Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 7

Percy & The Signal

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Oct 01, 1986 on ITV

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  • Gordon and James play a trick on Percy.

    The other engines are growing distraught with Percy's games and cheekiness, especially one day when he tricks James into thinking the fat controller has sent him a message to stay in the shed, leaving the others to do his work. Both Percy and James get in trouble as a result. Later on, Gordon tells Percy of the imaginary backward signals. When Percy comes upon a signal he's never seen before, he thinks it means to go backwards, so, he goes backwards! Gordon sees the entire thing before Percy can switch gears after his driver explains. Good payback, but decent-at-best episode in this young Season 2.
  • Percy gets tricked as payback for his constant practical jokes.

    Backing signals! Percy is usually a great character to center a story around, and this one is a pretty good (but not great) example. Some highlights include Percy's mean tricks on Gordon and James in the opening moments, as well as the conclusive scene with the "backing signal". Unfortunatly, this one is also very slow-paced and dry. The story creeps along, and is totally plot driven. There are no incredible visual scenes to look forward too. The ending is also rather stale and easily forgetable. In short, it has its moments, but not one of the stronger episodes of the season.
  • Backing signals!

    Percy enjoys teasing the big engines. One day, he tells Gordon to come get his train and gives him coal trucks. Later, he tells James to stay in the shed as the Fat Controller wants to see him. James thinks he's telling the truth and stays put. The inspector comes and reveals everything and both James and Percy are in trouble with The Fat Controller! Gordon and James plot revenge. Later in the week, Percy sees them and they explain about backing signals. Percy thinks they're true, and when he sees an upper-still signal, he thinks its a backing signal! He makes the mistake and Gordon sees everything. He gets teased, but thinks they're very silly.

    I don't really like this episode except for the hilarity in it, which is through the roof! I mean, if this episode isn't funny to you, then you have no sense of humour!
  • Percy gets tricked.

    In this episode of thomas, Percy tricks James and Gordon into thinking James has the day off and Gordon is late for the express. I like the storyline to this episode. The engines get back at him by tricking him (Which is my favorite part) and tell him a lie about signals. The engines tell him about "Backing signals". He thinks about them and when he gets to a signal, It is donw which means to clear the line and he finds his mistake and Gordon passes by seeing that his plan came through. The episode was an avarage one but It was really cool.
  • Backing signals.

    Percy thinks that he knows what to do and shouldn't be told what to do by the others. When he boats that Sir TopHam Hatt chose him to take trucks to Thomas's junction, Gordon gets an idea to trick Percy. He tells Percy about "backing signals" which need extra special care. They offer to explain, but Percy says that he can manage it himself. When Percy reaches a signal, it moves up. Percy is then confused. He thinks it is a backing signal and reverses. His driver then explained the signal to Percy. He wanted to puff away before getting spotted, but Gordon had seen everything. At night they tease Percy about what he did. Percy just thinks their being silly.