Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 19

Daisy (Part 2)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 30, 1986 on ITV
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Daisy (Part 2)

Thomas' recent accident has caused a great deal of trouble. The Fat Controller decides to send for a Diesel Railcar called Daisy to help Percy and Toby while Thomas is being repaired. But poor Percy and Toby have a hard time when Daisy becomes difficult and bitter.


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  • Daisy is reason #2 why diesel engines are ineffective on the Island of Sodor.

    Sir Topham Hatt sends away for a new train while Thomas's front is being mended. It's Daisy, who has top notch demands and refuses to pull just one milk truck. She causes distress but finally gets her way as the truck is uncoupled. This will set up an interesting final part of the trilogy. This trilogy is up there, top four, top three at least when it comes to favorites, but I hate this episode just because of Daisy's sour attitude. She needs to... well, leave for starters.moreless
  • Daisy arrives on the Island to help out, but her arrogance and laziness cause nothing but trouble.

    "I'm highly sprung!" Never has Thomas had such a a dramatic character! Almost the entire episode is centered on Daisy's driveling, which is actually quite amusing. We have to take some pity on Percy and Toby, who are caught up in the mess that Daisy's issues causes. The best part comes in the episode's finale when Daisy is asked to pull the milk wagon. Her reaction (and the special effects used) are quite classic. Of course, because this is a two parter, there isn't much of an ending, but all in all, a unique and creative episode with a very original character.moreless
  • Never have I seen a rotten spoiled brat such as Daisy.

    WORD! Wow, I'm what? Lightly sprung? Or something like that. "Never pull!" Thats a big piece of bologna!! Or at least that is how Oscar Mayer spells bologna. Oh well, enough about meat, time to get serious with Daisy.. What were they thinking?? They should of left someone else with Thomas's work.. it'd get done easier! Oh yeah, and look at all the engines the Island of Sodor has, just get one of them to do it. I mean seriously, how could a diesel rail car replaced our beloved #1 engine, Thomas the Tank Engine!! He's the really useful engine we a-DORE!! Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh...moreless
  • Daisy.

    After Thomas's mishap with the Stationmaster's house, the Fat Controller introduces Percy and Toby to Daisy, the Diesel Railcar who has come to do Thomas' work. But Daisy proves to be hard to please: she complains about the engine shed, and later insults Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta ("rubbish"), causing Percy and Toby to take them away and spend half the night soothing their hurt feelings. The next day, Daisy arrives at Thomas' junction, determined to prove herself better than Thomas. But she loses her temper and blows a fuse when Toby couples a milk van to her. She says pulling is bad for her swerves according to the fitter (although the stationmaster refuses to believe her). After a long argument, the shunter finally uncouples the milk van so as to avoid wasting the passengers' time. Daisy then purrs away feeling very pleased with herself. She decides she'll do what work she chooses, and no more (although she says it to herself).moreless
  • Daisy the Weasel Rail Car

    Toby and Percy are worried about Thomas after his accident. They arrive at Eslbrdige to find his replacement who The Fat Controller introduces as Daisy. He sends the two steam engines off to show her around. Daisy proves hard to please as she turns down the engine shed. At the coach shed, she prefers, but insults Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta. Toby and Percy are tired next morning after comforting the hurt coaches and Daisy happily sets back to Elsbridge. However, a milk van must be coupled behind her! Daisy argues that she can't as it's bad for her, and the late passengers accept it and the rail car happily sets off.

    It looks like we have a tricky charecter on our hands! Hopefully this snobby charecter will get her comeuppnces soon, but you'll havr to wait!moreless

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