Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 4 Episode 24


Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM May 16, 1995 on ITV
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One evening, an extra load of fish has been ordered and there are instructions that extra vans must be added to Henry's train "The Flying Kipper". But the vans added are old; and they cause disaster for Duck, when he tries to help Henry up Gordon's Hill.moreless

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  • Henry gets another chance to pull the Flying Kipper, this time with Duck as his back engine. But when a faulty tail lamp causes problems, Duck is in for some trouble.moreless

    My pick for the best Season Four episode. This one, even more magnificent than "The Flying Kipper", has a combination of wonderful camera work, beautiful background music, a fine script, and an amazing crash finale. There's a bit of humor in the beginning where Thomas talks about his dislike of fish. This adds a bit of flavor to the tale. The rest is all about building up to the accident finale. There is a fair bit of tension as the two engines mount the hill, and the scene where Duck ultimately accelerates into the rear vans is a fine payoff. Love the crash sound effects. Not an episode to be missed.moreless
  • Another outing... and disaster... for the Kipper

    The story goes, Henry has to cope with an extra load of fish, and upon arrival at Edward's Station, needs Duck to act as a 'banker' to help him over Gordon's Hill. But when the tail-lamp falls off, and Henry continues on without Duck and then slows down, Duck crashes into the rear of the train, making quite a mess, which gets cleared at dawn, and Duck now takes heed of Thomas's word about fish being trouble.

    IMO, this is the best S4 episode out of the whole lot. This episode holds a special place in my heart, since it's the final time our GWR hero Duck has a main role alongside that of Henry.

    The nighttime scenes were brilliantly filmed; great camerawork by the late David and his crew, the bustling busy-ness of the Docks, the lead-up to the dramatic crash, only made better by O'Donnell & Campbell's beautiful musical score, for which I have an affection to. The remix of Henry's theme during the climb on Gordon's Hill was beautiful; nothing could match that.

    A very fine episode indeed - my hat's off to David and the crew for another winner in my books - 10/10.moreless
  • The Flying Kipper: Busted Again!

    Night time on Sodor is never quiet, espically at the docks when it's time for The Flying Kipper. The Fat Controller has ordered extra vans and Duck has to shunt them and will back Henry up Gordon's Hill. Thomas comes past with the mail and warns the Great Western about fish. Meanwhile, Henry is moaning about his train and the old vans he has, and won't shut it as they set off. He soon reaches Wellsworth were Duck is waiting and he joins on. But as the two puff up Gordon's Hill, Duck starts to fall behind. And matters only get worse when Henry starts to slow down and the tail lamp at the back of the train falls off! Then, Duck smashes into the back! The next morning, The Fat Controller comes to see Duck and says it's not his fault, and the Great Western now agrees with Thomas!

    Yeah, another deadly kipper episode! This episode is one of the highlights of Season Four. Duck makes has his last major role in an episode in this one and it was a good choice even if he shouldn't go. I loved the music played during the episode as it entertained me all through the episode. Night episodes are always good as they have great direction, and this episode topped The Flying Kipper's great scenes. I don't think that Thomas should have made an appearance, but it did lead to a funny ending! Henry stayed in his slightly agitated personality very well in this episode. Everything was plotted together rather nicely and the accident I must say was very good even if it didn't top the original episodes famous crash scene, but this one didn't need any hands! So, overall, this episode had a great choice of charecters, music and good direction work that make it one of this seasons best episodes!moreless
  • Can the Flying Kipper ever have a safe run?

    Every night on the Island of Sodor, the engines and men work hard at the docks loading and unloading the ships. One night, more vans are added to the Flying Kipper to make room for a large order of fish. Thomas warns Duck to be careful, as he remembers his mishap with fish. Henry then proceeds with the long train, but has to stop at Wellsworth. Duck runs up behind to help push the heavy train up Gordon's Hill. But as the train moves up the hill, there is trouble. A tail lamp falls off, Duck loses sight of the train, and crashes right into the vans full of fish. He explains to the Fat Controller that he knows he is going to hear it from Thomas.

    This episode is a true classic in every way. It is quite possible that it is my favorite story from the spectacular fourth season, as every last second of it created a lasting memory in my mind.

    If you know me, you know that Duck is my favorite character. For that reason, this episode was a sad milestone. It is the last episode so far in which Duck was given a lead role. Duck's personality was displayed wonderfully in this episode, as well as Henry and Thomas.

    But there is a lot more. First of all, the music throughout this episode once again shows the true magic that Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campell once brought us. Then, there was the appearance of the Flying Kipper. It was so great to finally see it again, altough it did see yet another unfortunate accident. Finally, I really enjoyed some of the scenery, particularly at the beginning of the episode, like the moonlight canal and the lakeside village on the Skarloey Line.

    My opinion is simple, this was an absolutely amazing story that went down in Thomas history. It was a childhood memory of mine, and I still watch it whenever I have the opportunity. While it didn't quite impress me as much as Donald's Duck or All at Sea, this is still one of Duck's best. A season eight episode might have had the same title, but to me, this is the only Fish I will ever mentally recognize.moreless
  • The Flying Kipper pulls in a great classic...

    Let's face it--we all like Duck on the inside, and unfortunetly, this is his final episode as a main character. I can relate to Duck in a lot of ways, but that's another story. Anyway, to me, this is the second-worst accident the Flying Kipper has ever had. Henry knew he had some trouble ahead, and Duck should of been coupled on, just in case anything went wrong. But we all know that crashes make everything better in this series.moreless

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