Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 23

Edward The Very Useful Engine

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 05, 2003 on ITV
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Edward The Very Useful Engine
Gordon comments that "Edward is a useless old steam-pot" and that he should retire. The other big engines agree with him but Percy gets upset at this and tells the Fat Controller. In the end, Edward proves to be a Very Useful engine indeed when Duck and Gordon have a spot of bother...moreless

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  • The big engines think that Edward should be disposed of, but Edward soon proves his worth when they're in a jam.

    Many of Edward's storylines deal with his age, and this is one of the better ones. Edward is faced with the ulitmatium of either success or retirement and soon proves himself. Despite this somewhat typical plot, this episode is greatly aided by its appearances of popular secondary characters like Stepney and Duck. Duck actually has a key role, and has a catchy little ditty about him sung by the troublesome trucks. This comic relief is an added bonus. The ending is a bit sappy, but it couldn't be any other way. Gordon gets his just desserts and Edward gets the glory he deserves. A fine little story.moreless
  • Good charecter, bad episode

    Edward enjoys helping the others out but most engines think he is old. Gordon complains about him getting retired and Percy worriedly tells The Fat Controller. He decides to send Edward to help Stepney run the new loop line and puts Duck in his place. At Knapford, Gordon and the big engines are pleased Edward is gone, but he boasts he never needs a back engine. Edward is enjoying working with Stepney, but Duck is having truck trouble. They hold back and he stops on Gordon's Hill. His driver calls for the signalman but Gordon is already coming up! He has to stop and can't get started. So Edward comes to the rescue and moves them both and Gordon learns his lesson.

    Many of you may know that Edward is one of my favourite characters. However, this episode was a big disappointment to me. I was shocked at how Edward has moved from a slightly aged engine, always there for everyone and taking usual trains, to an aged, very useless, engine that is only ever good for helping others up a hill! He was shown as quite weak and easily upset in this episode and ended slightly stuck up and I am quite angry. Another problem was that they didn't stick to his personality. Would he seriously have been able to push two heavy trains if Edward is too weak to handle a change of scenery? Also, Stepney played an important role but didn't even say one word! The same happened with Duck and Henry had a small one line role and could have said a bit more. However, Gordon was in perfect personality in this episode and was as self obsessed as always. And the trucks made another good laugh. In conclusion, this episode is very disappointing for most fans, especially those who like Edward, and do not show a very bright future for the series first character.moreless
  • The episode where Edward saves Gordon and Duckm and proves himself a hero!

    Edward the blue engine when he's not working with trucks, is useful at being a back engine, but Edward is old and one day Gordon was making rude remarks about Edward, saying that he's a useless steam-pot and should be retired, this makes Percy confused, he thinks it's re-tyred, but Thomas explains what is retired. Percy tells his driver about Gordon, and they go and tell The Fat Controller about what Gordon said. The Fat Controller has a good plan, and comes and tell Edward that he has to help Stepney to run the loop line, and while they are working there, both have a wonderful time. Later, the engines discuss about Duck who is replaicing Edward while he is at the Loop Line with Stepney, but Gordon thinks that the difference bettween Duck and Edward is just the same. Meanwhile, Duck was having trouble with the naughty troublesome trucks, they were singing: "Duck should play with other ducks, 'cos he's no good at pulling trucks, hold back, hold back, hold back!" Then, Duck stops at the middle of Gordon's hill, right on Gordon's line! Gordon steams in, and he tries to push Duck up the hill, beacause he was worried he was going to be late. Gordon's driver has an idea - to telephone to Edward, but Gordon isn't at all very happy with the idea. Soon Edward is steaming along the tracks to go and help Gordon and Duck. Edward pushes them along untill they arrive at the end of the line, at Knapford Station. A kid shouts out saying that Edward is the strongest engine in there, making Gordon embarrased, and The Fat Controller was very cross, beacause Gordon was making rude remarks about Edward. The next day, Gordon appologises Edward and they are friends again, and Edward is happy that he's back.

    This episode was defetenly a highlight, it starred Edward being the hero, and showing Gordon that he's very useful and shouldn't be retired. The last time we saw Duck have a big role was in this episode, and the last time Stepney was seen aswell. He might have been seen in series 7, but with stock footage only.

    I'll give the episode 9.0 / 10, a highlight of series 6, one of my favoirites, and maybe my favourite episode from series 6.moreless
  • A Exciting episode staring Edward.

    Edward occasionally acts as back engine for heavy trains on the main line in need of assistance on hills, but Gordon feels that he is unreliable and should be retired. This worries Percy, who speaks to the Fat Controller. Edward is sent to help Stepney on the new loop line and Duck is drafted in to take his place. But when Duck’s good train and Gordon’s Express find themselves at a standstill on the hill, only Edward can help get both trains through. Gordon realizes afterwards that Edward is not as unreliable as he thought. I think this is the best season 6 episode!moreless
  • Edward proves himself, yet again!

    This is a wonderful Season 6 episode. Edward's theme is finally heard again, but one of the last times, as well as the last lead role of Duck. I think this episode, as well as "Fine Example", is also "Cleverly Plotted". The episode starts out with Gordon thinking Edward is too old and oughta be retired, but when Percy hears, he tells the Fat Controller and the Fat Controller has Duck pull Edward's trucks, purposely on Gordon's line, so when Duck gets stuck on the hill, Gordon becomes a embarrased Middle Engine, all leading up to Edward saving the day, being the island's only back engine. In the end, Gordon is punished, and Edward still is really useful, as he always should be.moreless

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