Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends

Season 2 Episode 20

Percy's Predicament (Part 3)

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 01, 1986 on ITV
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Percy's Predicament (Part 3)
Percy grumbles about taking the milk when Daisy doesn't bother to do so. Toby offers him to swap jobs; he takes the milk and Percy fetches his trucks. However, Percy becomes rather cocky and soon finds himself in trouble with runaway trucks and a breakvan in the way...moreless

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  • Percy and Toby swap jobs but it leads to more disaster.

    Daisy leaves behind another milk truck for Percy, but Toby kindly offers to switch jobs for a day. They all agree and Percy goes to the quarry for the first time, and the troublesome trucks cause another wreck. Daisy is given another chance, however because she apparently worked hard to clean the rubble. Oh how I hate her. Thomas comes back at the end of the episode, though, as Percy is sent away to be mended. Overall, decent episode and decent ending to a trilogy that was really only great for its start. (Thomas Comes To Breakfast)moreless
  • Another poor breakvan gets crushed! :P

    Over the days, Daisy continues to be lazy and stubborn on Thomas' branch line. Percy is furious to see that Daisy has left the milk van behind (again), but Toby offers to take the milk if Percy takes Toby's trucks from the quarry. Percy gratefully agrees, but starts ordering the trucks around at the quarry, prompting them to plan a payback. As Percy takes them, the trucks spring into action and start pushing him down the line so fast that the man in the signal box fails to switch Percy to the runaway siding in time. Percy is pushed into the yard, and he ultimately crashes into a break van. Percy isn't hurt, but he ends up stranded on top of a damaged break van. The next day, Toby and Daisy arrive to clean up the mess, and the Fat Controller expresses his annoyance at Percy for putting them in an awkward predicament (the branch line being run only by Toby and Daisy), but he also talks severely to Daisy for her laziness. However, he gives Daisy a second chance for helping Toby with Percy's accident, and Daisy gratefully promises to work harder. The next day, the wreckage is finally cleared, and Toby takes Percy to be mended just as Thomas returns and resumes work with Toby and Daisy until Percy's eventual return.moreless
  • One of the most violent and dramatic crashes I've ever seen!

    Daisy still doesn't want to take the milk and Percy doesn't want to take it either, so he and Toby decide that Percy will go to the Quarry to collect Toby's trucks while Toby takes the milk instead. It seems like a good plan, but Percy is very rough with the trucks and they don't like that. While Percy is heading towards the Yard, the trucks start pushing him. The signalman can't change the points in time. Percy drives into the Yard, DEMOLISHES a brake van and drives right on top of a truck! Poor Percy has to be taken to the Works, but now there's only 2 engines that can work the Branch Line! The crash has put everyone in a predicament and as soon as Thomas comes back, Percy is off to be mended. As for Daisy, after a stern talk with the Fat Controller, she agrees to help out on the Branch Line, deliver milk or not and becomes great friends with Toby and Thomas.

    As a kid, this has always been my favorite episode. The music, the atmosphere and Ringo and Carlin's narrations are just fantastic. Both are slightly different, but still have a great effect. Poor Percy, he drove right into coal, fell into the sea, and now he drove right into an entire train! It had to be Percy's most violent crash ever next to the one in Emily Knows Best and it makes this episode memorable.

    And you know what's weird? The narrator said that Thomas and Daisy were friends, but I haven't seen Thomas interact with Daisy yet. As a matter of fact, I never saw him interact with any diesel until Season 8! Let's hope HiT can at least bring Daisy back in Season 11. Besides she has a new model. Would the creators waste thousands of pounds to build a model and have it appear in just one movie scene? Let's hope not.moreless
  • Not another brakevan!

    The lazy rail car Daisy still refuses to take trucks and Percy is cross as he must keep taking the milk! Toby says he'll take the milk in return for him taking his quarry trucks. Percy accepts, but instantly annoys the trucks. In a twist of revenge, they plan to cause him trouble. As they puff down the line, they reach a sign telling them to apply the brakes. But the trucks surge forwards and push Percy into the yard where they smash into a van! The Fat Controller arrives and is very cross as he now has a predicament. It's Daisy's turn next, but he says that she can stay for she helped after the accident despite her laziness. Thomas soon returns and Percy heads off, but Daisy stays, quite Laisy!

    My favourite part of this trilogy. It was good to see such a dramatic crash caused by trucks, though The Fat Controller must need more brakevans now!moreless
  • Percy needs to learn not to be so cocky.

    Another fantastic story! I love it! Percy has once again gotten too conceited and has had an accident with his freight train. When will Percy learn, when will he learn not to underestimate freight cars? The Rev. W. Awdry has written another fantastic episode yet again! I wish he was still alive so he and Chris could continue making the Thomas stories instead of random unknown people doing Wilbert's and Chris' work. But anyways, this is a terrific episode, if you're a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and you haven't seen this episode, you should and you'll think the same thing I think of this story!moreless

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