Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 18

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 29, 2003 on ITV

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  • I liked to be Percy in this episode! Not so good episode - but I liked it.

    Percy always gets the dirtiest jobs, and wants always to have a washdown, but when the Fat Controller brings bad news, Percy is upset. Due to a water sortage, the engines needed to have only one wash down a day. Usefullness before cleanliness. Percy was very upset, he says that Gordon takes wash-downs to fell important, and James teases Paercy saying that he's a pouty puffer. Later, Percy is shunting trucks into the Hopper, but the trucks are naughty and bump Percy into the Hopper, making coal to fall on Percy, so this meant he needed a wash-down, but he knew what The Fat Controller said. Later, Percy arrives at Callan Station, and Harold flies away, making cinders and ashes to land on Percy. Percy is very cross an wants a wash-down, but Percy's driver reminds: Usefulness before cleanliness! This made Percy cross. Then he had an idea. He could go and take sugar, witch was nice and clean. Percy steamed along the tracks aware of what was coming ahead! A licky truck spoilt tar on the track, Percy skidded, and crashed into the chcoclate factory, he came out the other way full of sticky-goey chocolate! Later, Percy went to the sheds, and all of the engines laughed, calling him "Pudding Percy" or "Choc-ice on wheels!". Then The Fat Controller came. He told Percy that usefulness did come before cleanliness, and he would have a new coat of paint, making Percy very happy indeed.

    This episode was not so bad, but one of the most messy accidents Percy had. Anyway, the US version of Baldwin saying "Hello Percy!" was very funny. We got to see yet another episode related to Percy, overall, I'll give the episode 7.5 / 10, the episode could have been better - for some reasons, some of them are a few noticeble goofs and others are some things that would not happen. Anyway, I didn't dislike the episode at all.