Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 10 Episode 37

Percy Helps Out

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 01, 2007 on ITV

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  • Nelson becomes useful.

    Nelson's job is to carry his friends around to their jobs. But he really wants to be carried around himself. After all, it is hard work. One day, he is sent to rescue Thomas, who has derailed near Maithwaite. He is very tired, but struggles on. Later, he is told to go back to the yard. He promises to be as fast as possible, but soon learns that Percy is to take him. He has a fun ride back, and finally gets his wish.
    Well, we have yet another Pack character. I quite like Nelson, he is strong, hard working, and doesn't complain. I have no idea what season this is part of, or if it is the start of a spin off, but the Pack are becoming a very popular group on the Island of Sodor. More engines are starting to appear in these episodes, which is also a good thing. But there is one thing I don't like. This story is called "Percy Helps Out", but he only plays a minor role. It should have been called something like "Nelson's Wish" or "A Ride For Nelson". Anyway, I am glad to see the Pack being successful after their absence after season six. I like the new characters, and the interesting adventures they have. I hope they maintain their success.