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  • This show has really gone down hill.

    I've been a huge fan of this show sense i was 1, as i get older and watch episodes past season 7 i get annoyed and angry, why? Because i remember the old episodes. The first problem started in season 7 when they switched the narrator from Alec to Michael who's voice acting makes all the engines sound reallly stupid, though the guy in the UK voicing them was doing worse, (not ringo starr) and made me want to destroy him. Later they switched the kind of camera's they were using to the ones they used in season 8 and so on, this did not help as i felt the engines looked more fake compared to the other seasons, but that was only about 15% of the problem i had. My main problems were the music as they completely changed the soundtrack in season 7 to something horrible and crappy and kept it, and the stories. All the stories seem the same now, which consist of, "help each other", "accept help from others" and "your not always right" and they are told in basically the same way every time. Those of you who watched from the beginning of the series or even read the railway series will notice the engines constantly remember what they did wrong and their friends will joke about it. Now everyone completely forgets what they did wrong and will never bring it up or remember it again. Sir Toppem Hatt uses the words "you have caused Confusion and Delay" so much even during situations that don't even slightly need it. However that's not even the worst part, the worst part is they changed the characters, edward is sometimes a A-hole, thomas is really really arrogant and has abolutely no idea what he is doing, and Skarloey dispite being around 100 years old by now acts like a 5 year old. Also for some reason they felt the need to make the narrow gauge engine models bigger which heavily confused me because they didn't really need to do this and it made it so they had to make larger models for the standard engines. The engines now use really stupid phrases like "bubbling boilers" "trembling tracks" and things like that when they only had about 3 good phrases that were similar to that. What i really don't like lately is the new characters, well to be more specific, their personalities, it might be the fact that michael's narroration makes them sound stupid, bash and dash only finish each others sentinces and ferdinan only knows two words in the dictionary. Whats even worse is that whenever they create a new character, that's it, they are just gone, its like, what the hell did you even introduce them for if your just gonna never show them again. The last good characters introduced were Murdock and Arthur but they are just gone. Also the old characters seem to be gone as well, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Stepney, Boco, Daisy, Duke, Bertrem, Bill, and Ben seems to have just been forgotten. What they did was even worse, they gave the show basically a main cast, that's really stupid. The show was originally about all the engines on the railway, not just eight of them, and something tells me Emily's only a main character because some feminists b***ed about it. Moving on, when the show switched to CGI i faces, not only was it bad, but they did it poorly, the faces, espically thomas's had been changed and for some reason then and even now, the mouth animation is really small, for whatever reason the creators felt they needed to have tiny mouths. Now something else i need to point out as well which is poor railway mangement skills. The Engines drivers are now drones and the engines seem to do whatever the hell they want, not only that, any type of special, which for some stupid reason is now called a "special special" is just a single freight car or flat car and nothing else, not even a caboose, that's a huge waste of resources. Before, the special was attached to the rest of the train so that they could drop off the special then go back to work, now the engines seem to do less work and get in far more accidents. Also there seems to be quite a lot of Racism or Enginism in this show, all of the engines and all of the diesels seem to hate each other with a passion and constanty cause accidents that would have normally resulted in very hard consquenses. They constantly say they are better than each other and for some reason more diesels live on the railway now despite the fact that the island of sodor has more of a hertitage railway which is supposed to be for mainly steam locomotives. I found it even more interesting that Diesel 10 was part of it as well. Well i am one of the few people who liked that first Thomas movie, mainly because it was the first, i also really liked his violence towards them as well as he really gave off a villian vibe, but now he works with them so its like, what the hell happened, did falling off the bridge give you brain damage. It really doesn't make sense that a lot of the diesels with the exception of Dennis, Salty, Daisy, Boco, and Mavis are showing up, mainly diesel who is supposed to be from another railway. Spencer is also the case as well, he also for some reason felt the need to try to get another engine scrapped, now i can speak for all steam engine's i've seen when i say there is no way in hell he would really do that. Even if Spencer is arrogant, he himself having traveled a lot would know that not only are steam engines dying out, but how they die as well and would have probibly tried to help thomas once he saw Hiro. I do like however that they are trying to add some foreign engines in as well, as in the book only about 1 american engine showed up, those who watched the first episodes with he narrow-gauge engines, know what happened to smudger, well he was american which was not mentioned in the show, an arrogant one as well. The last american that showed up was Hank who's accent i hated, Hiro was good though. Finally one thing that has recently made this show terrible was the rhyming, which is now constant. A lot of things they say rhyme and they repeat the same thing 1,000 times which is truely annoying. Hit turned this show into something horrible like all the other stuff on TV and seems to teach kids now a day's its okay to make stupid mistakes 3,000 times as long as you apologize and that they don't need to learn from it. I hate you HIT, you suck.

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    Season 9-conti: (1/10)