Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 23

Edward's Exploit

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 12, 1986 on ITV
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Edward's Exploit
Henry, Gordon and James are teasing poor Edward about being too old and "how he should be preserved before it's too late." Duck and Boco tell them to "Shut up!" as "Edward's better than any of you!"; and during a serious breakdown on an important journey, Edward proves his worth once and for all.moreless

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  • Edward has troubles with an important train.

    We finally get a new episode revolved around my favorite engine, Edward, as he gets the opportunity to transport a bunch of tourists to and from some places. However, on his way back, the weather changes and one of his crank pins break. So the driver and firemen must take some time to do the necessary repairs. Sir Topham Hatt is angry when he gets back at first but the understanding passengers applaud Edward and his crew rightfully. Edward proves to the others that he is still a useful engine. There are so many things wrong with this episode - like how Bill & Ben pull the same number of passengers in two small break vans that Edward carries in three coaches, how it starts thundering with blue and clear skies, among other things - but I still love this one.moreless

    Some railway enthusiasts have arrived on Sodor and are busy looking around. On their last day, Edward is set to take them to Bill and Ben. However, he struggles leaving from the station and tries to ignore the argument about him held between Duck, BoCo and Gordon, Henry and James. When he leaves, the enthusists enjoy some time with Bill and Ben before Edward takes them back. As a strom rises, Edward faces bad winds and rain and then his side rods snap. Wishing to take the enthusists home, Edward's crew lossen the couplings and Edward starts to pull the train. With a steady beat Edward arrives at the station and is given a grand goodbye!

    My favourite episode. Edward is the best and so is this season and this is his best role ever. "I've done it, I've done it" will always be in my dreams. The darkness really shows how tough Edward's but also how he manages to pull through. Some of my other favourite charecters, like BoCo, were good to come in a help and even the big engines with their unbareable rudeness was rather good. And hopefull, all of you guys out there enjoyed this wonderful episode toomoreless
  • A great Edward episode.

    This episode is a very exicting season 2 episode. I like the characters in it and I like how Gordon says "Edward should be preserved before its to late" which is a sign of the diesels taking over and the engines geting preserved or scrapped. It is also a real fact. The episode starts out with Gordon, Henry, and James making fun of edward because he can`t pull his coaches. Duck and Boco get mad at the three engines for making fun of Edward. Edward then starts the train. He takes the passangers to Bill and Ben who take the visitors to see the china clay pits. When Bill and Ben come back, Edward then takes the visitors home. On the way, Edward`s side rods fall of resulting to him having much trouble pulling the train. He then struggles to pull the train. At last, he goes to the station which is my favorite part and the start of the happy ending. At the ending, Edward goes back to the sheds with Duck and Boco watching to see if anyone says somthing about Edward. I really like this episode. Its how Edward is before the new seasons.moreless
  • Edward is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode is sweet! Edward proves himself to the other engines once again, this episode is awesome, this should, as well as the other Edward episodes, should be the highest rated episodes of all. Like BoCo said, "Edward's old, but he'll suprise us all." And BoCo is absolutely right! Edward is awesome! Make more episodes about old #2.
  • Edward returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok Edward struggles to pull a heavy train Henry teases Edward although its mostly Gordon and James. Edward starts off and arrives to drop the passengers off to Bill and Ben.

    Edward then takes the vistors home. The weather changes and Edwards sanding gear fails. The driver drops the sand by hand.

    Edward's train stops, one of his crank pins broke, they have to take his side rods off. His struggles to start the train but a couple of adjustments he pulls the train.

    When Edward comes back Gordon and James remain quiet.

    This episode is full of susprizes. This episode is great!!!!!!!!!moreless

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