Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 26

Faulty Whistles

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Feb 10, 2003 on ITV
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Faulty Whistles
Duncan shows off his whistle, and blows it so hard that it shoots into the sky and lands in a field. Duncan's driver says they don't have time to find it, but they need a whistle for safety reasons though. Luckily a school headmaster has an organ they can use as a whistle, much to Duncan's horror.moreless

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  • After practically bragging that he has the best whistle on the Narrow Gauge Railway, Duncan blows his whistle off and has to settle for organ keys as his whistle for a day.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode. Duncan, boasting as usual, this time brags that an engine isn't an engine without it's whistle. He gloats about his whistle, and gets so full of himself that he blows his whistle off after blowing his whistle so hard at Terence: a tractor/bulldozer. (kinda stupid if you ask me) For safety reasons, he can't advance, but lucky for him, that he's carrying an organ and an organmaster on his freight trip. Well, lucky for the freight: they actually get to get to their destination. But in Duncan's mind: An organ? Are you serious? That is so lame. I'm going to look so stupid. But it's actually kind of cool in my mind, no matter how Duncan looks at it. The organmaster entertains the drivers, etc. of the train, and even plays the tune of "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes" when Duncan's train is going over the rails over the mountain that we see often. The other engines do tease (Rheneas, Rusty, and Skarloey) when he gets back, though, but Peter Sam, a good friend, puts an end to it, and even gets the rare smile out of Duncan!moreless
  • Duncan has whistle trouble and learns an important lesson.

    A weak rehash. This story is pulled straight from the Railway Series books, and suffers quite a bit in translation. I found it sort of half-baked. Although Duncan was an excellent choice for the lead role, the storyline is quite predictable, and you can see him losing his whistle within the first few minutes. Also, the humor falls a bit flat. "Duncan the musical engine" failed to really bring a smile to my face. The other characters are pretty much disposable to the story and fail to serve much of a purpose. That adds a bit to much dead weight for my liking. Overall, kind of a cluttered, cliched, dull mess.moreless
  • A great season finale to another great season of Thomas and Friends!

    Long time reader, first time reviewer. I really enjoyed this episode. It's actually one of my favourite Narrow-Gauge episodes. Where can I start with this episodes good points? Well, I've always liked Duncan, he has a great personality that no other Narrow-Gauge engine has. It has a decent amount of speaking roles, it also doesn't go on too much about morals or repetitiveness. I also liked it for it's use of one of the S4 NG themes. While it was just a brief thing, I thought it made the episode even better for me. The scenes where the headmaster playing the organ were fabulous and the music made a really nice echo over the bridge. I don't actually have any problems with this episode. It's a great end to a great season of Thomas and Friends!moreless
  • A Railway Series Story Revised

    Duncan is waiting for Peter Sam to bring him some trucks. The green engine has been up all night and doesn't see a branch and it knocks his whistle out! At the yards, Duncan laughs and boasts about his but no one pays attention. He sets of with the trucks and the school headmaster with the organ. On the way, Duncan whistles at some sheep who also ignore him. At the level crossing, he whistles at Elizabeth and bothers her bull. Now Duncan's whistle is lose. As they pass Terence, Duncan whistles again - and it goes flying away! They can't find it and the headmaster plays the organ in substitute. All the engines laugh and Duncan learns his lesson.

    For those major Railway Series fans, this episode might come as a bit of a shock. However, I actually thought that this episode was alright. And it is because of the Railway Series. If they didn't make this episode, then the brilliant idea of "Mikes Whistle" would go to waste. It is unlikely any Railway Series stories will be made in the near future but stories, like this one, will help us know the stories are still being thought of. Another thing I did like about this episode was the charecter personalities. Duncan was excellent and was really funny, espically when the organ was replacing him. But I thought that it could have gone to someone else as he already had a role in this season. Peter Sam didn't get much so he could have said a bit more, along with Elizabeth and Terence. The ending wasn't that good as all of the charecters were crammed in and it really bothered me. This episode was well written and stayed true to the original story with some good charecters and those minor things could be fixed to up it.moreless
  • A reused idea.

    This episode was reworked from the Railway series chapter called mike`s whistle. When Peter Sam’s whistle is accidentally knocked off by a low-hanging branch, Duncan enforces that no engine could be considered proper without a whistle. Whilst taking a special goods train, including a new organ for the schoolmaster, he sets out to prove his point about whistles. But he uses it so much that it flies off into a field and cannot be found. Duncan cannot go on without it, but the schoolmaster suggests the humorous idea of using the organ as a substitute. The others made a joke about it, but even Duncan finds the situation amusing.moreless

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