Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 8 Episode 23

James Goes Too Far

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 17, 2004 on ITV
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James Goes Too Far
When the other engines ask James for help with some hard jobs, he says he's much too busy with his assigned task of exporting loads of coal around the Island. However, when James breaks down, his attitude soon changes...

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  • It wasn`t that good.

    Nothing really important happened in this episode. James thinks he has important jobs. When he tries to get water from the water tower, the other engines get there first and Thomas is usually there first! James has to get coal to make a fire and bring it to the stations so the passengers can be warm while in the station. On the way, He sees Edward struggling with some trucks and James refuses to help because he thinks that he is to important to help others. Down the line, He sees Salty who tells James that helping friends is more important than pulling trains. Then James sees Diesel down the line who is stuck. James agrees to take him to the works to be mended. James goes back to Tidmouth and Sir Toppham tells James that he didn`t help his friends but he learned a lesson. This episode didn`t do anything for me, It was too boring. -DF8moreless
  • Not even the title is appealing

    It is winter on Sodor and everyone is working hard, but James is causing some problems. He is once again thinking about himself and wants to get his work done and skips in the water line. Edward askes him for help, but the red engine refuses. He keeps bothering everyone until he breaks down. When Edward passes, James askes for help but is turned down. Salty comes to the rescue and tells James he should help the others. After been given more water, James continues on and finds Diesel broken down. So the red engine takes him to the works, and still completes his job and learns a valueble life lesson.

    Practically the only good thing about this episode was that we finally saw Salty outside of the docks and that Diesel appeared, and James' personality. Apart from that, awful! As mentioned above, James' personality was right on spot and was classic work from him. And Salty stayed in charecter with the wise advice, but I don't imagine him as the snippy type. But Diesel could have at least had some lines in this, and Edward would have helped James out anyway: he did chase after him in Old Iron despite the rudeness earlier on. Another awful thing about this episode is that it is a repititive storyline. There have been many episodes before hand in which someone has been rude and then has something wrong happen but they make things up and learn a lesson. You could practically guess the ending to the episode, which is not that good. And why would Salty be the only engine avaliable to rescue another engine far away from the Docks? Tons of engines were just wandering in this episode, which real engines DON'T DO! There is some sign for improvement in this episode, as the direction was alright and the scenery was good, but I doubt they would change the "life lesson" aspect.moreless
  • He really does.

    James wants an important job to make him feel important. Sir TopHam Hatt assigns him an important job. James thinks that it is too important, that he does not have time to help out other engines. Edward needed him, but James did not help. Later on, James runs out of water. Edward does not help him since he was running late. but, he did stop by a signal box and told someone about James. Salty talks some sense into James and pushes him to the water tower. James then sees Diesel who has broken down. James pushes Diesel to the repair yard and completes his job. Sir TopHam Hatt feels proud of James.moreless
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