Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 4 Episode 23

Paint Pots & Queens

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM May 12, 1995 on ITV
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Paint Pots & Queens
All the engines are thrilled when they hear that H.R.H, the Queen, is coming to visit their railway. But Thomas, Edward and Gordon are feeling sorry for themselves; things, however, get turned around for them when Henry accidentally gets covered with paint...

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  • Her majesty the queen

    It is lae afternoon, and Thomas and Gordon are heading back to Tidmouth Sheds. They are both remembering their tough days and Gordon reminds Thomas of their alliance as they pull up and see the sheds being decorated! The Fat Controller arrives and says that the queen is coming to Sodor! Everyone starts talking about who will pull the royal train and Henry boats that he will be choosen. However, it starts to rain over the next few days and Henry is wheeshing around the station and causes a painter to fall onto him and cover him in white paint! The Fat Controller decides not to choose Henry, and then talks to Thomas and Gordon, and makes his decisions after some convincing. The next day, all the engines are busy taking passengers while Thomas orgainises their coaches. Then, Edward tells everyone Gordon is coming. The big blue engines puffs in, the queen talks to the all the engines while they whistle grandly and feel very special to live on this railway. This should be the one hundredth episode. It is much more special than a letter! I love how all the charecters all got to talk at least once. Also, it brings back hundreds of memories with season one at the beginning when Thomas and Gordon are puffing home together, which was done beautifully with the sun setting in the background and the golden beach. Also, Henry getting covered in paint was so funny and the look on his face could easily leave a mark in your memory. I'm glad Edward got a rather important job as he is my favourite charecter. Despite Duck not supposed to be there it was good to see him and it was also funny when Percy and Toby were cheering for the queen. There was great direction, charecter personality and memorable moments in this episode that should make the previous one look like a HIT episode.moreless
  • An episode fit for a Queen!

    The Fat Controller is still cross with Thomas and Gordon for all the recent trouble they have caused. But the engines soon learn that the Queen is coming to visit the Island. All the engines argue over who should pull the Royal train, and the job is eventually given to Henry. But after Henry's mishap with a paint can, Gordon is told that he is to pull the Royal train, and Thomas is to collect the coaches. When the day finally arrives, all the engines have the opportunity to talk with the Queen. It gives them all a great sense of pride, and they can think of nothing else that they would rather do than this.

    Almost three seasons after Down the Mine, the story was finally revived and brought back for the fourth season. But maybe it was for the better, as this episode beats the first season any day.

    A Royal Thomas episode. No, I checked, it doesn't get much better than this. The engines can finally have a visitor to be truly proud to host, not to mention individual time to meet Her Royal Majesty. We get to see the sheds, Knapford Station, and even Gordon decorated specially for the occasion, as well as an unfortunate incident involving a can of paint, and what would have been the Royal engine.

    There was only one thing that I saw wrong with this episode, and that was the fact that Duck made an appearance. While he may be my favorite character, he was not in the first season from where this story was continued.

    In my own opinion, this episode shows what Thomas is all about. A variety of characters were used, with the focus shifting from one engine to another throughout the story. I think this was a great example of the Golden Age of Thomas, also known as season four. All in all, I'd give this story an A-.moreless
  • 100%Queen Royalty

    As you know or don't know,this whole episode is about the engines getting ready for the visit from The Queen.Also this episode had two big mistakes.One:This episode was majorly delayed.76 Episodes.And Two:Duck wasn't really meant to be in this episode but still it's good enough for this character to appear in.

    This episode is Wilbert Awdry's last Railway Series episode but 3 of Christopher's were put in.But this episode has very special things.

    Thomas,Edward and Gordon have the very important roles Thomas:Shunting coaches.(Reminds me of an old job)Edward:Go in front of Gordon so that he could call when Gordon came.And Gordon:Pulling The Queen to Knapford and back.

    The engines craving who would pull the train but in the end Gordon did.

    The Queen appearing.

    Footage of this episode has been used for some songs.

    Gordon is richly decorated.His buffers are painted white for the first time,Paintings are on front of him and many other royal stuff.And many more.Wilbert's stories are probably three quarters of the first 4 seasons.Unfortunately on 1997 Awdry died and after his death there are no more episodes from the Railway Series.So this episode defenetly A Very Special Episode.moreless

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