Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 17

Gordon Takes A Tumble

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 28, 2003 on ITV
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Gordon Takes A Tumble
Gordon says that pulling trucks "wouldn't be dignified" and Salty teases him about this and acting "too big for his buffers". Gordon becomes cross and wants to show Salty a thing or two but ends up in a rather "undignified" situation instead!

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  • Gordon's pompousness causes a major accident.

    "Pulling freight cars is a sooty job- but then you wouldn't know." Salty takes a jab at Gordon in this episode designed to show the downfall of dignity. I must say that I was quite impressed. As the series wore on, Gordon became more and more arrogant and one-dimensional. This episode really begins this trend that would become more evident at time progressed. Luckily, this episode is not harmed by this trait. The accident is the high point, which despite being horribly unrealistic and overdone impressed me in its scale. Quite possibly one of the longest accidents in the show. Overall, an enjoyable wreckfest with a bit of a moral.moreless
  • Salty teases Gordon, but Gordon ends up more undignified than ever!

    Thomas, Salty and Gordon are taking trucks. Salty teases Gordon for being too big for his, errr... buffers. Gordon wants too show Salty a thing or thing or two.

    When Gordon takes the trucks, he Accidentally gets switched to the branch! There are go slow signs everywhere. "I'm an express engine I don't go slow!", he boomed. He comes off the rails in a horrific crash. Well he did show Salty something: How silly it is too ignore go slow signs.

    Pretty cool. Take Along made an awesome set for it. And only the best episodes get sets. An awesome episode, even if unrealistic. 10/10.moreless
  • Unrealistic but exciting

    Gordon is annoyed about not being treated properly around trucks and Salty tries to tease him but makes things worse. Later, a fog comes to Sodor and Thomas, Percy, Henry and Gordon have to arrange the trucks. The big engine becomes impatient and snaps at Thomas, and ignores Salty's warnings as he sets off. By morning, Gordon is still going. However, the signalman accidentally puts him onto a rusty old branchline. He ignores the "Go Slow" sign and the track breaks! Gordon tumbles down a hill and into a farm. His train leaves him behind but he crashes through tyres, dirt and a shed. The Fat Controller is displeased at him. A few days later, Gordon comes back and says he has learnt his lesson.

    Now, they is a lot of thought about this interest, between fans and parents. Mostly, there is the accident. Of course, many young children have been frightened by the "high levels of violence" that dwells within this episode. Personally, the crash is well done and had my heat racing as the trucks toppled and Gordon plunged through everything! But that is one of the problems: he doesn't seem to stop until the field. Now, this is were most fans draw the line. The realism in this accident is very low and most people don't like it that much. But we never have any good crashes now days and most of the old crashes aren't very violent, except for a few like "The Flying Kipper." Anyway, moving on. Gordon was good in this role and Salty was great, espically as he hasn't had much to do since his premire episodes. However, Henry could have spoken and should have had Thomas' role as at least he could have another speaking role. Overall, this episode is one of this season's highlights with a good script and the accident is the best so far.moreless
  • Gordon gets into trouble with the mostdramatic crash I've ever seen!

    One day, Gordon boasts to Percy that he is one of the best engines on the Island of Sodor, but then, Salty comes and says that Gordon is being a show off. Gordon thinks it's dignified, and Percy asks what's "Dingifyed", and when Gordon was about to say what it meant, Salty said it meant that he was too bif for his own buffers, making Gordon furious. Later, fog came, and The Fat Controller sent Percy, Henry and Thomas to shunt some trucks, while Gordon had to take some trucks, but he wanted to take coaches, he didn't like trucks. Salty teases Gordon once again to watch out with his big buffers, making Gordon even more crosser than ever. Later, Gordon is steaming proudly on his way when he's diverted into an old siding, without knowing, and wonders why he is on the branch line. Then, Gordon sees a "Go Slow" sign, and takes no notice, but when he's chuffing along, the tracks rumble, and Gordon derails, he puffs along his line, crashes into a shed, earth and at last stops crashing into a hen shed. The Fat Controller is not pleased with the big blue engine, and scolds him serverely. When Gordon is mended, he arrives at Brendam Docks, and James tells him that Salty is sorry he teased Gordon, and Gordon is very happy.

    I think this episode had the most dramatic crash I've ever seen! Gordon taking a big tumble was very wierd, and what Percy said "Dingifyed", was funny aswell, it was niceto see Gordon's personality return, and nice to see Salty again. Overall, I'll give this episode 9.1 / 10.moreless
  • Gordon`s worst nightmare!

    Gordon’s dignity gets the better of him when he looks down his nose at Salty for being a goods engine. But Salty laughs, saying that Gordon is simply getting ‘too big for his buffers’. That night, mist from the mainland causes confusion and delay at the harbour, and Gordon finds that he must take an overnight goods train at the last minute. Determined to show Salty that he can handle trucks he impatiently sets off, but when he is accidentally diverted onto an old branch line the next morning, he lands himself in trouble when the rails can’t take his weight. Gordon emerges from the accident a wiser engine.

    My favorite part of the episode is when Percy incorectly says "Dingyfried" instead of dignifyed.moreless

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