Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 18

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 29, 2003 on ITV

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  • my mum likes this episode for the 6th time

    percy wants to be clean and james teases him and percy has coal on him and he is dirty percy i feel sorry for him and percy met up with harold the helcopter and asshes are blowing on percy and pery is dirty he is so dirty that he wants a wash down and percy was glad that he will take the sugar trucks and when percy arrived at mr jollys choclete facterey he did not know that oil had spilled on the tracks and his driver applied the brakes but he crashed in to mr jollys fatery and hes got cholclete all over him and he would never been this dirty but will percy have a wash down? find out in this episode
  • Percy tries to stay clean and ends up bathed in chocolate.

    "Bon bon Percy!" Season Six had some pretty unique and interesting episodes, and this fun-filled, lighthearted frolic is a prime example. Percy has tons of accident potential as proved by past episodes, where he is covered by everything from lime to jelly. Chocolate is just another substance to add to this list. Of course, the accident is a bit too rushed and a tad too cartoonish to really appeal to me. The other engines witty remarks counter this pretty well though. Of course, the whole episode is kind of cliched. We know that although Percy is trying to stay clean that he will ultimately end up dirtier than ever before. Not a bad episode, but not really a classic.
  • A Tasty Episode

    Percy is grumpy as he always does dirty work. But a water shortage is limiting washdowns. So he decides to try and find clean work. However, Percy has to take coal trucks. He tries to be careful but he is pulled under the chute and is covered with coal. Angrily, Percy takes the trucks to the yard where he sees Harold taking medical supplies. Dust from the blades cover Percy! Then he driver sees some sugar trucks and they decide to take those. They head to the chocolate factory only to discover the trucks are oily! Percy slids and crashes through the factory and is covered with chocolate. At the sheds, everyone teases him but The Fat Controller gives him a new coat of paint.

    Once again we have a Percy episode push into our memories, but at least this one was quite good. For one thing, the plot was well written. The beginning with Percy dirty and then the water shortage cut off was cut clever in my opinon and started a good base for the rest of the story. I also liked how it progressed, with Percy trying to stay clean and ending up dirty. It seemed quite like an Awdry story to me, though the accident might have been more realistic along with the chocolate facotry design. It is a pity and isn't used much in later seasons. The accident was quite funny with Percy bursting out covered in chocolate. However, I disliked how there were too many charecters crammed in randomly. Gordon and James were alright as they spoke a few times and had come good lines. Harold was alright but more put in for the dirtiness. Also, the ending seemed far too predictable for me. This episode shows lots of great potential with a very good script but a few minor details need to be fixed and some engines removed to up its score.
  • I liked to be Percy in this episode! Not so good episode - but I liked it.

    Percy always gets the dirtiest jobs, and wants always to have a washdown, but when the Fat Controller brings bad news, Percy is upset. Due to a water sortage, the engines needed to have only one wash down a day. Usefullness before cleanliness. Percy was very upset, he says that Gordon takes wash-downs to fell important, and James teases Paercy saying that he's a pouty puffer. Later, Percy is shunting trucks into the Hopper, but the trucks are naughty and bump Percy into the Hopper, making coal to fall on Percy, so this meant he needed a wash-down, but he knew what The Fat Controller said. Later, Percy arrives at Callan Station, and Harold flies away, making cinders and ashes to land on Percy. Percy is very cross an wants a wash-down, but Percy's driver reminds: Usefulness before cleanliness! This made Percy cross. Then he had an idea. He could go and take sugar, witch was nice and clean. Percy steamed along the tracks aware of what was coming ahead! A licky truck spoilt tar on the track, Percy skidded, and crashed into the chcoclate factory, he came out the other way full of sticky-goey chocolate! Later, Percy went to the sheds, and all of the engines laughed, calling him "Pudding Percy" or "Choc-ice on wheels!". Then The Fat Controller came. He told Percy that usefulness did come before cleanliness, and he would have a new coat of paint, making Percy very happy indeed.

    This episode was not so bad, but one of the most messy accidents Percy had. Anyway, the US version of Baldwin saying "Hello Percy!" was very funny. We got to see yet another episode related to Percy, overall, I'll give the episode 7.5 / 10, the episode could have been better - for some reasons, some of them are a few noticeble goofs and others are some things that would not happen. Anyway, I didn't dislike the episode at all.
  • Percy and chocolate. OH NO!

    This episode was one of the best this season. There was a water shortage on the island of sodor. It has reduced the engines' privileges to one washdown a day. This makes Percy rather upset. However, despite the dirty conditions of the railway, he tries to work cooperatively with the Troublesome Trucks. And of course, they only make things worse. Percy is pushed under a coal chute (right as the operator starts pouring the coal), and gusts of wind from Harold the Helicopter's rotor sends piles of ashes flying...right onto Percy! To help cope with the frustration, Percy takes some sugar vans that must be delivered to the Mr. Jolly's chocolate factory. He approaches the factory on the sloped tracks that go up to the loading and delivery dock, which are coated with oil from a leaky freight car. Percy applies his brakes, but the oil makes him skid past the dock and right into the factory wall! There are a series of gloops and splats from the heart of the factory, and Percy pops out the other end, covered in chocolate! He is brought back to the sheds on a flatcar, and surprises the engines. They all poke fun at him and his "tasteful" appearance, but Sir Topham Hatt does just the opposite; he praises Percy for working hard, rewarding him with his washdown, and a new coat of paint!
  • Percy's misadventures at the chocolate factory.

    Percy wants to stay clean. But he always winds up getting dirty. When he sees the sugar cars, he is delighted and thinks that he will stay clean. On his way to the factory, he slips on the oily rails and crashes into the chocolae factory and comes out covered in chocloate. In the end, Percy gets a new coat of paint. I very special episode.
  • Got milk?

    The good thing about season six is that it is filled with exceptionally-written, utterly original, risk-taking episodes and Percy's Chocolate Crunch is a fine example. No stories from the railway series were this creative. In this episode, poor Percy is tired of doing work that makes him dirty so he volunteers to take the sugar trucks to the chocolate factory, a "clean job" or so he thinks. The story itself is pretty good, it does show that season six was a slight departure from season five but the show still has it's humour, something that the future seasons would lack.
  • Think about the tar accident in "Wooly Bear"... times about 10.

    3.5 may seem harsh on a 10 point scale, but \"Percy\'s Chocolate Crunch\" is actually one of the better recent Percy stories. \"Chocolate Crunch\" isn\'t bad, but it\'s just been done before way too many times. It\'s the same plotline we\'ve seen so many times before; Percy is tired of work, and/or being dirty, he gets himself into a scrape, and he proves himself to be really useful and gets praise, new coat, washdown, whatever. The trend started with \"Put Upon Percy\" in early season 5 and the same story has been repeated several times again; i.e. \"A Surprise for Percy\", \"Baa!\", \"Spic \'n\' Span\" e.t.c. \"Chocolate Crunch\" doesn\'t make too much improvement on the formula, aside from a gimmicky crash scene through the chocolate factory.
    Compared to dull episodes such as \"James and the Red Balloon\" or \"A Surprise for Percy\", \"Percy\'s Chocolate Crunch\" doesn\'t seem too bad, but that fact alone isn\'t enough to make a story good.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine meets Willy Wonka.

    One of the better in season 6, despite what some may say.

    Okay, our episode begins with the engine's on Sodor working hard. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, except for dear Percy who can't get a wash-down due to a water shortage. Of course, Gordon can get a wash-down, so why can't Percy?

    Percy is then sent to work, dirty which upsets our green hero. He takes coal trucks and gets more dirty, and this is really firing him up. The trucks sing at him. Really, those trucks should get together and publish an album - 'The Sodor Truck's Greatest Hits' and then -- never mind, back to the review.

    Percy arrives at an area where Harold is taking off. Taking off propels more dirt onto Percy. Welp, this engine is more dirty than James after his tar wagon accident. Percy's driver suggests that he take sugar to Mr.Jolly's chocolate factory, which he accepts because he believes he will be kept clean thanks to that.

    And boy was he off.

    Percy is making good time with the sugar when going down the hill, the trucks bump him. He is heading right towards the factory. He approaches, and due to oil on the line, he can't stop. Percy then crashes right through the chocolate factory, going in one side and out the other.

    There's brains, building tracks leading right up to the building. :P So Percy emerges from the other side, covered in chocolate, hence the name 'Percy's Chocolate Crunch.' He is taken back to the yard where the engine's call him names and say he looks dirty and so forth...But in the end, Percy is happy and gets a good wash-down.

    Well, I did enjoy this ep. It was humorous and well written. The only problems are the wash-down thing. A water shortage seems kinda...unoriginal? And the tracks leading right up to the factory with no buffers is kind of awkward. But overall, a good episode.

    Thanks for reading!