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Thomas and Friends: Season 17 Discussion

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    As many of you may have heard, Season 17 is promoted as the turning point for the series that long time fans have been looking forward to since Season 8. With a new animation company in Arc Productions taking over from the Nitrogen Studios and Andrew Brenner, replacing Sharon Miller as the headwriter, it seems as though the series will be exploring a new writing style reminiscent of the classic series.

    "I must say I find the Thomas wiki site extremely useful for having everything so well categorised and searchable.
    There is so much Thomas material to keep track of and I am trying to keep things consistent, so it is great to have a way to search past stories or character facts and history.
    "— Andrew Brenner, current headwriter.

    The above quote was taken from the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia ( which further supports the series returning to its roots.

    Although no stories have been confirmed yet, the season premiere is supposed to happen in the Fall of 2013. For more information and any updates on the upcoming season, you can visit the following link:

    Personally, I am excited for this new season! I can't wait for next year to see Brenner's leadership pay off.

    Here, share your ideas, predictions, and discuss what you expect to see and what you would like to see in the seventeenth season!

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    There is no speculating allowed on here partly because it is almost the same every year a season is about to come. No one may post until episode details have been found.
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