James. He was the perfect engine for the main in this episode as he dislikes diesels (known fact) and he is fitted in perfectly, espically his shriek when he gets stung. It was good to see Trevor and BoCo and to have some animals used, even if they are only insects.moreless
  • When bees attack!!!

    This was one of the most classic episodes of the third season. Buzz Buzz features James being, well, James! He is warned by Trevor and Boco that the bees sting when they get angry, but he isn't scared because bees are only insects. But when a hive is knocked over in the station, he soon changes his mind. The bees swarm around him and one stings James right on the nose! A new hive is soon found, and the bees get off of James. I love this episode because it shows what happens when you underestimate even small bugs. I also have the new Take Along set for this story, and it represents the story perfectly. Without a doubt one of James' best.moreless

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