Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 6 Episode 18

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Jan 29, 2003 on ITV

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  • A Tasty Episode

    Percy is grumpy as he always does dirty work. But a water shortage is limiting washdowns. So he decides to try and find clean work. However, Percy has to take coal trucks. He tries to be careful but he is pulled under the chute and is covered with coal. Angrily, Percy takes the trucks to the yard where he sees Harold taking medical supplies. Dust from the blades cover Percy! Then he driver sees some sugar trucks and they decide to take those. They head to the chocolate factory only to discover the trucks are oily! Percy slids and crashes through the factory and is covered with chocolate. At the sheds, everyone teases him but The Fat Controller gives him a new coat of paint.

    Once again we have a Percy episode push into our memories, but at least this one was quite good. For one thing, the plot was well written. The beginning with Percy dirty and then the water shortage cut off was cut clever in my opinon and started a good base for the rest of the story. I also liked how it progressed, with Percy trying to stay clean and ending up dirty. It seemed quite like an Awdry story to me, though the accident might have been more realistic along with the chocolate facotry design. It is a pity and isn't used much in later seasons. The accident was quite funny with Percy bursting out covered in chocolate. However, I disliked how there were too many charecters crammed in randomly. Gordon and James were alright as they spoke a few times and had come good lines. Harold was alright but more put in for the dirtiness. Also, the ending seemed far too predictable for me. This episode shows lots of great potential with a very good script but a few minor details need to be fixed and some engines removed to up its score.
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