Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 7

Jack Jumps In (Part 1)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 14, 2003 on ITV
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Jack Jumps In (Part 1)
Thomas delivers Jack the Front Loader to a construction site where a team of vehicles from the Sodor Construction Company - "The Pack" is working under the supervision of Miss Jenny. But Jack gets too excited about working and runs into a right spot of bother and Miss. Jenny wonders if he is not ready to join.moreless

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  • We start off the Jack and the Pack series here.

    In this plot for the planned spin off series (Jack and the Pack, i am meaning), We get introduced to the Sodor Construction Company, better known as The Pack. Thomas sends the newest member to the pack, Jack the Front loader to a building site (It will be where new railway tracks) where the other Pack members are. He tries to find work, meeting other Pack members along the way, Jack meets Oliver the Excavator, Byron the Bulldozer, Kelly the Crane, Isobella the Lorry, Alfie the Excavator and Max the Dump Track. Jack eventually taunts Max as he is trouble and saves Alfie. However when the forman asks Oliver to scoop some rock, Jack Jumps Into the job and ends up falling down into some empty oil drums. Ms. Jenny Packard is disappointed with what Jack did and she says "Don't rush in where you don't belong". She also says how better he does the next day. The other pack members are impressed with Jack that he is a nice and kind front loader. The next day however, Things change... (See my next review on A Friend in Need)

    This episode is a great way to start off this miniseries. 8/10. The Pack were a great addition to the series and they deserve more appearances in the near future.moreless
  • Eager loader Jack gets a chance to join the Pack- a prestigious construction team.

    "You don't go rushing in where you don't belong!" Jack is forced to control his eagerness and learn to conform to working together in this curio. I call it a curio because its sort of an experimental episode. No doubt created to contend with other popular "vehicle-themed" children shows, this one is basically just a cobbled together set of charcaters stuck in a predictable plotline. Thomas is pretty much a waste. He only appears for a few minutes to tie the construction team to the railroad. Some scenes are enjoyable, such as Max confronting Jack and Jack sliding down the hill in his accident. Still, more of a marketing strategy than an enjoyable episode.moreless
  • Introduces Jack & the Pack!

    In this episode, Jack, an overeager front-loader, is too anxious to wait for Ms. Jenny's instructions and "jumps in" before he knows what he's actually supposed to do. He meets Alfie, a small green excavator after he asks Oliver, Byron, and Kelly if he could help them. While Jack & Alfie are working, Alfie points out that Max is a bully, Max, hearing this, does a 180° turn and charges straight towards them. Jack yells at Max to stop bullying and Max turns and leaves. Alfie praises Jack's courage then. He then unwisely tried to carry rocks up to the top of a hill. On his way up, he loses his balance and rolls down the hill. Ms. Jenny is mad and Jack is sad, but Thomas is sympathetic to the hurting front-loader.moreless
  • A group of construction machine dudes welcome Jack the Tractor to the Pack.

    So, this is what the episode is about. Thomas delivers a tractor named Jack to a little group called the Pack. The Pack is a big group of construction vehicles working on some deal together. Jack at first seems to be looking clumsy, having accidents, etc. This makes the manager of the Pack kind of mad, and so she declares that if Jack screws up again, he will be removed from the Pack. Can Jack do it? Can Jack the tractor find some usefulness in himself and pull through with getting to stay? So many questions, so do you want the answer? Too bad! You'll have to wait until the next episode! HA! [this was a good episode]moreless
  • The Pack Rule

    Thomas is heading of to see Miss Jenny who owns a series of machines and a new front loader, Jack, needs to be taken to the new site. He boasts about his work but Thomas warns him about Max. At the quarry site, Jack is excited and starts his work. However, he bothers Oliver, Byron, Kelly and Isabella before his foreman has him work with Alfie. The two soon become good friends and work hard until Max arrives. The grumpy dump truck nearly crushes Jack but he stands up for himself and Max moves. But later on, Jack sees Oliver can't take some rocks to Max and he races to do so instead, but ends up tipping over. Miss Jenny scolds him but his friends make him feel better.

    So, it seems Gullane wants to compete against Bob the Builder. A strange choice in competition but I like the general idea and it is much better than Bob. All of the charecters have little time to speak but all seem to have unique personalities. Jack seems like a road version of Thomas and Alife could be a smarter person. Isabella seems like a stuck up teenage girl and Kelly (who is male) seems to be fun but strict. Byron is like the one who wants to be the best and Oliver is like him but kinder. And Max is just a big bully, which makes him great. The accident in this episode was very good and slightly realistic. I would have liked if the charecters had gotten some more speaking roles and if Thomas wasn't there, but this episode was still very good. Sadly, the quarry is no longer seen but it was good while it lasted. I look forward to see this great pack again and hopefully they will have a better storylinemoreless

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