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Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 14

Middle Engine

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 23, 2003 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Middle Engine
Percy hates being a "middle engine" where he has trucks both in front and behind him. 'Arry and Bert, the Smelter Yard diesels, trick him into being a middle engine, and James boasts at the shed to the others that the pair wouldn't be able able to trick him. They do however and James, annoyed at being a middle engine, refuses to move...moreless

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  • What is it like to be a middle engine? Percy and James find out here.

    In this episode. Arry (First time he is named) and Bert (First time he speaks) are up to their old tricks, and make Percy an Middle Engine. Henry accidentally pushes him into the coal hopper, and gets sent inside the coal hopper. The manager is angry with Percy, and so is The Fat Controller. He makes percy shunts trucks and James does Percy's job. However Arry and Bert trick him as well. Luckily Percy saves him and sends the trucks to the docks. James is however not impressed when Percy calls him a middle engine and covers himself in steam when Percy shows him to the dock manager.

    This episode is not very impressive. It is filled with filler, and Diesel/Steam racism. Worst of all it is not realistic one bit. Arry & Bert seem to be unwatched and SHOULD be watched. It is not an impressive Season 6 episode. 5/10.moreless
  • Nobody likes being stuck in the middle, and James is in for all sorts of trouble when he winds up stuck there.

    "Little red piggy in the middle!" I think this story had lots of potential, but fell apart during production and turned out pretty rough. Percy and James are both characters with great story potential, and Arry and Bert make wonderful villians. The concept of being a "middle engine" as a symbol for being inferior is a neat concept in itself. But the story lacks a conclusive ending (James being pushed by Percy? Come on!). Arry and Bert are also pretty one-dimensional as crooks. I think more of a revenge type storyline would have been superior. Kind of a bland, inconclusive, little yarn.moreless
  • NO NO NO!

    None of the engines like being middle engines, but at the smelters, 'Arry and Bert usually make the steam engines in the middle. One day, Percy arrives there and the diesels trap him in the middle and make him slow. James laughs at him as he passes. At the Tipper Loader, Henry accidentally bumps Percy's back trucks and the tank engine goes onto the loader and gets tipped! The foreman tells The Fat Controller and Percy gets in trouble. James snorts and gets given Percy's work. He goes to the smelters and makes the diesel promies they won't bother him. But, they still trap him and James won't move. Percy arrives and pulls him away and the red engine gets embarassed.

    If the Reverend Awdry had been alive when this episode aired, he would have been furious! It is completely unrealistic. For one thing, most engines are supposed to be "middle engines" in real life. And in previous episode charecters have been seen having fun in the middle. Another thing is with the tipper loader. It would not have been able to carry his weight and it appears to automatically move when there is weight. Surely, a workman could have been able to stop it. And even if Percy managed to get all the way up the top, the ramp surely would have snapped! Also, 'Arry and Bert seem to be allowed to do anything and should be watched. But when they push the loads on, Percy's driver just lets the front loads go on. He should uncouple the back trucks, shunt the front train and then come back for the actual loads. The lack of railway realism is appalling in this season but in this episode it was just horrible. Another thing is that Percy is given another lead role! He needs to have his major screen tim cut short to give charecters like Henry room to speak. This episode is shocking in many ways and is definitley not one of my favourites.moreless
  • Very unrealistic, and Awdry didn't create diesels like this.

    On The Island of Sodor, no engine likes to be a Middle Engine, and sometimes, they have to, others are some tricks from 'arry and Bert, and this happens when Percy has to take some coa trucks. 'arry and Bert buffer the trucks in front of Percy, who steams off crossly. James teases Percy about being slow and being in the middle. Later, Percy is shunting the trucks into the Tipper Loading Ramp, but Henry backs up for his trucks, bumps Percy, who goes up to the Tipper Loading Ramp. When he comes down, The Manager is very cross, and tells Percy that he will tell The Fat Controller. After this, The Fat Controller chooses James to go and do Percy's work instead, making James nervous, he didn't want to be tricked by 'arry and Bert. Next day, James shunts his ow trucks, but 'arry and Bert decide to play a trick on James, and make him a middle engine! James is very cross indeed! Percy is sent to collect James, beacause the red engine wouldn't move. Percy took James all the way to Brendam Docks. There, the manager is surprised to see James in the middle, but when Percy tells him that he's learning being a middle engine, James covers himself in smok, but there's only one big red engine on the Island of Sodor, and that's James!

    I think this episode was out of character. Awdry didn't created the diesels like this, and he never wrote on his books about middle engines. It was good to see 'rry and Bert again, but this creation hasn't been followed by Awdry's diesels creations, so I'll give this episode only 6.6 / 10, preety unrealistic and out of character.moreless
  • Unrealstc.

    This episode is not realistic. One reason is because Arry and Bert think they will get rid of steam engines by putting them in the middle of long trains. Second THe Reverend W Adwry did not want to include raisim in his characters for example Diesels against Steam engines. Otherwise I though this episode was funny and intresting. When Percy comes to collect some trucks from the smelters yard, the twins Arry and Bert Put him between two sets of trucks. Latter on James sees Percy between the trucks. When James goes to the smelters he also gets the same thing done to him. James refuses to move untill percy wouls come to help him. When Percy comes he helps pust the train to the docks.moreless

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