Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 8 Episode 27

Calling All Engines!

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 01, 2007 on ITV
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Calling All Engines!
A new airport is being constructed, and the engines are working round the clock so as it is all ready for the upcoming grand opening. Unfortunately, a great storm slows down progress, thus resulting in the steamies and diesels having no choice but to work together to get the job done.moreless

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  • stock footage from fish edward the great and thomas james and the firewroks display are used

    who appear in this movie are thomas diesal percy arry gordan bert toby james diesal 10 lady rusty emily edward henry mavis daisy cameo by henrieatta bucth toby harvey bill and ben derick salty and in the great discovery patrick byon isobella and nelson are the members but do not appear onliy jack alfie max monty and buster and ned and oliver not great western i meant the exturvator and trevor bertie and farmer mcoll do not appear and the engines and diesals are biffing eachother and they all need a wash down and the fat controller scolded them and he was very very dissapointed with them and the engines have bad dreams and stock footage from emilys adventure maby diesal 10 had lernt his lesson after all and i wish diesal 10 had bigget speaking roles ever i love the movie and when the fat controller scold the engines why did he blame edward and emily? well emily had biff diesal and after percy seaid and no airplanes what did emily seaid when she wears her cross face on? well i think it was silly of her to wear her cross face on and when the narrater seaid all the engines are miserble emily still has her cross face on when shes supposed to wear her upset face can you one of you tell me? this is the final time gordans straight face is seenmoreless
  • Interesting things happened...

    This is the first Thomas and Friends Full-Length Feature Special to be released on DVD!! I like this special since it features Thomas and Friends with returns of old characters!! Bill and Ben, Derek, George, Daisy, and most of all, Rusty (in small gauge too)!! It also features the returns of Lady and Diesel 10 from Thomas and the Magic Railroad, that was released in 2000 (if only Splatter and Dodge were invited to play a part in the special)! This was a much better feature special than Thomas and the Magic Railroad. I hope they feature the small gauge models of the narrow gauge engines in future specials (if that's possible).moreless
  • Better than the Magic Railroad

    One Day Sir Hatt decides to build an airport. this means the Steam Engine must help him build it, but they realise they have to work with the dreaded diesels as well. what follows is an interesting episode full of bumps, bruises, scrapes and character development. Best Bits? The Busy Song, the bit where the engines bump and biff each other, Gordon's Tent, Thomas' Sleep Whistle, The dream sequences, Lady and Diesel 10 reappearing, Daisy and Derek reappearing and the new locations Sodar Suspension Bridge, Airport and new tidmouth sheds (which have all been incorparated into the series).

    also, there is an underlining Racial Discrimination message. overall brilliant - especially the bit with Diesel 10 and Thomas smiling and working together!moreless
  • Pretty good special,but I see some unexpected details....

    1.How did Diesel 10 get back to Sodor?

    2.Why did they say all the engines were at the coaling plant when I only saw a few?

    3.The narrator said Mavis wasn't like the other diesels,but what about Salty?

    4.Why was Diesel 10 all of a sudden nice? Other than that,I saw some goods and bads


    1.We got to see so many dropped characters

    2.There was finally friction between the Steamies and Diesels

    3.We got to see 3 new places

    4.They had a great plot,if in need of improvement

    5.Edward finally starred in a movie if only 3 lines


    1.There was just too many kidish games

    2.There weren't enough Diesels

    3.There were a few details that I didn't understand

    Overall,I hope HIT keeps up the good work.moreless
  • The steamies and diesels turn against each other, but must work together in the end to open the Airport.

    A new airport is being built on Sodor, and the engines are excited of the visitors coming. But when Thomas and Percy are partnered up with Arry and Bert at the site, Thomas plays tricks on them, as well as for Diesel, by shunting him trucks of bananas!

    Anyways, the diesels were gathering supplies to rebuild Tidmouth Sheds, but with only bananas to build with, the engines must sleep somewhere else. That night, a storm hits the island, and causes the suspension bridge to collapse.

    As for the diesels, they recieve a deep hatred from the engines for keeping their sheds a ruined mess, and no work gets done. All is in chaos, until Thomas decides that something should done.

    As to get all the engines together at the coaling plant to meet, Thomas pairs up with Mavis, who agrees to help Thomas by telling all the diesels about the meeting, and Thomas would tell all the steamies. When together at the meeting, Thomas lectures all the engines on what would happen if the airport was not built and if the island wasn't cleaned up, so all the engines agree to do their share of the work.

    At last, the airport is built, and the steamies and diesels are friends... for now.

    A very childish storyline. I liked the movie and sets and models, but the fact of steamies and diesels being friends, is just a complete waste of time, due to the fact in later seasons that the diesels such as Arry, Bert, and Diesel still tease and play tricks on the engines such as in S9's "Flour Power" and "Thomas and the New Engine", as well as S10's "Emily and the Special Coaches". "Calling All Engines!" was an okay movie, but "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" was far better in my opinion.moreless
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