Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 15

James & The Red Balloon

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 24, 2003 on ITV
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James & The Red Balloon
A red hot air balloon has arrived on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is sent to fetch it. The balloon becomes a popular tourist attraction, but James worries it will take his passengers away.

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  • Crash Bang Wallop onto Britt

    It is summer time and Thomas is collecting a special load from Brendam Docks. Percy asks what it is and Thomas explains how it is a large hot air balloon. He takes it to Dryaw Airfield and it is inflated. James arrives and is disgusted and explains it will steal all of their passengers. Many people do come to the balloon and the engines are interested by it. Duck damages Stepney while watching it and Donald and Douglas question it. Meanwhile, Thomas and James are waiting at a level crossing, arguing about the balloon when it floats down and lands on James. His steam makes it float back up. Later, The Fat Controller explains how they'll be taking the passengers from it! That night, James dreams about the balloon.

    Okay, this episode left me with mixed feelings at the end of it. On one side of the ring, there was the unrealism of it, but on the other side was the use of the charecters. For the first battle, the realism in this was larger than in most episodes this season as they didn't really need it that much. However, in the scene at the level crossing, James' steam would not have been able to send it back into the air for a while, let alone make it go as high as it did. However, this episode did have quite a few high points. For one thing, all of the charecters were in perfect personality. James was excellent as the lead and Thomas was alright in his role. The extra charecters were good and made some good jokes. But the best bit about the whole episode was how Thomas and James reacted the red engine saving the balloon. It is a classic moment. Overall, this episode was alright but still needs some work done on those few bad bitsmoreless
  • James meets the red balloon!

    On summertim, the engines are always busy at work, and one day, Thomas is sent to collect a red hot air balloon from Brendam Docks. It is to take passengers along the Island in the sky. As the balloon floats into the sky, James thinks that the ballon will take the passengers, and the engines will be out of service, and this leaves Thomas and James both worried. Soon, the balloon floated along and all of the passengers at the stations, Duck, Stepney and Donald & Douglas all saw them, and Duck even ran into Stepney gazing to the balloon so much time (but Stepney was supposed to be at the Bluebell Railway, but whatever). Later, Thomas and James are at the level crossing when they hear someone shout out from the sky. Suddenly, the red balloon lands on James, who blows steam and the ablloon is floating again. James is very upset, and so his Thomas. Later, The Fat Controller is very happy at James for rescuing the red balloon, but James says he didn't want to do that, beacause the red balloon would take the passengers instead of the engines, but The Fat Controller says that the engines will have to take the passengers on their way home. That night, James dreamnt that he was a red balloon.

    This was a series 6 highlight, seeing the introduction of the red balloon and how James and Thomas are seen in a joint lead role, since series 5, I'll have to give this episode 8.3 / 10, preety good in my opinion.moreless
  • James and a red balloon.

    Thomas has to take a hot air baloon to Dryaw airfield. When James finds about the balloon he worries that the balloon will take his passengers. The balloon is filled with hot air and goes up and flies! The balloon ends up loosing air and falls on james! James gets scared and lets out a big puff of air and inflates the balloon sending it up and away. Thomas is suprised. The engines find out the balloon has attracted many tourists to go on the balloon and see the island of sodor. James starts to like the balloon and dreames about it.moreless
  • Trouble for James!

    A hot air balloon has arrived on the Island of Sodor. It is big and red, and all of the engines are amazed by the way it flies so gracefully above them. But James thinks that the balloon has arrived to steal their passengers. Thomas thinks that he might be right, and the two engines consider what they should do. They are waiting at the level crossing when it happens. The red balloon crashes right on top of James! He is so scared, he blows a lot of steam which sends the balloon back up into the air. He and Thomas are upset that he saved the balloon, but the Fat Controller soon tells them that the engines will still be able to take the passengers home.

    Personally, I thought this was a very nice story. Even though there is still the stupid idea that Sir Thopham Hatt would think about scrapping, or in this case, replacing any of his engines. I did, however, like the ending. Sure it's a little babyish, but one of my favorite things about the show is when the engines dream. The music for this episode was also great too, and I'm glad they made a music video for it in the next season. Like I said before, this was one of the best episodes of the entire season and I highly reccommend it.moreless

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