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  • Thomas and Friends, Complete Series DVDs in Region 1, only in United States

    I want Thomas and Friends, Complete Series DVDs, are released in Region 1, only in United States are; Series 1, 2, 3, and 4, narrated by George Carlin, Series 5 and 6, narrated by Alec Baldwin, Series from 7 through 16, narrated by Michael Brandon? My future children will like it?
  • ROCKS 10/10

    thomas is a show is my 9th favorite cartoon. Its really ineresting and i love the crashes,especially james hitting two tar wagons! there story make sence compare to chuggition and toys last a long time and it is still here and not canclled for 30 YEARS! HA take that peppa pig!
  • slightly overrated

    the rating is a bit to high.
  • No comment

    Look, Thomas is a baby show. It's not even your target audience anymore. Just because you grew out of it, that doesn't mean you can still like it. I watched it, and it got boring for me. It's nothing interesting. I'm not being a douche or anything.
  • 4 words:

    Ever since I was a toddler I was a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. And I still enjoy watching it with my younger cousin. Although its now in CGI, just like Sesame Street. In the old episodes what did kinda irk me about the animation is that not only are the lip syncs off of course, but they don't even move when characters talk. But I still love Sesame Street and this show too. The characters are likable, even if some are cross like Sir Topham Hat. Thomas is still a really useful engine. I love the train crashes. Overall Thomas is the most memorable educational show since Sesame Street. Take that Barney the big fat a** purple dinosaur!! Overal Rating: (10/10) A+
  • This show has really gone down hill.

    I've been a huge fan of this show sense i was 1, as i get older and watch episodes past season 7 i get annoyed and angry, why? Because i remember the old episodes. The first problem started in season 7 when they switched the narrator from Alec to Michael who's voice acting makes all the engines sound reallly stupid, though the guy in the UK voicing them was doing worse, (not ringo starr) and made me want to destroy him. Later they switched the kind of camera's they were using to the ones they used in season 8 and so on, this did not help as i felt the engines looked more fake compared to the other seasons, but that was only about 15% of the problem i had. My main problems were the music as they completely changed the soundtrack in season 7 to something horrible and crappy and kept it, and the stories. All the stories seem the same now, which consist of, "help each other", "accept help from others" and "your not always right" and they are told in basically the same way every time. Those of you who watched from the beginning of the series or even read the railway series will notice the engines constantly remember what they did wrong and their friends will joke about it. Now everyone completely forgets what they did wrong and will never bring it up or remember it again. Sir Toppem Hatt uses the words "you have caused Confusion and Delay" so much even during situations that don't even slightly need it. However that's not even the worst part, the worst part is they changed the characters, edward is sometimes a A-hole, thomas is really really arrogant and has abolutely no idea what he is doing, and Skarloey dispite being around 100 years old by now acts like a 5 year old. Also for some reason they felt the need to make the narrow gauge engine models bigger which heavily confused me because they didn't really need to do this and it made it so they had to make larger models for the standard engines. The engines now use really stupid phrases like "bubbling boilers" "trembling tracks" and things like that when they only had about 3 good phrases that were similar to that. What i really don't like lately is the new characters, well to be more specific, their personalities, it might be the fact that michael's narroration makes them sound stupid, bash and dash only finish each others sentinces and ferdinan only knows two words in the dictionary. Whats even worse is that whenever they create a new character, that's it, they are just gone, its like, what the hell did you even introduce them for if your just gonna never show them again. The last good characters introduced were Murdock and Arthur but they are just gone. Also the old characters seem to be gone as well, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Stepney, Boco, Daisy, Duke, Bertrem, Bill, and Ben seems to have just been forgotten. What they did was even worse, they gave the show basically a main cast, that's really stupid. The show was originally about all the engines on the railway, not just eight of them, and something tells me Emily's only a main character because some feminists b***ed about it. Moving on, when the show switched to CGI i faces, not only was it bad, but they did it poorly, the faces, espically thomas's had been changed and for some reason then and even now, the mouth animation is really small, for whatever reason the creators felt they needed to have tiny mouths. Now something else i need to point out as well which is poor railway mangement skills. The Engines drivers are now drones and the engines seem to do whatever the hell they want, not only that, any type of special, which for some stupid reason is now called a "special special" is just a single freight car or flat car and nothing else, not even a caboose, that's a huge waste of resources. Before, the special was attached to the rest of the train so that they could drop off the special then go back to work, now the engines seem to do less work and get in far more accidents. Also there seems to be quite a lot of Racism or Enginism in this show, all of the engines and all of the diesels seem to hate each other with a passion and constanty cause accidents that would have normally resulted in very hard consquenses. They constantly say they are better than each other and for some reason more diesels live on the railway now despite the fact that the island of sodor has more of a hertitage railway which is supposed to be for mainly steam locomotives. I found it even more interesting that Diesel 10 was part of it as well. Well i am one of the few people who liked that first Thomas movie, mainly because it was the first, i also really liked his violence towards them as well as he really gave off a villian vibe, but now he works with them so its like, what the hell happened, did falling off the bridge give you brain damage. It really doesn't make sense that a lot of the diesels with the exception of Dennis, Salty, Daisy, Boco, and Mavis are showing up, mainly diesel who is supposed to be from another railway. Spencer is also the case as well, he also for some reason felt the need to try to get another engine scrapped, now i can speak for all steam engine's i've seen when i say there is no way in hell he would really do that. Even if Spencer is arrogant, he himself having traveled a lot would know that not only are steam engines dying out, but how they die as well and would have probibly tried to help thomas once he saw Hiro. I do like however that they are trying to add some foreign engines in as well, as in the book only about 1 american engine showed up, those who watched the first episodes with he narrow-gauge engines, know what happened to smudger, well he was american which was not mentioned in the show, an arrogant one as well. The last american that showed up was Hank who's accent i hated, Hiro was good though. Finally one thing that has recently made this show terrible was the rhyming, which is now constant. A lot of things they say rhyme and they repeat the same thing 1,000 times which is truely annoying. Hit turned this show into something horrible like all the other stuff on TV and seems to teach kids now a day's its okay to make stupid mistakes 3,000 times as long as you apologize and that they don't need to learn from it. I hate you HIT, you suck.

    Overall in ratings

    Seasons 1-6: (10/10)

    Season 7: (8/10) (still liked the stories)

    Season 8: (5/10)

    Season 9-conti: (1/10)
  • A Useless show that needs to go!

    I used to like this but after they started season 7 I stopped watching it because of the horrible animation of the trains.First of all I hate the main cast now like Thomas is always getting in trouble and doesn't even get punished for it plus he's very spoiled,James only cares about himself and has a snotty attitude,Percy is a good character,Gordon is very much like James but has a boastful personality too,Henry is very much Gordon the 2nd,Emily is another good character but she can be bossy at times,Edward is not bad but he worries too much,Toby is well a @#!*% who can't do anything right and why is he even on the show.Now all they focus on is Thomas and they introduced too many characters in the new series.Please stop this now!
  • This show is ok.

    This show is ok. What I like about this show is that George Carlin narrates the seasons 1-4. And the models too. Seasons 1-4 are awesome to watch. But now what sucks about this show is the voice actors and new animation. Also seasons 5-16 are boring to watch. Overall I give this show a 45/100 Below average.
  • When The trains were with Hit, it was pretty good. Now its with fisher price, and everything is terrible terrible

    My brother( who is now nine)

    used to love this show. He has the decals and so many toy trains i cant even count. Now he's interested in just trains in general. When Thomas was with the company HIT, it was good. It showed conflicts, and what to do the right thing. I even wacthed it sometimes with him. It was basically toy trains all with the same narrotor( who was also good). They eventully changed to another company, which made it a little differant, but still simalar.

    Now its with Fisher price

    my brother almost fainted when he saw the trains in animation. The trains( and the people) look awful in this. The trains looked too flexible.Started intruducing waaayy too many trains and it got confusing.The trains losted their character. Its all wrong. And now they have this stupid thing between breaks about trains. It is sooooo boring. here's the plot of every story

    The train gets a job to do.

    they decide to do something they shouldn't do with the load.

    The train keeps repeating some stupid line

    They get into trouble.

    The train finds a way to fix it

    The Sir Tophat says" you're a really usful engine."

    So if your child is going to watch it, try to find the old ones. That's the only reason why i didnt rate it a one.

  • I loved this children series ever since I was young. I still find it fun to watch. Still good today.

    I remember watching the American Version way back when I was only a year old. I began to like the series, but mostly the Skarloey engines when I watched the fourth series. I inspired them more, but I inspired the large engines ever since the 6th season, and I didn't find them all bad. When I watched the begining of the 8th series, I kind of find them fun to watch. And even though Thomas is changing, I will still believe in him. And I find the railway series books fun to read. But I'm sorry to hear about David Mitton. He sure did help out alot and I never knew him before. But I am still going to be a Thomas fan for years to come!
  • Classic episode, but, to be honest, I found this episode a bit boring

    Thomas spots a funny crane thing, his driver explains that it is the breakdown train, used to lift things like engines, coaches or trucks back onto the rails. Later James, the new engine, comes screaming through the yard, with sparks flying. His brake blocks were on fire and he was being pushed down the line by some trucks. Soon, the alarm goes out that James has been derailed. Thomas fetches the breakdown train and heads to the cow field where they find James led on his side. Thomas rescues him and Thomas is given a branch line with two coaches, Annie and Clarabel, all to himself and James gets some better brake blocks. I've seen this episode so many times, I'm beginning to find it boring. If it comes on a video now I wind it on. But still, not a bad episode.
  • Why do so many people like this show?

    This show is about a little train named Thomas and his friends getting into different adventures. I only seen like 2 complete episodes either because I've been waiting something else to come on, or because of my little cousin. He's 2 and he loves this show. I don't know why. The show uses toys. Maybe that's why it's so boring. The company can only do so much with it. It's not to late to change it. Maybe if they make it CGI or something, then it can make it more interesting and it can elaborate on some stories that haven't been done before.
  • Thomas Review

    The show that started me off. The world of Thomas and Friends is spread all over my family. It all started when my Nana bought me a Thomas bath book when I was 2, in 2000. I fell in love with the character, and it started it all. Thomas trains pile up in Thomas laundry bags all over my house, Thomas videos in stacks all around my family's VHS, Thomas everything! The world of Thomas is the world of fun, friendship, and working together. I just want to tell the Rev. W. Awdry, Christopher Awdry, Britt Alcroft, Simon Spencer, and David Mitton for what they have created, and the storytellers of the series, Ringo Starr, George Carlin (RIP), Alec Baldwin, Michael Angelis, and Michael Brandon a great big thanks. Thomas, you're the leader! :) :)
  • Should've stopped a long, long, time ago.

    Thomas The Tank Engine was my favourite thing from when I was a little kid. I was obsessed with everything to do with it and now as I've gotten older my obsession has turned to trains in general.

    The first 4 seasons were extroadinary, with almost all of the episodes being based on the books by The Rev W Awdry. Then after that they were all new stories, not being based on the ones done by the Rev. Then the next two seasons after 4 were quite good, but then after that, the quality plummeted. Now Thomas The Tank Engine today, once just a fanatstic series of books called "The Railway Series," which was one of the, in my opinion, greatest childrens series ever written - has been turned into a money making franchise. Which is a truly dreadful thing.

    This "was" a fantastic show and I'll always remember it as it used to be.
  • Everybody has one of those television seies that are viewed as by a large majority of people as small children's shows, but they secretly like. Well, Thomas the Tank Engine is that show for me.

    This was a creative show idea: an island full of talking trains, cars, helicopters, boats, and more! It was a childhood favorite as growing off, and secretly, I still like it even as I'm nearly 14. But come on, everybody has a show like that: A show viewed more as a show for young children, you still like it as a teenager, and sometimes, even when you've grown to an adult. So the show revolves mainly around Thomas The Tank Engine. He can be useful, but also sometimes be stubborn and such. My favorite main engines are Edward and Toby. They are wise and looked up to. Edward usually works on the same line as Thomas. Toby is a tram engine and works near the quarry with one engine I can think of, another tram, named Mavis. Some other engines that don't get as much storylines are Duck and Oliver: two Western engines. And also Donald and Douglas, the Scotish twins. They don't have an attitude to others, but they may have an attitude to each other. The other main engines are Henry, Gordon, James and Percy. Henry doesn't have really an ego, but he can be stuckup and or stubborn. Gordon and James have the biggest egos. Gordon brags about being the largest engine on the island, and pulling usually four passenger coaches called The Express. James gets into a lot of trouble, but pulls passenger coaches and freight, too. Percy works with Thomas and Edward, usually. He can deliver freight, including coal, oil, etc, or sometimes even pull a few smaller passenger cars. All-in-all, the trains are pretty good. The only thing that would improve this show is if the people, like Sir Topham Hatt, the manager or whatever on the Island of Sodor, were real people instead of just animated people. The trains aren't animated, and the landscape/enviroment isn't, but the people are. The show is still great, though.
  • I used to watch it a lot when I was younger. Now, I don't really watch it much anymore, but I was reminded of how good the show was when I looked at my 1st Season Box Set of the show. Although it is widely viewed as a "baby show," it isn't really so bad.

    Basically, this is a show with talking trains, a guy called the Fat Controller (later renamed Sir Topham Hat), and the lessons that the young viewer will learn.

    The trains learn from their mistakes, and even though they mess up sometimes, Sir Topham Hat doesn't give up hope.

    Of course, now that I'm older, I'm way beyond the fact that the trains talk.

    What I like about the show is the way it was animated. The sets, needless to say, must have taken forever to assemble, not to mention the trains. All the mechanics involved with the props are just so interesting to me.

    Such scenes like the accidents the engines often get into are especially interesting to me. I often wonder how they designed the stuff so the crashing would turn out just right.

    So this show isn't entirely for younger kids. Older people, such as myself, could use it as inspiration for a story or even a style of animation.

    I'd say how I feel about the episodes, but I haven't seen any of the most recent episodes, so that can't be done.

    But that's enough about why this is good for older people. I'm going to talk about why it's good for younger kids.

    Of course, as I've already stated, it's good for younger kids because it has good lessons that they can learn. The talking trains are also enough to draw a child to the show. The crashes (not the mechanics of them, obviously) are bound to interest kids around the age of 5-7. So basically, younger kids and older people can enjoy this show--just in different ways.

    Oh yeah! I almost forgot! There's one more way that older people can enjoy the show. Someone who's the nostalgic type like I am can enjoy watching the show and bringing back memories.

    Well, that's all I've got. Personally, I think this is my longest show review to date (even though it's only my 3rd).

    Final show grade: B+
  • Join a little blue tank engine and his friends as they have grand adventures on the Island of Sodor.

    The show that started me off. The world of Thomas and Friends is spread all over my family. It all started when my Nana bought me a Thomas bath book when I was 2, in 2000. I fell in love with the character, and it started it all. Thomas trains pile up in Thomas laundry bags all over my house, Thomas videos in stacks all around my family's VHS, Thomas everything! The world of Thomas is the world of fun, friendship, and working together. I just want to tell the Rev. W. Awdry, Christopher Awdry, Britt Alcroft, Simon Spencer, and David Mitton for what they have created, and the storytellers of the series, Ringo Starr, George Carlin (RIP), Alec Baldwin, Michael Angelis, and Michael Brandon a great big thanks. Thomas, you're the leader! :) :)
  • The best show ever!

    I was only a baby when I first saw Thomas and Friends and I fell in love! I still love this show! My favourite characters are the narrow gauge engines and S.C.Ruffey. I watch it every afternoon when it's been taped for me and I think it's great. I know it's now for younger kids, but all the redubs, remakes etc. are made by teenagers and adults so it proves you're never to young for Thomas. 63 years old and still running, this little engine is the best and a really useful one too. I just have to say: YOU ROCK, THOMAS!
  • The best cartoon show ever made! It's my personal favourite!

    Thomas The Tank Enhine & Friends... After 10 years of watching Thomas on my tapes, I never grew tired of it! That's the beauty of it. It has this big charm that never lets you abandon it. Also, me being a train fan, I find the show a masterpiece.
    In the early days of Thomas, Ringo Starr narrated it(ex-Beatle) and my mother is a Beatles fan. After season 2, Michal Angelis came to the show as a narrator and he did a fantastic job. He is my favourite narrator of all time.
    Thomas The Tank Engine: The best cartoon show ever made! Nobody could top this!
  • Essentially the story of an engine named Thomas who teaches children morales through daily railway life.

    The best children/family program of all time. Many of the episodes, particularly the early ones of the 80s and 90s are suprisingsly interesting and mature for a young audience, and are more relevant than the more kiddie episodes of today. I grew up watching this, and old habits always die hard. The show is alot of fun with excellent background music and sound effects, and very well crafted models and sets. Many of the storylines in the first few seasons are based on real events,adding hints of realism that many other kid shows seldom possess. It may be going downhill, but its glory years will always be there.
  • A show about being nice to people and that kindness is cool

    Well the show may be a sucess but it just is okay from ages 1-7 then you start liking shows like the Simpson and better kids show because Thomas is a toddler's show not a big kids show! Thomas went down hill after the Reverand who created it died am i right? So Good-bye Thomas plz be cancelled before The Thomas the Tank Engine: The movie comes out in 2011! So what do you think world should Thomas be cancelled or have more seasons?if you'd like to answer plz email me here on! So good-bye to a bad show!!!!! See you next i will review The Simpson Movie!:)
  • I like this show cuz I like trains

    I like trains alot and the show is cute, and every one likes cute stuff right? I do anyway. my little cousin likes this show and it's in her age group. Since she is like so many other three year olds (only better cuz she is my cousin) it was an easy example that other kids her age love it too. Lots of little boys love trains and lots of little boys are named Thomas. I also hear alot of kids that talk about how they like Thomas the tank Engine and it's really cute. Too bad public trains aren't around anymore. Subways and buses are but I still love trains.
  • i never heard of this show

    about the summary, i didnt mean it literally. every time i see it on the guide and its next, i just pass the channel when i was a kid. i cant believe people watch this it looks so boring. or maybe i should have given this show a chance? nahh i know i wouldnt like it. right now its too late since i dont watch stupid shows anymore. what kind of train can talk? the creators should have common sense. what if some kid who watches this show is talking to a train? this show can really affect a little kid's brain
  • My all time favourite!

    Thomas the tank engine is a timeless classic that will live on through the ages. From humble beginnings in 1984, it had improved gradually over the years. Season One introduced us to a variety of charecters and places, and had many exciting events, including Henry's famous Flying Kipper. Then, two years later, we met Duck, Diesel, BoCo, the Socttish twins and many more in Season Two. Season Three in the early ninties brought a darker aspect over Thomas with such events in "Tender Engines" and "Escape". We soon meet the Narrow Guage engines a couple of years later in Season Four and had a larger variety of events that could unfold. Then, after the dramatic Season Five, the season slipped down Gordon's Hill and towards a mud bank of misery as tghe failure of TatMR nearly sent show creator Britt Allcroct to leave. However, after the controvesial Season Six, she soon left, followed by director David Mitton after Season Seven and HIT took over. Now, Season Ten has come and gone and the Express is now started to climb back up the hill. Though it may be a while before it reaches the top again.
    And sadly, it is sinking back to the bottom.
    Season 11 came, and it showed mixed opinions. Ignored charecters were brought back in cameo roles to many's enjoyment, and we had some interesting new charecters. But HIT has now sold the franchise to a Canadian company who plan to make it CGI. We now must wait and see wheter this new company can get it over the hill.
  • Best kids show of all time!Nothing can beat this.

    I used to have days off school to watch this show and its in my top 5 favorite tv shows ever!My favorite character is
    sir Topham hatt and i love it whenever he tells the engines off.My fav season was season 2 because it had so many crashes and interesting stories.My fav episode was "Percy's predictement. It had my fav crash in.Although the last few seasons haven't been as good as the first 3 it's still a classic tv show.My least favorie character is james because i find him a bit annoying and my least favorite episode was "Better late than never" because it was a bit boring which is ironic because season2 was my fave season.
  • One of the happiest and most creative shows made for kids.

    I started watching this show a number of years ago, when it first came to PBS in the United States after its long run on U.K. television. Let me tell you, it's still one to look for on the schedule. Thomas is a train who lives on the island of Sodor. He and his friends are daily assigned to pull cargo back and forth. They are confronted by challenges from worker fears to natural disasters. Yet they always manage to pull together to get the job done.

    This is a good show for children, as it teaches lessons about teamwork and never giving up. It'll bring a smile to any viewer.
  • It's the best show ever! I could never stop watching this ever.

    People can laugh at us, point at us or whatever. But some of you still watch this when your a kid in the past and I bought a good point here.

    I still think it's really a good show to me, and I know there's a few changes in the show which it bugs me.

    But which really bugs me so much is HIT, I mean come on! HIT could've like make everything like it was (which it wouldn't).

    When I saw the new one I thought to myself that I should get used to it and I did.

    I still grow up for Thomas and Friends, but one thing's for sure: I'll never Thomas and Friends behind when I'll grow up! I will never!
  • A show that has stood 60 years and counting!

    Ever since I was young child, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends has been a staple in my life. It's early seasons are some of the best as it really exemplifies what a great job the show's original creator, the Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry, did to get it started.

    The show stars, of course, Thomas the Tank Engine and his best friends Percy, a cheeky little tank engine; Toby, an old steam tram; Gordon, a big engine who pulls the Express trains; James, a self-important red engine; Henry, a long, fast engine; the wise, old Edward; and Emily; Sodor's first steam engine. All work under Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller. It's storylines range from learning the basic manners to solving real life conflicts. In recent years, however, it has become a show more directed towards younger children, but it still holds a special place in my life.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and many of his friends have adventures and misadventures on the super Island of Sodor! Thomas, James, Percy, and Gordon are some of the more popular characters.

    Thomas the Tank Engine is defenitely my favorite TV show EVER! I always love watching the trains going around, having strange adventures, and learning lessons. When I was young, I would always play out the episodes because they were so interesting and loveable. My favorite engines are Peter Sam (well, pretty much all of the narrow gauge engine), Toby (classic and sweet), and Spencer (nice color- looks cool). I collect the ERTL models, the Wooden Railway trains, and the Take Along Thomas trains. I play with them, too. When you watch Thomas, you can't help but love the episode and play along. And then, you'll come up with you're own. I loved the narration that George Carlin and Alec Baldwin did. Thomas the Tank Engine used to be a great show with meaningful storylines and true to life characters, but now, since HiT took over, it has become less interesting to older people as us. If you're not HiT, please stick with the Season 1-6 episodes. If youre are a HiT member, please let the original story writer write again. He did so much better. Ciao!
  • There is no other show like this...

    and that could be a good thing. Okay alot of people on this site love this show for some reason. I do not see the reason. This is one of the top shows as a kid that i used to hate. Want to know why? Well, i gonna tell you because they had a boring narrator. Then none of the trains would really talk. They just use expressions. They were worst then mimes. I was so annoyed by this show and still is. I really don't see why people love this so much. I know its clean entertain ment but its so stupid.
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